Product Update: The Breeder Toolkit Prepay application is replacing Breeder E-Z Reg. Click on the AKC Breeder Toolkit link below to experience the same great benefits along with integrated access to your AKC account.

Benefits include -

  • A $10 discount on each puppy registration
  • Locking in the puppy's name, which can include your Registered Kennel Name
  • Ensuring your puppies are registered with the correct full or limited registration status
  • You can purchase AKC Packages or additional products for each individual puppy during the registration process

Register Your Litter: Registering your litter is the first step to getting started with Breeder Toolkit Prepay. If you have not already registered your litter, you may do so online or by paper form.

AKC Breeder Toolkit Prepay: To purchase Prepay, you will now need to login to or create your AKC Breeder Toolkit account. Once you log in, click the Manage Litters card and select the Purchase Prepay option. Get started today – AKC Breeder Toolkit

* If you purchased prepaid via Breeder E-Z Reg, you will still need to manage your puppies through the Puppy Management Application below. These cannot be done through AKC Breeder Toolkit.

Puppy Management Application: If you're ready to update your puppy's information, click here for Breeder E-Z Reg Puppy Management. You can update all of the dogs or just one at a time. The choice is up to you.

Complete Your Dog Registration: If your puppy buyers are ready to complete their pre-paid dog registration, click here.

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