Hannah Hodulik

Hannah Hodulik started field trial training when she was 5-1/2 yrs old. She would run the remote launchers with her dad with the Ohio family's older male GSP and 'drop' pigeons while working on 'Whoa'. She turned 8 in late August and ran Skye (Abbe Lane's Fire In The Skye) in her first hunt last September. The puppy had just turned 6 months old. Hannah qualified her on Saturday and Sunday. The Hoduliks went back to Pennsylvania for more trials a month later to try to finish the legs. Hannah and Skye qualified both days once again.

Hannah has worked extremely hard in actively training this young puppy. Skye listens to her commands very well, and Hannah has extensive knowledge of hunt tests, field trials and their rules and regulations. Hannah also has field trial placements with Skye as well as a win handling a young Vizsla puppy in an Amateur stake. She plans to continue to participate in field trials in the sprint and train toward a Senior Hunter title.

Next year, Hannah will begin junior handling with an older male Shorthaired. She is already practicing and attending top-notch classes at the Toledo Kennel Club.

Hannah has also taken to horses and rides a family friend's horse at the field trials.

Hannah Hodulik with Skye