Grand Championship Points Ranking

Events are processed through March 26, 2021.

This listing displays the rankings of dogs by Grand Championship Points. Dogs may appear in the rankings for multiple states, based on the residency of all of the owners of record.

Points Ranking for Miniature American Shepherd |Today's Date: April 14, 2021
Rank Dog Name Sex GCH Points
No. 1 GCHG CH Timeless Slice Of Life Bitch 160  
No. 2 GCHP CH Rummer Run Maximus Command In Chief Dog 154  
GCHB CH Riversong's Playin At The Ritz Dog 154  
No. 4 GCHG CH Vanderbilt 'N Printemp's Lucky Strike Dog 153  
GCHS CH Aquarius The Legend Continues Alcher CGC Dog 153  
No. 6 GCHG CH Barnstorm Blue Blood Royalty By Dzine Dog 152  
No. 7 GCHG CH Stonehaven Bayshore Secret Sauce Bitch 148  
GCHG CH Crystal Boy De La Pomme Dog 148  
No. 9 GCHG CH Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks Dog 147  
No. 10 GCHS CH Spotlight Tequila Sunrise Bret D Bitch 145  
No. 11 GCHP CH Foxwoods Ivywood All Hallows Eve Bitch 143  
No. 12 GCHG CH Sabe's The Sky's The Limit Dog 142  
No. 13 GCHS CH Silhouette's Cast A Spell Bitch 140  
GCHS CH Kp-Burlwood Who's Lookin' Now Bitch 140  
No. 15 GCHP CH Cerise Bonanza Dog 139  
No. 16 GCHP CH Nirvana's Skittles Dog 138  
No. 17 GCHP CH Carmel Sky High Wish Upon A Star Bitch 136  
No. 18 GCHP CH Timeless Stella By Starlight At Aero Bitch 135  
GCHG CH Judo's Shantideva At Kan Sing Dog 135  
GCHP CH Leoralees Lets Boogie With Barstool Mw Dog 135  
No. 21 GCHS CH Brigadier Shamrock All Silver Stars Dog 134  
No. 22 GCHS CH Adako Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dog 131  
GCHP CH Empee's Cyber Monday Dog 131  
No. 24 GCHG CH Desperados You Had Me From Hello At Dawn Heirs Dog 130  
GCHB CH Bramver's Orohime Bitch 130  
GCHB CH Chestnut Then Came You Dog 130  
No. 27 GCHB CH Skansen's Queen Of Kingsmill Bitch 129  
No. 28 GCHB CH Kan Trace Very Cheeky Chic Bitch 127  
No. 29 GCHG CH Lyonnese Blueprint Of A Legend Dog 124  
No. 30 GCHP CH Brownwood Rt's Peace On Earth Sl CGC Dog 123  
No. 31 GCHG CH Timberknolls Courage In The Sky Gold Cup Bitch 121  
No. 32 GCHG CH Kandee's A Notorious Kandidate Bitch 120  
GCHG CH Chaselands Mathew Moss Dog 120  
No. 34 GCHS CH Marlex Classy Finale Bitch 119  
No. 35 GCHP2 CH Syringa - Akadia The Corsair Dog 118  
GCHS CH Woodside's Arabella Bitch 118  
GCHS CH Aryggeth's Shake Down PT Dog 118  
No. 38 GCHB CH Irresistibull Winter Is Coming Of Danditops Dog 117  
GCHG CH Sporting Fields Aeirs Above PT FDC THDN CGC TKN ATT Dog 117  
No. 40 GCHS CH Fetch & Smell Jack Tripper Dog 116  
No. 41 GCHS CH Anabelle Beautiful Bitch 115  
GCHS CH Ellenni Blackstone Ashella Baby Got Bock! Bitch 115  
GCHS CH Noel Sharm De Lux Dog 115  
GCHS CH Hightide And A Splash Of Tarquin Bitch 115  
GCHB CH Good Fortune Good And Ready II Dog 115  
GCHG CH Sumner A Pocket Full Of Kisses At Wayne Manor CA FCAT Bitch 115  
No. 47 GCHB CH Stone Run Written In The Skye Bitch 114  
No. 48 GCHB CH Kadell's Bean Boozled W Bitch 113  
GCHS CH Jogoso's Walk On The Wildside CA RATN Dog 113  
GCHB CH Dawin Heart's Desire Bitch 113  
No. 51 GCHS CH Agape & Adili's Prim & Proper Bitch 111  
GCHB CH Southports Ares God Of War Dog 111  
GCHB CH Winters-Eagle Ring Of Fire Dog 111  
GCHG CH Sandbar's Hardcore Hank MH Dog 111  
No. 55 GCHB CH Monamour Apple Of My Eyes Dog 109  
GCHS CH Roi L Man In The Moon Dog 109  
GCHG CH Far Away Black Star CGC TKI Dog 109  
GCHS CH Lion Hearts And Krissy's Sweet Dream Bitch 109  
No. 59 GCHS CH Dizzy & Hapichin Stop And Stare Dog 108  
No. 60 GCHG CH La Bete Quintessential Gentleman at Lecirque Dog 107  
GCHB CH Whiskybae Haslemere Homecoming Queen Bitch 107  
GCHB CH Amaden Tula Adorabelle Of Summerland Bitch 107  
No. 63 GCHG CH Barberry Hillwood Hot Child In The City Bitch 106  
GCHG CH Wendorf's One'Der Boy V Ruler Dog 106  
No. 65 GCHB CH Zara Singular Airaf Sunland Br Bitch 105  
No. 66 GCHP CH Torrid Zone Smoke From A Distant Fire BN RN CGCA CGCU TKN Bitch 104  
GCHS CH Lk Michigan I'M Your'S Dog 104  
GCHP CH Bret D N Adventureland Star Coach Dog 104  
No. 69 GCHB CH Fireside Lazyd What Would Gary Do CGC Dog 103  
GCHS CH Southdown Ready Set Reign Dog 103  
No. 71 GCHS CH Myla's Dancing By The Book Bitch 102  
No. 72 GCHG CH Encores Once Upon A Dream Dog 101  
GCHS CH Zona Rosa's In A New York Minute Bitch 101  
No. 74 GCHB CH Aprodombi Meresz Maszat Marci Dog 100  
GCHS CH Bravado's Mambo Italiano Dog 100  
GCHS CH Morninglow's Arthurian Legend Dog 100  
GCHP CH K'Mander Dawnglow Arnage Dog 100  
GCHS CH Stardust N Windrose UCanDu Magic Sl Dog 100  
No. 79 GCHS CH Rustic Lane Not My Planet From Fwaggle @ Absolut Dog 99  
GCHS CH Lagniappe's From The Mountains To The Bayou Dog 99  
GCHS CH Gem-N-I River Of Urloved CGC Dog 99  
GCHS CH Moonstone's Silver Bullet Explorer JH CGC TKP Dog 99  
GCHS CH Shaldra-Rimar's Samuel Adams Dog 99  
GCHS CH Cornerstones Anthem Of Noel Bitch 99  
GCHB CH Mirepoix's Dubble Bubble RN FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN Bitch 99  
No. 86 GCHS CH Ironwood Be Quick Or Be Dead RN JH CA BCAT DS DJ CGCA TKA Bitch 98  
No. 87 GCHS CH Chasinwaves Bon Jovi Dog 97  
GCHB CH Whit's Bluegrass Billie Bitch 97  
GCHG CH Whispering Pines Mdt King Of The Pride Dog 97  
GCHS CH Kirana Malkanorah Bitch 97  
No. 91 GCHG CH Lockshire's Someday I May Sl Bitch 96  
GCHP CH Anana's Frozen Tundra CGC Dog 96  
GCHG CH Hi-Tech Champagne Cristal Rose THDN CGC Bitch 96  
GCHS CH Braeton's Moonstruck Dog 96  
No. 95 GCHG CH Tamarin Tattoo Dog 95  
GCHS CH Now And Then Watermark Cruisin At Kelkary Dog 95  
GCHB CH Southdown Comes To Mind Bitch 95  
GCHS CH Bessdach Princess Of Power Bitch 95  
GCHB CH Fox Canyon's I Won The War At Goldshield Dog 95  
No. 100 GCHP CH Cammcastle's The One And Only General Of Valor TT CGC TKN Dog 94  
GCHG CH Midnight Rider's Motorcycle Cowboy FDC CGC Dog 94  
GCHG CH Majenkir Bookstor Spellbinder Dog 94  
GCHS CH Bayside's Destined For The Garden Bitch 94  

This ranking report is based on number of Grand Championship points earned and may include dogs who have not yet completed the requirements to earn the Grand Championship title.