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The American Kennel Club is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of purebred dogs. AKC is a "club of clubs," comprised of over 500 member clubs and almost 5000 affiliated clubs. There are no individual members. Each member club exercises its voting privileges through a representative known as a "delegate." The delegates form the legislative body of the AKC, making the rules and electing from their body the individuals who serve on AKC's Board of Directors.

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  Results are in alphabetical order by secretary's last name.

Kachina Kennel Club

Delegate Betty Jo Patrick, 4205 S ESCALANTE RIDGE PL, TUCSON, AZ 85730-5124
Corresponding Secretary Diane Landstrom, 506 E CAMPINA DR, LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ 85340

Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Mary Eschweiler, 32022 HIGHWAY K, HARTLAND, WI 53029-9708
Secretary Jean Lazarus, 7371 N BETHMAUR LN, MILWAUKEE, WI 53209-2011

Des Moines Obedience Training Club

Delegate No Current Delegate
Corresponding Secretary Harriet Leitch, 2514 62ND ST, DES MOINES, IA 50322-5006

Topeka Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Robert Bostrom, PO Box 414, Overbrook, KS 66524-0414
Secretary Brandi Lewis, 33144 WATERMAN CROSSING RD, MAPLE HILL, KS 66507-8641

Colorado Springs Kennel Club

Delegate Sidney Marx, 2312 N HIBBERT CIR, MESA, AZ 85201-1412
Corresponding Secretary Linda Limon, 6050 STETSON HILLS BLVD # 293, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80923-3571

Back Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Nina Schaefer, 405 FOXHOUND DR, LAFAYETTE HILL, PA 19444-1041
Corresponding Secretary Darlene Longmore, 2 PARKS LN, MONROE TOWNSHIP, PA 18636-9718

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