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The American Kennel Club is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of purebred dogs. AKC is a "club of clubs," comprised of over 500 member clubs and almost 5000 affiliated clubs. There are no individual members. Each member club exercises its voting privileges through a representative known as a "delegate." The delegates form the legislative body of the AKC, making the rules and electing from their body the individuals who serve on AKC's Board of Directors.

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Basenji Club of America, Inc.

Delegate Katie Campbell, PO BOX 16065, SEATTLE, WA 98116-0065
Secretary Janet Ketz, 34025 W RIVER RD, WILMINGTON, IL 60481-9599

Brookhaven Kennel Club, Inc.

Delegate Marie Fiore, PO BOX 180, MILLER PLACE, NY 11764-0180
Corresponding Secretary Diane Marques, 11 N William St, East Patchogue, NY 11772-5911

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