Club Membership Upload

A web-based Club Membership Upload Tool is available to upload a club membership list.

Preparing a Club Membership List for Uploading

Your list must be properly formatted in order to be successfully processed by the AKC Club Membership Upload Tool. Here are some requirements to help you prepare your list for upload:

  • Lists must be prepared in either a Microsoft® Excel® or Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.
  • Your list may contain a single header that describes the contents of each column/value.
  • Your list must contain only four columns/values and they must be in this order: Member Name, Postal Code, Phone Number, and Email Address
  • Each row on the list must have all four column/values. The Member Name as well as either the Phone Number or Email Address should have values to fulfill the Club Membership list submission requirements.
  • The Member Name column/value should contain the member's full name. For example, Dr. Jonas Salk, Stella Tillman, or Marvin Gaye, Jr.
  • For club members residing outside of the US, please leave the Postal Code and Phone Number columns/values blank.
  • If you would like to view the most recently uploaded membership list for you club, or, you want to download the most recently uploaded membership list for your club so that you can use it as a base, acquire an access code and then enter the access code on the Club Membership List Upload page. Once you have successfully entered the access code you will be presented with information about the most recently uploaded list as well as the options to download that information.

    Here is an example of the options to download:


    Preparing a List in Microsoft® Excel® Format

    Sample Club Membership list in Microsoft® Excel®  file format:

    Member Name

    Postal Code

    Phone Number

    Email Address

    Jane Doe



    John Doe



    Stella B. Tillman



    Eva Williams



    Michael Parker




    Preparing a List in Comma Separated Value (CSV) Format

    • The delimiter should be a comma (,).
    • The enclosure should be a double-quote (").
    • A sample CSV file is available for you to use as a guide.

    Sample Club Membership list in CSV file format:

    "Jane Doe","48158-8661","9194281400",""
    "John Doe","48162","7024281808",""
    "Stella B. Tillman","32465","9196395271",""
    "Eva Williams","53333","7344611059",""
    "Michael Parker","27617","3138441617"," "