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The Delegate Parent Club Committee and the AKC have developed this Specialty Show Site Locator system to help clubs find National Specialty Show sites. Basic National Specialty show location information will automatically be added to this site by the system after the show has been held. More extensive information will become available after each Parent Club has completed its Show Information Survey (the "Site Survey") or modified existing Site Survey information. Anyone may view any of the information. Login is not required

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Parent club representatives must log in using the club's AKC Club Account login and password in order to add new specialty show information (the "Site Survey") or modify existing site survey information. A club may only edit and modify its own site survey. For information about AKC Club Accounts contact Eventplans@akc.org.

The system makes use of pop-up windows to display the information. If you wish to access this information, please disable any "Pop-Up Blocker" that you have installed