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AKC 2016 Agility Invitational 2016277102 December 17, 2016


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Silktree In The Making TR48682201 2006-02-01 Robin Hutson 08126 Yorkshire Terrier
Lambda Henna Tattoo HP24160303 2006-11-10 Laurie Marlow 08127 Dachshund
Vastgota Nina Ricci DN19468301 2007-05-14 Amanda Lowery 08128 Swedish Vallhund
Tuppence Conway PAL253649 2009-06-11 Morna Conway 08129 Yorkshire Terrier
Cornerstone's Little Marzipan DN24513309 2009-03-26 Joanna McKim 08130 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Victoire's Who's The Boss NP31786104 2012-05-23 Kathy Puerner 08131 Bichon Frise
Dunham Lake Goody Two Shoes RN25704201 2013-08-11 Samantha Van Buren 08132 Australian Terrier
China Road Taylor Made TR14389802 2003-07-19 Patty Stiehl-Wiedeman 08133 Chinese Crested
Shadowpins Jazz Marazz TR65691301 2007-06-12 Vanessa Manzi 08134 Miniature Pinscher
Mtnview Silkstone She's Something Else TR66966601 2007-06-07 Lisa Thomas 08135 Silky Terrier
Aerilee's Like Never Before TS11799201 2012-03-12 Betsey Lynch 08136 Papillon
Roachan's Rockin' Block Party RN24910703 2012-09-13 Nancy L. Tibbett 08137 Australian Terrier
Tray-Lu's Bitta Pepper Is Sweet Magnolia Louisa TR92508801 2009-10-29 Mari Hiltz 08138 Brussels Griffon
Gallica's Victory At Bannockburn RN16962703 2008-06-24 Kathy Engel Stabler 08139 Scottish Terrier
Dhs Loppan's Tale Of Freya NP27673205 2010-10-26 Tone von Oelreich 08140 Schipperke
Brokenroad Code Name Tank HP36614701 2009-11-09 Charlene Wiglesworth 08141 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Belle Ami PAL262368 2011-07-31 Nancy McDonough 08142 Pomeranian
Cowboy's Indian Summer NP29267401 2008-10-04 Susan Jackson 08143 Coton de Tulear
Casablanca's Get Back Jojo NP25397901 2009-05-04 MELISSA SNELL 08144 Coton de Tulear
Musicbox Plays The Masters To Win NP31401802 2012-04-01 Tina Ackerman 08145 Bichon Frise
Pinelake's Happy, Fearless Explorer RN24514702 2012-08-10 Joan S Krantz 08146 Norwich Terrier
Candella Can'T Stop The Music TR74132903 2008-01-07 Karen Wlodarski 08147 Papillon
Tawny Mist Wee Wiley Wild Child TS23317001 2014-09-26 Regina Delahunt 08148 Silky Terrier
Croswynd's Supersmooch DN24111504 2009-01-22 James MacQueen 08149 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Czarcrest's Bonnie Wee Blue Angel RN16451901 2008-05-22 Susan Chapman 08150 West Highland White Terrier
Stilton's Miss Fortune TR96938202 2010-03-19 Mary Doyle 08151 Yorkshire Terrier
Wincroft's Wild West Willy TR24122504 2004-04-27 John Crone 08152 Havanese
Flying Ace Of The Skies RN14688702 2007-08-25 Vanessa B Andrews 08153 Norwich Terrier
Brody-Bear TS07487704 2011-10-17 Steve Marley 08154 Pomeranian
Chiodo's Wind In The Willows TR95822402 2010-04-22 Kristy Loman Chiodo 08155 Havanese