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Qualifying period runs from July 01, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

For questions regarding the AKC Agility Invitational, email agilityinvitational@akc.org.

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AKC 2015 Agility Invitational 2015277108 December 12, 2015


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Bexten's Get A Little Green PAL202809 2006-10-17 Cam Bexten 08192 Brussels Griffon
Aerilee's Like Never Before TS11799201 2012-03-12 Betsey Lynch 08193 Papillon
Jo-Clem Peregrin Took NP21789302 2008-11-11 Julie B Haddy 08194 Boston Terrier
Uncle Bear's Lilly Bean NP11419301 2005-08-09 Karen Short 08195 Bichon Frise
Gayhearts Bt Thyme To Shine DN24776006 2009-04-22 Patricia Hollern 08196 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Coda Del Priore RN08076003 2005-01-20 Jamie Del Priore 08197 Cairn Terrier
Denzel Allistar The Hooligan TS08300104 2011-09-16 Maureen Burke 08198 Papillon
Gayhearts Whatchamacallit DN11315406 2005-06-06 Donna Sims 08199 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Magic Frost's Tuck Everlasting RN12679901 2006-09-25 Vicki F Flanery 08200 West Highland White Terrier
Chiodo's Wind In The Willows TR95822402 2010-04-22 Kristy Loman Chiodo 08201 Havanese
Silktree's Stellar Explosion TR61459402 2006-12-23 Robin Hutson 08202 Yorkshire Terrier
Chinak La Ren On A Whim TR82429702 2008-12-15 Robin Cohen 08203 Papillon
Avalons Stowaway At Spring Cove RN18578102 2009-01-25 Marian Shaw DVM 08204 Norfolk Terrier
Kennedy's Rory PAL261233 2012-02-01 Bridget M Kennedy 08205 Chihuahua
Cowboy's Lucky's White Comet NP18960601 2006-11-04 Elaine Baird 08206 Coton de Tulear
Wincroft's Wild West Willy TR24122504 2004-04-27 John Crone 08207 Havanese
Sterling Of Burberry TR17359401 2003-08-07 Terry Fencl 08208 Shih Tzu
Luckenbach Luc PAL263286 2008-09-28 Cherry Windlinger 08209 Maltese
Destiny's Wild Impression TR99381503 2010-08-15 Yukari Nishimura 08210 Miniature Pinscher
Jrs Lilee Of Heather Way RN21404203 2010-03-02 Debbie Manos 08211 Russell Terrier
Ck Benjamin Tams HP28920902 2007-11-28 Shirley Mann 08212 Dachshund
Ian 'No-No-No' McGregor PAL202190 2007-04-14 Helene Wood 08213 West Highland White Terrier
Ratitatt Portrait Of The Queen RN21403806 2010-10-01 Melissa K Liebhardt 08214 Rat Terrier
Perfect Pansy TR25351601 2004-06-10 Antonia Rotelle 08215 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Silverado's Beach Bum Bongo PAL250002 2007-07-03 Betty Carter 08216 Poodle
Always Ready Eddie PAL254129 2007-12-03 Morgan Rhodes 08217 Parson Russell Terrier
Grace's Goodbye Kiss PAL252443 2009-11-24 Pam Vojtas 08218 Cairn Terrier
Brokenroad Code Name Tank HP36614701 2009-11-09 Charlene Wiglesworth 08219 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Onapoint's Homerun Hitter PAL202384 2008-04-13 Holly Faught 08220 Chihuahua
China Road Taylor Made TR14389802 2003-07-19 Patty Stiehl-Wiedeman 08221 Chinese Crested
China Road Gripit'N Ripit TR99307102 2010-08-20 Patty Wiedeman 08222 Chinese Crested
Lily PAL254779 2009-03-10 Curtis Short 08223 Bichon Frise
Carleez Boom Boom Boom TR22284601 2004-01-22 Janice Smith 08224 Pomeranian
Silkcrest Running Devil Charles TS02444007 2010-12-03 Jane Tucker 08225 Silky Terrier
Martone Eden's Dixie Doodle Dore's Gift RN23513804 2011-12-27 Sara J Woodyard 08226 Norfolk Terrier
Boxwood Wannabee TR64959604 2007-04-17 Shelly Wallens 08227 Pomeranian
Sally Of Ingleside MA03309801 2009-10-17 Valerie Dietz 08228 All American Dog
Timline Phoenix Rising TR68985502 2007-06-17 Dixie L Zawada 08229 Miniature Pinscher
Breakaway's In The Know RN14263001 2007-06-29 Rainee Johnson DVM 08230 Norwich Terrier
Rudy PAL251054 2003-12-16 Russ Osiol 08231 Maltese
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