2005 Junior Scholarship Recipients

The American Kennel Club received 138 applications this year for the Junior Showmanship Scholarship. Fifty-eight scholarships were awarded ranging from $1000-$5000. The recipients were from twenty-six states and participated in all aspects of the fancy. They included Obedience, Agility, Conformation, the Performance Events and qualifying for Westminster and the AKC/Eukanuba Invitational.

Congratulations to the following Junior Showmanship Scholarship Recipients:

Charlotte Anderson, MN
Jennifer Battista, NY
Leila Bicos, CA
Emily Bisso, LA
Krystle Bounds, MD
Kathleen Burns, OH
Kaitlynn Candies, LA
Kimberly Carpenter, CA
Kristen Carpenter, CA
Tyler Cegler, MT
Rebecca Clas, MD
Laura Coulter, IL
Jennifer Crank, OH
Katrina Davis, OH
Wyatt Delfino, CA
Jenna Dell, NY
Joseph Esch, CT
Jennifer Fish, WA
Jenny Glei, NC
Caitlyn Glick, AL
Heather Grodi, MI
Rebecca Helmke, NY
Adrienne Hill, CA
Allison Janz, WI
Allison Johnston, NC
Anna Kodet, WI
Peter Kubacz, NJ
Jake Kurczek, WI
Brandon Lenk, VA
AnnMarie Lyons, TX
Chad Malinak, LA
Christopher Matthews, FL
Rebecca McDaniel, IL
Allison McGuigan, NJ
Marian Mossman, HI
Jenny Murtaugh, NY
Kara Nelson, CA
Kristen Nelson, CA
Holly Niece-Tuttle, CO
Margaret Pence-Swayze, KY
Whitney Perry, MA
Stacey Pfeiffer, NY
Karen Potter, MI
James Rieser, WI
Eve Rivinus, OR
Amber Short, WA
Brandi Smith, AL
Thea Steele, WA
Richard Terella, PA
Gabrielle Tesarz, NC
Lisa Toth, MO
Nicholas Urbanek, PA
Sara Weise, IL
Haley Whitcomb, FL
Elizabeth Wilkins, MN
Shannon Wilson, WI
Meagan Withrow, CA