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AKC 2016 Agility Invitational 2016277102 December 17, 2016


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Rush Creek's Miss Stella Beardsley TR90890104 2009-09-08 Sarah Rutland 08196 Brussels Griffon
Noah Of Dr Kathy's Ark PAL260861 2013-04-01 Cathy Consla 08197 Shih Tzu
Tiny T Gallant I Be TS03199601 2011-02-20 Connie Apling 08198 Papillon
Lil Mis Sunshine Pocket Rocket PAL257340 2011-08-22 Lauren Sanchez-Susman 08199 Shih Tzu
Lady Sophie Of Lake Jem NP23049601 2007-01-30 Susan Jackson 08200 Coton de Tulear
Wild Mtn Blue Light Special DN26321003 2009-11-05 Carrie Ruhde 08201 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Breakaway's In The Know RN14263001 2007-06-29 Rainee Johnson DVM 08202 Norwich Terrier
What A Mug A'Mayzing Cinnamon Honey Bun TR57109201 2006-10-21 Mari A Hiltz 08203 Brussels Griffon
Thunder Rd Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop RN24870403 2012-10-26 Sarah W Hawks 08204 Sealyham Terrier
Perfect Pansy TR25351601 2004-06-10 Antonia Rotelle 08205 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Candella Saturday Night Fever TR96895704 2010-05-09 Karen Wlodarski 08206 Papillon
BBF Irish Lace RN13847301 2007-01-14 Laura Chapot 08207 Russell Terrier
Arcadian-Dynamite Red Beryl RN16459802 2008-03-10 Melanie Bryson 08208 Norwich Terrier
Icefox Pick Me Up TS16651102 2013-04-28 Mary Alice Doyle 08209 Toy Fox Terrier
Kharln's Kansas Victorious Secret TR74434703 2008-04-02 Karolyn and Frank Harrison 08210 Havanese
Miss Mitzie Moon PAL253373 2007-02-14 Timmari Putti 08211 Shih Tzu
Gayhearts Bt Dream Of Genie DN33967904 2012-04-15 Beth Bruno 08212 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Lfb's Kelso Of St. Asaph RN17699902 2008-07-28 Lynne F Berry 08213 Scottish Terrier
Wicken's Macgregor O'Riley RN17307701 2006-03-10 Lynne Wickens 08214 West Highland White Terrier
Ian 'No-No-No' McGregor PAL202190 2007-04-14 Helene Wood 08215 West Highland White Terrier
Donaldson's Daisy MA00504601 2009-06-01 Laura J Donaldson 08216 All American Dog
Ketka's Private Jett HP32709903 2008-07-02 Linda Raphael 08217 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Riley Piper Paige RN08704704 2005-05-29 Lysiane Huber 08218 West Highland White Terrier
Chinak La Ren On A Whim TR82429702 2008-12-15 Robin Cohen 08219 Papillon
Artistry's Black Gold NP19316902 2008-03-01 Kelly Misegadis 08220 Boston Terrier
Scouteriffic PAL263663 2013-11-30 Karin Davis 08221 Cairn Terrier
Jo-Clem Peregrin Took NP21789302 2008-11-11 Julie B Haddy 08222 Boston Terrier
Ck Benjamin Tams HP28920902 2007-11-28 Shirley Mann 08223 Dachshund
Denzel Allistar The Hooligan TS08300104 2001-09-16 Maureen Burke 08224 Papillon
Jenny Of Peachtree Cotons PAL250480 2008-12-15 Joan Gallagher 08225 Coton de Tulear
Burway's Bing Bang Theory TS04905701 2011-06-01 Michael James Fitch 08226 Toy Fox Terrier
Beau James Rotten To The Core TR65625101 2007-01-21 Kathryn J Baumler 08227 Pomeranian
Lambda Redy To Rumba PAL253078 2009-03-01 Laurie Marlow 08228 Dachshund
Bstar Maghee TR89719501 2009-07-30 Becky Stevens 08229 Chihuahua
Prat's Spark's Fly ILP265023 2011-07-04 Sharon Gutierrez 08230 Papillon
Grace's Goodbye Kiss PAL252443 2009-11-24 Pam Vojtas 08231 Cairn Terrier
Energizer's Amazing Grace RN13877201 2007-04-08 Ginger Robertson 08232 Cesky Terrier
Imaginethat's Best Bib 'N Tucker DN14563201 2006-04-28 Barbara Farrell 08233 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Foxhill Chip O' Jamie's Taylor Lee TR69342401 2007-09-29 Diana Penha 08234 Toy Fox Terrier
Melou Shambhala NP23338401 2009-06-03 Melissa Torgerson 08235 Lhasa Apso
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