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The American Kennel Club is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of purebred dogs. AKC is a "club of clubs," comprised of over 500 member clubs and almost 5000 affiliated clubs. There are no individual members. Each member club exercises its voting privileges through a representative known as a "delegate." The delegates form the legislative body of the AKC, making the rules and electing from their body the individuals who serve on AKC's Board of Directors.

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  Results are in alphabetical order by secretary's last name.

Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas, Inc.

Delegate Geraldine Shastid, 14600 W ESTATES DR, AMARILLO, TX 79124-4653
Secretary Nancy Abraham, 7205 SW 35TH AVE, AMARILLO, TX 79109-3905

Dayton Dog Training Club, Inc.

Delegate Barbara Mann, 120 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST, YELLOW SPRINGS, OH 45387-1542
Corresponding Secretary Jane Adams, 2809 FERNCLIFF AVE, DAYTON, OH 45420-3201

Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club, Inc.

Delegate Barbara Norton, 1446 S BLANEY AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95129-3710
Corresponding Secretary Rosha Adams, 3138 Ivory Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83401-5070

Richland Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate No Current Delegate
Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Ames, PO BOX 479, BENTON CITY, WA 99320-0479

Superstition Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Roger Arbuthnot, 4263 E HOPE ST, MESA, AZ 85205-4060
Corresponding Secretary Allen Anderton, 4710 E DARTMOUTH ST, MESA, AZ 85205-6325

Hoosier Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Karl Kreck, 1100 ARROYO RD, GREENWOOD, IN 46143-2652
Secretary Hank Arszman, 18057 Joliet Rd, Sheridan, IN 46069-9118

Concord Dog Training Club, Inc.

Delegate Anne Testoni, 8 Mount Wachusett Ln, Bolton, MA 01740-2014
Secretary Kathryn Astrofsky, 31 WHITTIER AVE, WALTHAM, MA 02451-2339

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