2000 Junior Scholarship Recipients

The American Kennel Club recently announced the winners of its Junior Scholarship Program for the 2000-2001 school year. In speaking about the program, Patricia Laurans, who has been very active in the scholarship program since its inception in 1996, told the delegates at their Annual Meeting that this year's pool of 62 applicants was exceptional. The Scholarship committee divided the alotted $30,400 in scholarship monies among 43 young adults. These young people had an average Grade Point of 3.7 and have been extremely active in the dog world with some being 2rd or 3rd generation fanciers. As a group, they have completed 25 conformation championships, 22 obedience titles, 15 agility titles, 6 field titles, 1 herding title and 11 Canine Good Citizen awards. 3 were Best Junior at Westminster, 4 placed in the Westminster Junior Final, 2 won the Junior Competition at Crufts, and 1 won the Junior Competition at a World Show.

"Most importantly they recognize and verbalize how important it is to be or become responsible purebred dog breeders," Ms. Laurans told the delegates. "They have been involved with programs in their communities that represent the attributes of our dogs and the important of responsible dog ownership. These young people are the hope for the future of our sport."

Ms. Laurans has asked AKC's Board to increase its Juniors Scholarship funding noting that"... monies devoted to this program will be spent on these goodwill ambassadors for our sport for the future, who will contribute positively to the future of our sport, purebred dogs and the American Kennel Club," she concluded.

Junior Scholarships were granted to the following individuals:

Adrian Agard HI
Kathy Caton OH
Rindi Gaudet FL
Kassandra Hamaker MI
Holly Niece AZ
Carol Rappaport-Fish NE
Manuel Rodriquez PR
Jessica Sedivy MN
Carley Simpson WA
Erin Teplesky NY
Carissa Boettcher WI
Casandra Clark CA
Wyatt Delfino CA
Erica Delsman OR
Brooke Folley KY
Alessandra Folz CT
Rebecca Helmke NY
Krista Hunt MN
Meghann Lord WI
Victoria Olson AK
Julie Ross MI
Karyn Ryan MA
Christopher Ryan MA
Kimberly Vagt MI
Lindsay Balder MI
Susan Jacob CT
Angela Lloyd MD
Dina Raichel CO
Nicholas Urbanek PA
Rashelle Brown CA
Lashauna Buford MI
Mary Lynn Butcher OH
Deirdre Dunbar NY
Nicole Glover CO
Rebecca Howard LA
Joanna Jacobson WI
Kelsey Moore NY
Jessica Plourde CT
Marie Sajewicz MI
Sarah Hill TX
Meghen Riese GA
Kristy Siefkin CA
Danielle Zezulinski NJ