American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit

AKC Breeder of Merit participant,
Christine O'Brien
Enrolled as AKC Breeder of Merit on January 31, 2018
Your Litter Information Report

Welcome to your Litter Information Report. This report not only lists the litters you have registered since becoming an AKC Breeder of Merit participant, it also includes a summary of all litters you registered since 1/1/2006.

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Summary of Your Litters as an
AKC Breeder of Merit Participant:

Litters Registered:3
% of Puppies Registered:100%
% of Puppies Registered over 12 weeks old100%

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Breeder of Merit Designates those litters registered since you became an AKC Breeder of Merit participant, committed to 100% registration of the puppies in your litters.

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