Grand Championship Points Ranking

Events are processed through May 20, 2023.

This listing displays the rankings of dogs by Grand Championship Points. Dogs may appear in the rankings for multiple states, based on the residency of all of the owners of record.

Points Ranking for Doberman Pinscher |Today's Date: June 8, 2023
Rank Dog Name Sex GCH Points
No. 1 GCHP CH Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry Bitch 287  
No. 2 GCHP CH One Love Hashtag Not Vanilla Dog 273  
No. 3 GCHS CH Longo Lore N Vandelft's Superstition Bitch 259  
No. 4 GCHP CH Blue Elk Beginning Of An Icon Dog 253  
GCHP CH Cammcastle's Back To The Future TKN Dog 253  
No. 6 GCHS CH Vjk-Myst Heir To The Throne JH FDC CGCA CGCU TKN BN-V Dog 252  
No. 7 GCHG CH Eb The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Dog 246  
No. 8 GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend Exists Dog 244  
No. 9 GCHP CH Highlander's Snow Pilot Dog 240  
No. 10 GCHS CH Treasures Lookin4booty Onthe Wild Side@Cedarvalley Dog 238  
No. 11 GCHP CH Northbay Xsell That's A Wrap Bitch 237  
No. 12 GCHG CH Hallmark Jolei Out Of This World Dog 230  
No. 13 GCHP CH Planett's Pop Star Bitch 228  
GCHG CH Riversong's Rockin' At The Ritz Dog 228  
No. 15 GCHG CH Oui Didnt Start The Fire @Maximum Dog 222  
GCHG CH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance Fancy Bitch 222  
GCHS CH Blue Moon Shine On Bitch 222  
No. 18 GCHP CH Rising Star's Happy One CGC TKI Dog 218  
No. 19 GCHS CH Hyspire Ghoststone A Tough Nut To Crack Dog 216  
No. 20 GCHS CH Loral's Naughty But Nice SIN CGC TKN ATT Bitch 215  
GCHS CH Copella La Ren Irresistible Spark Dog 215  
No. 22 GCHS CH Afterglow De La Passion Bitch 213  
GCHG CH Winsome-Nirvana's Achy Breaky Heart Dog 213  
No. 24 GCHP CH Kolmar's & Los Feliz The Man Of Steel Dog 212  
No. 25 GCHS CH Sang Real's Fortune Favors The Brave CGC ATT Dog 211  
No. 26 GCHG CH Lockshire V Splendor Farm Messenger Of Strength Sl Dog 210  
GCHS CH Silhouette I Can'T Take My Eyes Off You Dog 210  
No. 28 GCHG CH Fabelhaft Robobull Ferragamo Dog 209  
No. 29 GCHS CH Sweet O'Grady Destined To Be Dog 206  
No. 30 GCHS CH Kagayaki No Girou Go Kashima Gijukusou Dog 205  
No. 31 GCHP CH Southports Ares God Of War Dog 203  
GCHG CH Adibeir Red Carpet Affair CGC Dog 203  
GCHG CH Halcyon Enola Bitch 203  
No. 34 GCHS CH Camelot's Godfather Dog 202  
No. 35 GCHS CH Ivoss N Marlo's Br Besame Mucho Dog 201  
No. 36 GCHG CH Spicerack's Shotgun Rider CGCA TKN Dog 200  
No. 37 GCHP CH Hardinhaus Simply Stunning CGC TKN Bitch 198  
No. 38 GCHS CH Nashiras Irish Chieftian Of F. M. Dog 197  
No. 39 GCHS CH Telltale Bohemian Rhapsody Dog 196  
No. 40 GCHG CH Mountain Crest My Boy Watson Dog 195  
No. 41 GCHP CH Topaz Wildfire For Umunhum THDN TKN Bitch 194  
No. 42 GCHG CH Goodfield Forever Red Neck Woman Bitch 191  
No. 43 GCHG CH Goodspice Efbe Money Stache Dog 190  
No. 44 GCHS CH Fenice Astronomical Dog 188  
No. 45 GCHG CH Adili & IdaB's Reign On Zambezi Dog 187  
No. 46 GCHS CH Woburn's Telltale Treasure Dog 186  
GCHG CH Starlaine Standing Ovation Dog 186  
GCHG CH Carmel Sky High Stargazer Dog 186  
No. 49 GCHG CH South Willow's Drop It Like It's Hot Dog 185  
GCHS CH Kaleef's Mercedes Bitch 185  
No. 51 GCHB CH Ehrenvogel We Will Rock You Dog 184  
No. 52 GCHG CH Kenmar's Don't Stop Me Now Dog 183  
No. 53 GCHS CH Seastar Diving For Dumplins Bitch 182  
No. 54 GCHG CH Can-Cia And Marburl's King Of Swing Dog 181  
No. 55 GCHP CH Chancellors "Radioactive" Thanos V Barste CGC Dog 180  
GCHS CH Molyn's Tempted To Touch Bitch 180  
GCHG CH Summit's Silver Lining SWA SCE Dog 180  
No. 58 GCHG CH Stonewood's Living Proof Of Fenwick Bitch 179  
GCHG CH Kbpride Rembrandt Dog 179  
GCHS CH Kriscots He's A Rebel At De La Pomme Dog 179  
No. 61 GCHP CH Brigadier Shamrock All Silver Stars Dog 178  
No. 62 GCHG CH Cobano (Avalos-Lara) Dog 177  
No. 63 GCHG CH Ilove Rhapsody Always Full Of Wisdom Dog 176  
GCHG CH Wynmark's Les Bijoux's Rock'N Rolz At Reverie Dog 176  
GCHG CH Alta Oceans Symphony Of The Seas Bitch 176  
No. 66 GCHG CH Protocol-Liberator Pagani Without Compromise CGC Dog 174  
No. 67 GCHP2 CH Leoralees Lets Boogie With Barstool Mw Dog 173  
No. 68 GCHP CH Kaylen Let Ur Imagination Run Wild Cristal-Myangel Dog 171  
No. 69 GCHB CH 4m N Mcgee's Easy Street Dog 170  
GCHG CH Redbud Across The Universe Dog 170  
GCHP CH Starline Windborn Classique Bitch 170  
No. 72 GCHG CH Jolisse N Ryan Bright Like A Diamond Dog 169  
GCHP CH Geran's Big Money Of Glasshouse BCAT Dog 169  
GCHG CH Shira Yuri Amythest Iris Bitch 169  
No. 75 GCHG CH Winky-Pinky Bory Cysterskie FDC BCAT CGC TKN Bitch 168  
No. 76 GCHG CH Longhorn's Ready And Raring To Go Bitch 167  
No. 77 GCHG CH Seraphin Most Valuable Player V Alisaton FDC CAX FCAT SWN WAC RATO CGC TKN ATT Dog 165  
GCHG CH Keilissa's Breaking Bad CD BN RA JH CA RATO CGCA Dog 165  
GCHS CH Shady Oak's High Tea At Highwood Bitch 165  
No. 80 GCHG CH Avalon & Snopekes Happy Days Dog 163  
No. 81 GCHP CH Simpatico Journey Of Thrills Dog 162  
No. 82 GCHS CH Bruin's Saxon Saint Dog 161  
GCHB CH Ramblewood Play It Again Dog 161  
No. 84 GCHP CH Lbk's Rebel And Proud Party Crasher Dog 159  
GCHP CH Applewood's I Will Survive Dog 159  
GCHG CH Shaker Trees Santana Dog 159  
No. 87 GCHS CH Blue Heavens Orange Crush Dog 158  
GCHS CH Lussy Grand Grades FDC CGC Bitch 158  
GCHP CH Kazuri's All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN ATT Dog 158  
GCHG CH Bessdach's Que Sera Sera V Bren-Dachs Ss Bitch 158  
GCHG CH Barbary's Reigning Royalty CGCA TKN Dog 158  
GCHB CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB's Bitch 158  
GCHB CH Goldrox Take 'Em To The Train Station Dog 158  
GCHS CH Zona Rosa's Have Love, Will Travel Dog 158  
No. 95 GCHG CH Crosswind's Every Mile A Memory WAC CGC TKN Dog 157  
GCHB CH Riverbluff's Family Tradition Bitch 157  
GCHS CH Diego China Maple Bitch 157  
GCHS CH Flatcharm Mr Motivator CGC Dog 157  
No. 99 GCHG CH Artic Sun Whispering Words At Moonlight Dog 156  
GCHG CH Pursuit's Trek To The Triple Crown JH CGC Dog 156  
GCHS CH Lakeridge Secret Persuasion Dog 156  
GCHP CH Spotlite & Dblshot's Premier Edition CGC TKN Dog 156  

This ranking report is based on number of Grand Championship points earned and may include dogs who have not yet completed the requirements to earn the Grand Championship title.