Corinne Ruff

By Bonnie Hidalgo, Executive Field Representative

A good sense of humor, intelligence and good manners combined with knowledge of pointing dogs and AKC field trial rules point the way to a great competitive future for Corrine Ruff, a teenager from Sycamore, Ill.

Corinne has been going to field trials since she was a toddler. She started riding in the saddle with her dad at age 2 and began riding on her own at age 7.  Raising, training, hunting and campaigning quality field-bred Irish Setters has been a Ruff family tradition, begun by her grandparents Ken and Linda Ruff in the early 70s. Corrine spends her summers in Nebraska on the back of a horse, observing and helping with the training of her family’s Irish Setters. 

Corrine competed with her brother’s Irish Setter in the fall of 2005 and has a youngster of her own she is readying for competition with the help of her grandfather Ken Ruff and her dad, Phil. 

Corinne’s skilled riding has earned  her many scouting jobs. Her knowledge of dogs helps her know how and where to look for the dogs she scouts. At the 2006 Irish Setter Nationals, Corinne scouted for family friend, Lee Shoaf. Lee won the National Futurity and placed second in the National Amateur Championship. Corinne paid close attention to the dogs she was scouting and had the ability to ride well enough to find them when called upon to do so.

Corrine’s other talents and interests reach beyond the dog world. She is an honor roll student. She plays the violin and piano as well as soccer and basketball. Her hobbies include snow skiing, art and movie making.

She has two brothers, Lucas and Owen. Her older brother, Lucas, is also very involved with bird dogs. Corinne is the daughter of Phil and Jenny Ruff. 

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