Hannah Hodulik: 2008 Update

By Gary Sadler (AKC Executive Field Representative)

All parents would love to see their children grow up to be happy and successful. The Hodulik family is off to a good start with their nine-year-old daughter, Hannah. Not only is Hannah doing very well in school where she is a straight A student, a member of the student council and a member of her schools Peer Mediation program, in addition she enjoys being part of a gymnastic class that she started this summer and likes riding horses. Hannah is also learning to shoot and now has her own shotgun.

When our children enjoy the hobbies of the parents we enjoy those hobbies even more. When our children become successful in those hobbies we are filled with pride and joy. That is the way Troy and Jenny Hodulik feel about Hannah. (I suggest that you read Bonnie Hidalgo’s 2007 article on Hannah to see how Hannah got her start in the world of Performance.)

Hannah and her Grandmother’s Vizsla, Lenci

Hannah doesn’t limit herself to her own German Shorthaired Pointer, Skye (Abbe Lane’s Fire In The Skye, JH), she also runs her Grandmother’s Vizsla, Lenci (Linden’s Luminous Lenci).

Lenci and Hannah took a first place this spring at the Fort Detroit Wirehaired Club over a field of sixteen Derby starters at the grounds in Highland, Michigan. It was Hannah’s biggest thrill to date. This team also placed three more times in Derby stakes at Highland this spring; including another first place.

Hannah was also thrilled to receive a Junior Handler award from the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Ohio in recognition of her handling skills with Skye. Handling dogs must be a natural for Hannah as she also titled a friend’s Shorthair, Abbe Lane’s Zoie, JH.

Starting last spring Hannah ran and placed at different venues throughout the Midwest. In the fall Hannah placed in two Puppy and one Derby stake at Killdeer Plains during the September Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland trial in Ohio. Hannah has also handled the Hodulik’s 13-year-old Shorthair, Mala, to one Junior Hunter leg. In addition to placing a friend’s Shorthair, Koda, in Puppy stakes, Hannah has also handled Koda to a Junior leg.

Hannah and Abbe Lane’s Zoie finishing
Zoie’s Junior Hunter title

Should you think field work is the only dog activity that interests Hannah, you’d be wrong. She looks forward to participating in Agility and Tracking and Conformation with Skye.

When true sportsmanship and the love of our dogs is what drives us to keep coming back to endure the weather, loss of sleep and the costs incurred we can be assured that the direction of our sport is on the right track for the future. Let us all go to the line with a love of the sport, our dogs and the true meaning of sportsmanship – we will then know how Hannah feels.

If you have a young relative or know of a child interested in dogs please encourage them to sign up for the Junior Handler program. You might offer them your finished dog to run so they can gain experience in handling in the field. The child you help today just might be the young adult who helps you tomorrow.