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The AKC Club Outreach program enables All-Breed, Local Specialty, Agility and Obedience clubs to add clubs contact information and meeting dates on their AKC Club page. The goal of the program is to allow clubs to provide potential new club members with the information to assist them in locating a local club.

We ask that you share as many details as possible about your club, including complete club contact information and the dates and location of your clubs' meetings. All this information will be made available on the AKC website on the club information portal.

We hope that your club will find this program useful in the recruitment of members and welcoming new participants into the fancy.

Please note: In order for your club to be a part of the Club Outreach program, please make sure your club has opted into the program and that all club officer contact information is supplied to AKC Events Plans and updated as necessary. You may call them at 919-816-3682 or email

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