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AKC 2017 Agility Invitational 2017277105 December 16, 2017


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Breakaway's In The Know RN14263001 2007-06-29 Rainee Johnson DVM 08154 Norwich Terrier
Candella Saturday Night Fever TR96895704 2010-05-09 Karen Wlodarski 08155 Papillon
Atlantis Brat Razzberry NP27237801 2010-09-12 Sari Bankson 08156 Bichon Frise
Ivana Da Floresta HP37042203 2010-02-23 Kimberly Barton 08157 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Dhs Loppan's Tale Of Freya NP27673205 2010-10-26 Tone von Oelreich 08158 Schipperke
Ferlin's Black Jaguar TS18303405 2013-08-24 Sharon Rafferty 08159 Affenpinscher
Kavotte Wildphire DN32797001 2012-02-04 Hattie Polhamus 08160 Swedish Vallhund
Keebler's Elfin' Magic PAL201372 2007-01-01 Roger O'Sullivan 08161 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Valentine's Spyder TR61579603 2007-02-28 Terri Valentine 08162 Pomeranian
Casablanca's Get Back Jojo NP25397901 2009-05-04 Melissa Snell 08163 Coton de Tulear
Lord Chalais' Don't Stop Believin' RN25837105 2013-09-19 Helene Wood 08164 West Highland White Terrier
Gaidoune-Vicarscot's Smokin' Hot RN24908603 2012-12-05 Tim Verrelli 08165 Scottish Terrier
Teatime's Indian Outlaw TR86938101 2008-07-23 Diane Tedder 08166 Yorkshire Terrier
Alkemi Blade Runner Ls DN34468405 2012-08-05 Amanda Lowery 08167 Swedish Vallhund
Scouteriffic PAL263663 2013-11-30 Karin Davis 08168 Cairn Terrier
Fft Melou 'Well Said' NP17766003 2007-08-07 Melissa Torgerson 08169 Lhasa Apso
Jo-Clem Songs To Fill The Air NP36521701 2014-01-13 Julie B Haddy 08170 Boston Terrier
Counterpoint Majority Rules RN24841106 2012-11-06 Heather Muir 08171 Cairn Terrier
Twinkle, Twinkle, My Little Star TR88041902 2009-05-18 Victoria Nimmo 08172 Maltese
Lillys Wild Cyber Surfer TS05767406 2011-08-25 Jennifer Canfield 08173 Toy Fox Terrier
Wincroft's Wild West Willy TR24122504 2004-04-27 John Crone 08174 Havanese
Melou Shambhala NP23338401 2009-06-03 Melissa Torgerson 08175 Lhasa Apso
Onapoint's Homerun Hitter PAL202384 2008-04-13 Holly Faught 08176 Chihuahua
Croswynd Making Mavericks DN40571905 2014-09-12 Sally Slade 08177 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
New Year's Eve PAL255028 2008-05-03 Christine A. Crocker 08178 Silky Terrier
Dizzy Desperate From The Heat TS11852301 2012-06-21 Rebecca McCorry 08179 Japanese Chin
Hix And Rush Creek Go For The Gusto TS16817402 2013-02-03 Sarah Rutland 08180 Brussels Griffon
Ultra Quest Go For The Gold TS04291704 2011-04-01 Wendy Howard 08181 Toy Fox Terrier
Jenny Of Peachtree Cotons PAL250480 2008-12-15 Joan Gallagher 08182 Coton de Tulear
Emmett Oliver PAL257239 2010-11-16 Wendy Halverson 08183 Dachshund
Rock 'Q' Tripping Light Fantastic RN24670202 2012-10-18 Jeannie Luntz 08184 West Highland White Terrier
Czarcrest's Bonnie Wee Blue Angel RN16451901 2008-05-22 Susan Chapman 08185 West Highland White Terrier
Razi PAL251903 2008-07-24 Alison Studer 08186 Russell Terrier
Flying Ace Of The Skies RN14688702 2007-08-25 Vanessa B Andrews 08187 Norwich Terrier
Aerilee's Like Never Before TS11799201 2012-03-12 Betsey Lynch 08188 Papillon
Tray-Lu's Bitta Pepper Is Sweet Magnolia Louisa TR92508801 2009-10-29 Mari Hiltz 08189 Brussels Griffon
Kambara's Aviatrix RN10176902 2006-01-11 Kim Floyd 08190 Australian Terrier
Princess Flurry TS09363203 2011-04-06 Stacy L Podplesky 08191 Maltese
Zhu Xing Of Lynch's Landing TS23597201 2014-09-22 Candace L Lynch 08192 Shih Tzu
Sno Mtn's Touch Of Trouble RN26251201 2013-12-22 Linda White 08193 Scottish Terrier
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