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Qualifying period runs from July 01, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

For questions regarding the AKC Agility Invitational, email agilityinvitational@akc.org.

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AKC 2015 Agility Invitational 2015277108 December 12, 2015


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Ketka's Private Jett HP32709903 2008-07-02 Linda Raphael 08232 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Icefox Pick Me Up TS16651102 2013-04-28 Mary Alice Doyle 08233 Toy Fox Terrier
Niki Blanc NP23509403 2009-07-17 John Yamasaki 08234 Bichon Frise
New Year's Eve PAL255028 2008-05-03 Christine A. Crocker 08235 Silky Terrier
Winter's Snow Lilly TR69673603 2007-10-08 Toni Brescia 08236 Maltese
Melou Shambhala NP23338401 2009-06-03 Melissa Torgerson 08237 Lhasa Apso

12 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Tara's Paquita Picara TR63994001 2007-04-26 Tara Helwig 08136 Pug
Willowwind's Ima Live Wire RN27967701 2006-11-16 William Kennedy 12255 American Hairless Terrier
Starlight Nothin But A Good Time RN09637701 2005-10-14 Becky O'Sell 12256 Parson Russell Terrier
Reynard Remington Steele PAL252835 2009-06-01 Lisa J Decker 12257 Russell Terrier
Cairndale Wonderful 3peat RN22828603 2011-07-22 Scott Persky 12258 Cairn Terrier
Keebler's Elfin' Magic PAL201372 2007-01-01 Roger O'Sullivan 12259 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Alkemi Blade Runner Ls DN34468405 2012-08-05 Amanda Lowery 12260 Swedish Vallhund
Tell-Tail's Mad About You SR34497102 2006-03-26 John A Schuchman 12261 Cocker Spaniel
Thornedge Angel In Disguise DN20563202 2008-02-02 Carol Currier 12262 Shetland Sheepdog
Lemuria Accent Yu8 Thepositive PR17598801 2008-11-08 Linda Matsubayashi 12263 Poodle
Broken Ridge Moosifer RN10292801 2005-11-30 Carla McAlister 12264 Parson Russell Terrier
Jenny On The Run PAL203564 2007-11-27 Loralie Howard 12265 Parson Russell Terrier
Prairiefire Dusty Rose SR10894305 2003-06-12 Julie McGuire 12266 English Cocker Spaniel
Matador MGLone Star (Martinez/Galvez) HP46158201 2013-05-01 Laura M Hiatt 12267 Beagle
Snowcrest's Morgan At Makara QT00505506 2002-12-07 Christina Potter 12268 Chinese Crested
Arctic Rose's Too Hot To Handle NP31417401 2012-04-23 Shirley Michaels 12269 American Eskimo Dog
Endgame Be My Bodyguard RN06007104 2004-08-31 Pamela Dural 12270 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Foxhill-O'Neill's Happy Hyjynx TR41919206 2005-07-06 Jacqueline O'Neill 12271 Toy Fox Terrier
Lady Abigail Chase My Mom RN17592303 2008-09-18 Gayle Capen 12272 Rat Terrier
Envy MTO N Wickhaven Everything Always Now TR94804204 2010-01-25 Christina McDonald 12273 Chinese Crested
Red Hot's Volando Victa RN19938401 2009-11-30 Jennifer E Bauder-Heidt 12274 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Lordocs Alfonso Mn Lucky Duck NP20888304 2008-07-27 Elizabeth Sternitzky 12275 Lowchen
If You Ain't First You're Last PAL255988 2009-03-09 Lindsay P Devito 12276 Miniature American Shepherd
Topshelf Winston Churchill Downs RN18581701 2009-05-02 Beth Cashwiler 12277 Border Terrier
Minihawk Grande Sweet Fate RN21969102 2010-10-26 Loretta Gould 12278 Miniature Schnauzer
High Mtn Brooke To The North RN19698201 2009-10-17 Christine Terzi 12279 Smooth Fox Terrier
Tell-Tail's Some Like It Hot SR63217501 2010-06-03 Barbara A Schuchman 12280 Cocker Spaniel
Lucy's Midnight Dancer PAL250608 2007-10-02 Claire L Roberts 12281 Bichon Frise
Windsor Bihar Boom Goes The Dynamite NP26739804 2010-07-07 Donald Roback 12282 Lowchen
Tux Prae Munus Ad Francis NP20318801 2008-03-01 Maureen Wagner 12283 Boston Terrier
Wynot Macaoidh's Hi Flying Laddie NP21514701 2008-10-03 Donna McKay-Randozzi 12284 Boston Terrier
Country's She's Everything PAL251954 2008-01-01 Casey Roman 12285 Miniature Pinscher
Hollybriar Razzle Dazzle RN09039702 2005-06-27 Bonnie Murphy 12286 Lakeland Terrier
Luktu Power Paws To Agilhas NP28847601 2009-07-08 Kathleen M Rupprecht 12287 Tibetan Terrier
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