Club Membership Upload

A web-based Club Membership Upload Tool is available to upload a club membership list.

The AKC's Rules Applying to Dog Shows require that a list of club members be submitted to the AKC. The club's membership list will only be used to conduct AKC business relating to club business, legislation, and outreach. The names and email addresses on the list will not be provided to government agencies or sold to third parties.

To upload your club membership list you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a list for upload.
    Please review the specifications and requirements on the Preparing a Club Membership List for Uploading web page.
  2. Acquire an access code.
    Please review the instructions on the Access Code for Club Membership Uploads web page.
  3. Upload the list.
    Please review this process on the Upload Your Club Membership List web page.