Grand Championship Points Ranking

Events are processed through February 07, 2024.

This listing displays the rankings of dogs by Grand Championship Points. Dogs may appear in the rankings for multiple states, based on the residency of all of the owners of record.

Points Ranking for Papillon |Today's Date: February 25, 2024
Rank Dog Name Sex GCH Points
No. 1 GCHS CH Riesa N Passionpaps Locked And Loaded Dog 100  
No. 2 GCHB CH Connquest Best Of Both Worlds Bitch 94  
No. 3 GCHG CH Vjk-Myst Heir To The Throne JH FDC CGCA CGCU TKN BN-V Dog 92  
No. 4 GCHG CH Pramada Koradox Only One Sl Dog 91  
No. 5 GCHP2 CH Geran's Big Money Of Glasshouse BCAT CGC Dog 89  
GCHP CH Paintabull I'm the Pied Piper CGC TKN Dog 89  
No. 7 GCHG CH Roschel Foxrun Thistle Do Dog 88  
No. 8 GCHG CH Telltale Bohemian Rhapsody Dog 84  
GCHG CH Willorunn's Full Speed To Boom Town Bitch 84  
No. 10 GCHG CH Sweet O'Grady Destined To Be Dog 81  
No. 11 GCHS CH Elite Paramount Crime Spree Bitch 80  
No. 12 GCHS CH Casey's Beelieve In Magic Bitch 78  
No. 13 GCHS CH Andi In Cahoots Dog 76  
GCHP CH Loredo's Stealing The Party Dog 76  
GCHP CH Carmel Sky High Stargazer Dog 76  
No. 16 GCHB CH Emilio De Tatindob-Argentina Dog 75  
No. 17 GCHS CH Giangreco's Black Kaiser Dog 74  
GCHS CH Meadowlake Chrome Plated Heart Dog 74  
No. 19 GCHB CH Leoralees Sons Of Anarchy Mw Dog 72  
GCHG CH Camelot's Godfather Dog 72  
No. 21 GCHB CH Winelight Wine Dancer Bitch 71  
GCHP CH Artic Sun Whispering Words At Moonlight BCAT DJ CGCA TKN ATT FITB Dog 71  
GCH CH Cadence & Hispot & North's Music Man Dog 71  
No. 24 GCHS CH Wingfield 'N Chebaco Link To Bridgewood Dog 70  
GCHG CH Rohan & Chuckanut Livin For The Weekend At Alloro Bitch 70  
No. 26 GCH CH Sir Barton "De Casa Orange" Dog 69  
GCHG CH Treasures Lookin4booty Onthe Wild Side@Cedarvalley Dog 69  
GCHG CH Blue Heavens Orange Crush Dog 69  
No. 29 GCHG CH Flatcharm Mr Motivator RI CGCA CGCU TKA Dog 68  
GCHS CH Ta Sen Westgate Jingle Juice Dog 68  
GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend Exists Dog 68  
No. 32 GCHG CH Demuir Heiress At First Light Bitch 67  
GCH CH Skilful - Dogs Dorian Dog 67  
GCHG CH Pilgrim N Icon's Keep Your Eye On The Pie CGC Bitch 67  
No. 35 GCH CH Brigadier Shamrock Shoot For The Stars of Fernhill Dog 66  
GCHB CH Kazuri N Van-Mar Trouble In Texas Dog 66  
GCHP CH Wingssong This Could Be Love Dog 66  
GCHB CH Del Sur's Turning The Tide At Cold Iron Dog 66  
GCHS CH Hiq's Out Of Left Field Bitch 66  
No. 40 GCH CH Redaero Foxbrooke Double Double Dog 65  
GCHG CH Hekan Taking Care Of Bismarck Dog 65  
GCHG CH Sylvan Argent Fire On Fire Dog 65  
GCHG CH Timeless Now You See Me Dog 65  
GCHP CH Adibeir Red Carpet Affair CGC Dog 65  
GCHS CH Fleet St. Roque Down Easter Dog 65  
No. 46 GCHG CH Kadell's Ruler Of The Race Track W Dog 64  
GCHS CH Axcium's Masterpiece Dog 64  
GCHP CH Sunlit's King Of Queens Dog 64  
GCH CH Bubble & Bubble Number Five Coco Dog 64  
GCHS CH Tauro Burgundia Bitch 64  
GCHS CH Peace River's All You Knead Is Love Dog 64  
No. 52 GCH CH Spotlite's Silver Bullet Dog 63  
GCHB CH Trilogy's Love At First Sight Bitch 63  
GCH CH Seraphin Rise Up With Alisaton Bitch 63  
GCHP CH Greenway"S Timeless Legend V Oleka CGC TKN Dog 63  
GCHB CH Artistry's Dreams Come True In Paradise House Dog 63  
GCHB CH Tanasi's I'M Your Man With Flying M Dog 63  
GCHS CH Res Ipsa's Black Mamba Dog 63  
GCHS CH Star K's Mile Hi Sally V Deppe Haus Bitch 63  
No. 60 GCH CH Marlo's Br Don Juan Demarco Dog 62  
GCHG CH Lakeridge Challenger Dog 62  
GCHS CH Nouvelle Bring It On Sw BCAT Bitch 62  
GCHS CH Hearthmore's Wintergreen Mountain RI CGC TKN FITB Dog 62  
GCHG CH Majestic Sweet Apple Friends In Low Places Bitch 62  
GCHG CH Stellar Tbgo Star Light Star Bright Dog 62  
GCHS CH Beaumanor Brogan Charlotte Bitch 62  
GCH CH Bar-K's Love As It Was Dog 62  
GCHB CH Winelight Wine Legacy II Dog 62  
GCHB CH Kaylen's Some Days You Gotta Dance Bitch 62  
No. 70 GCHG CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB's Bitch 61  
GCH CH Contigo's I Like Big Bundt's And I Cannot Lie CGC Dog 61  
GCH CH Sleepyhollow Wise Guy Dog 61  
GCH CH Bcr All That Glitters Is Not Gold Bitch 61  
GCHB CH Uwharries Ace Of Hearts Dog 61  
No. 75 GCHG CH Kriscots He's A Rebel At De La Pomme Dog 60  
GCHP CH Hallmark Jolei Out Of This World Dog 60  
GCHS CH Aurealis Play For Keeps Dog 60  
GCHS CH Dal Cielo's Let's Get Ready To Rumble (Rumble) CGC Dog 60  
GCHS CH Kidd's Sometimes It Be Like That Dog 60  
GCHB CH Silhouettes Cuttingedge Nacho Average Parti Dog 60  
GCHS CH Tokie Time After Time Dog 60  
No. 82 GCH CH Timberknoll Instinctively Royal At Northpier Bitch 59  
GCHB CH Morgenwald's Reach For The Sky V Katon FDC CGCA Bitch 59  
GCHB CH Sweet Aico Miss Yoyo At Piedmont Bitch 59  
GCHS CH Kristari's Formal Attire Dog 59  
GCHB CH Pinnacle Garden Party Bitch 59  
GCH CH Mayfield Call To Glory Dog 59  
GCHB CH Skywards Breaking Waves TKN Dog 59  
GCHB CH Passport Sarah Smiles SS Bitch 59  
No. 90 GCH CH Two Oaks Therre You Are Dog 58  
GCH CH Lil Barker's Eeeveee Chloe Bitch 58  
GCH CH Alcher Let's Roll V Aquarius WAC CGC TKN Dog 58  
GCHP CH Eb The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Dog 58  
GCHG CH Glasshouse Can'T Fight This Feeling At Nsr CGC Bitch 58  
No. 95 GCH CH Rdiamondbar My Hearts On Fire Elvira Bitch 57  
GCH CH Kimik Tasen Westgate Spin The Bottle Bitch 57  
GCHB CH Divine Acres I Did It My Way CGC FITS Dog 57  
GCHG CH Solnechy Krug Harry Potter CM3 DCAT CGC FITB Dog 57  
GCHP CH Alta Oceans Symphony Of The Seas Bitch 57  
GCHG CH First Class Victoria Berland Empress Of Magic Bitch 57  
GCHS CH Boardwalk Here Comes The Sun FDC BCAT DS DJ CGCA TKA ATT VSWB Dog 57  
GCH CH River Mist Here Comes The Boom CGC TKN Dog 57  

This ranking report is based on number of Grand Championship points earned and may include dogs who have not yet completed the requirements to earn the Grand Championship title.