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Qualifying period runs from October 09, 2014 to October 07, 2015.

For questions regarding the AKC Agility Invitational, email agilityinvitational@akc.org.

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AKC 2014 Agility Invitational 2014277108 December 13, 2014



Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Logan Lake Hope MA19896801 2007-12-04 Kimberly Barton
08104 All American Dog
China Road Gripit'N Ripit TR99307102 2010-08-20 Patty Wiedeman
08105 Chinese Crested
Chinak La Ren On A Whim TR82429702 2008-12-15 Robin Cohen
Robin Kletke
08106 Papillon
Foxhill Chip O' Jamie's Taylor Lee TR69342401 2007-09-29 Diana Penha
08107 Toy Fox Terrier
Resq's Phoenix Of Satori PAL201736 2007-01-03 Rosemary Strasser
08108 Japanese Chin
Miss Jorja Lacy NP22893805 2009-03-06 Janis Krieger 08109 Boston Terrier
Tumbleweed's Undeniable Frm Patticake NP19603202 2008-03-15 Vicki Ernenwein
08110 Schipperke
Carleez Boom Boom Boom TR22284601 2004-01-22 Janice Smith
George Smith
08111 Pomeranian
Bitzy PAL251695 2006-09-18 Yolando Russell
08112 Maltese
Razi PAL251903 2008-07-24 Alison Studer
08113 Russell Terrier
Covington Cashmere TR68332502 2007-07-13 Nancy Latthitham
08114 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Mico Marron TR98557501 2009-01-31 Kathleen E Brown
08115 Chihuahua
Shonleh He's A Magic Man RN16894303 2008-05-19 Patty Fornelli
Norman Fleming
08116 Norwich Terrier
Keleven's Mccracken RN15994903 2008-01-12 Jill Lowry
08117 Norwich Terrier
Madcap's Mac Mioscaise RN10218203 2005-11-18 Jewel-Ann Nicony
Salvatore Giordano
08118 Cairn Terrier
Yarrow's Mgb Beach Pine Harry RN05949105 2004-07-31 Ursula M Walsh
08119 Norwich Terrier
Amron's Rewriting The Rules NP05186303 2003-12-17 Roger O'Sullivan
Elissa O'Sullivan, Dennis O'Sullivan
08120 French Bulldog
Ananda TR35172802 2004-12-31 Supavee Janlekha
Paiboon Tanapipatkulchai
08121 Shih Tzu
Parkir Louie Roeder ILP105095 2004-03-17 Susan L. Roeder
Barbara S Fain
08122 Lhasa Apso
Corwynt Tayken Crushed Ice DN13495502 2006-01-18 Susan E Stephon
Donna L Lonnquist
08123 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Kharln's Hallelujah Victory TR74434701 2008-04-02 Jerry Tate
Karolyn Harrison
08124 Havanese
Fairchilds Cornhusker Piper RN08051203 2005-04-07 Betty Fairchild
08125 Scottish Terrier
Keepin Ahead Of Wile E. ILP160514 2006-07-19 Theresa Lucas
08126 Chihuahua
On A Total Flying Whim TR51310104 2006-05-11 Julie C Baker-Conte
08127 Brussels Griffon
Ultra Quest Devilish Intentions TR89507101 2009-02-06 Jennifer Lindsay
08128 Toy Fox Terrier
Avalons Stowaway At Spring Cove RN18578102 2009-01-25 Marian Shaw
Lori A Pelletier
08129 Norfolk Terrier
Wicken's Macgregor O'Riley RN17307701 2006-03-10 Lynne Wickens
08130 West Highland White Terrier
Melou Shambhala NP23338401 2009-06-03 Melissa Torgerson
08131 Lhasa Apso
Ketka's Private Jett HP32709903 2008-07-02 Linda Raphael
08132 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Miss Mitzie Moon PAL253373 2007-02-14 Timmari Putti
08133 Shih Tzu