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AKC 2017 Agility Invitational 2017277105 December 16, 2017


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Brereton's One More Time NP34931301 2013-07-30 Susan R Freeman 08194 Bichon Frise
Bstar Maghee TR89719501 2009-07-30 Becky Stevens 08195 Chihuahua
No Doubt About It At Peyton Place TS04735901 2011-05-30 Terri L Jenkins 08196 Shih Tzu
Bric-A-Brac PAL256132 2010-12-28 Vicke L. Casey 08197 Russell Terrier
Kayangee Dorothy Parker TS23527604 2014-08-21 Antonia Rotelle 08198 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Grace's Goodbye Kiss PAL252443 2009-11-24 Pamela Vojtas 08199 Cairn Terrier
Ketka's Private Jett HP32709903 2008-07-02 Linda Raphael 08200 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Always Ready Eddie PAL254129 2007-12-03 Morgan Rhodes 08201 Parson Russell Terrier
Destiny's Wild Impression TR99381503 2010-08-15 Yukari Nishimura 08202 Miniature Pinscher
Slightly The Hired Hand RN17143101 2008-07-19 Ursula M Walsh 08203 Norwich Terrier
Icefox Pick Me Up TS16651102 2013-04-28 Mary Alice Doyle 08204 Toy Fox Terrier
Tawny Mist Wee Wiley Wild Child TS23317001 2014-09-26 Regina Delahunt 08205 Silky Terrier
Chirribi's Bossa Nova Baby HP43494601 2012-03-04 John Willmore 08206 Dachshund
Donnybrook's Payton RN11062701 2006-02-28 Ruth Bransford 08207 West Highland White Terrier
Winter's Snow Lilly TR69673603 2007-10-08 Toni Brescia 08208 Maltese
Princess Snow White PAL264583 2014-04-14 Debra Runyen 08209 Pug
Storeyvilles Sugar N Spice HP40283203 2011-04-13 Suzanne Storey 08210 Dachshund
Bethany Beach Dancing In The Moonlight RN24905003 2012-12-03 Beth Kravetz 08211 Norfolk Terrier
Kharln's Hallelujah Victory TR74434701 2008-04-02 Jerry L Tate 08212 Havanese
Silktree In The Making TR48682201 2006-02-01 Robin Hutson 08213 Yorkshire Terrier
Energizer's Big Girls Don'T Cry RN16750702 2008-05-03 Mary A Wright 08214 Cesky Terrier
Ultra Quest Devilish Intentions TR89507101 2009-02-06 Jennifer Lindsay 08215 Toy Fox Terrier
Brody-Bear TS07487704 2011-10-17 Steve Marley 08216 Pomeranian
Beau James Rotten To The Core TR65625101 2007-01-21 Kat J Baumler 08217 Pomeranian
Wild Mtn Blue Light Special DN26321003 2009-11-05 Carrie Ruhde 08218 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
China Road Gripit'N Ripit TR99307102 2010-08-20 Patty S Wiedeman 08219 Chinese Crested
Amberln My Little Deuce Coupe NP20889302 2008-08-05 Sandra Roe 08220 Coton de Tulear
Kennedy's Rory PAL261233 2012-02-01 Bridget M Kennedy 08221 Chihuahua
Showme Sadie V Rush RN22579202 2011-05-06 Colette Weishaar 08222 Scottish Terrier
Kadell's Cuevo Gold W HP20292504 2006-01-25 Ross Whitney 08223 Dachshund
Mico Marron TR98557501 2009-01-31 Kathleen E Brown 08224 Chihuahua
Chasing A Dream PAL255150 2010-03-12 Tera Majors 08225 Brussels Griffon
Ian 'No-No-No' McGregor PAL202190 2007-04-14 Helene Wood 08226 West Highland White Terrier
Pinelake's Happy, Fearless Explorer RN24514702 2012-08-10 Joan S Krantz 08227 Norwich Terrier
Itsy Bitsy Emily RN25173401 2007-11-26 Lisa A. Maloney 08228 Russell Terrier
Vastgota Nina Ricci DN19468301 2007-05-14 Amanda Lowery 08229 Swedish Vallhund
Dogwood's Doodles DN14092705 2006-04-10 Beverly Reinhardt 08230 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ravissant Hoist The Colours TR96823001 2010-04-21 Ann Sunderman 08231 English Toy Spaniel
Ivy Lea PAL263156 2013-02-18 Darlene Reilly 08232 Miniature Pinscher
Silkcrest Running Devil Charles TS02444007 2010-12-03 Jane Lee Tucker 08233 Silky Terrier
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