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Qualifying period runs from July 01, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

For questions regarding the AKC Agility Invitational, email agilityinvitational@akc.org.

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AKC 2015 Agility Invitational 2015277108 December 12, 2015


08 Inches

Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Amazing Texas Coton's Apollo NP28588805 2008-11-27 Michael Weintraub 08121 Coton de Tulear
Icefox Run Me In Top Gear TS16651101 2013-04-28 Johanna Ammentorp 08122 Toy Fox Terrier
Hevans Mr. Darcy RN14129001 2007-01-10 Annette Haile 08123 Norfolk Terrier
Tresaiths Bombshell In Sable DN21317202 2008-04-08 Gretchen E Mason 08124 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Logan Lake Hope MA19896801 2007-12-04 Kimberly Barton 08125 All American Dog
Lambda Redy To Rumba PAL253078 2009-03-01 Laurie Trombley 08126 Dachshund
Quigley PAL200191 2006-08-18 Karen Cook 08127 Shih Tzu
Corwynt Tayken Crushed Ice DN13495502 2006-01-18 Susan E Stephon 08128 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BBF Irish Lace RN13847301 2007-01-14 Laura Chapot 08129 Russell Terrier
Vastgota Nina Ricci DN19468301 2007-05-14 Amanda Lowery 08130 Swedish Vallhund
Storeyvilles Sugar N Spice HP40283203 2011-04-13 Suzanne Storey 08131 Dachshund
Parkir Louie Roeder ILP105095 2004-03-17 Susan Lynn Roeder 08132 Lhasa Apso
Wisselwood Sock It To Me - Br TS11959701 2012-05-27 Cam Bexten 08133 Brussels Griffon
Macizzy Golden Gael Of Hiwood RN12218006 2006-08-22 Susan E Walsh 08134 Scottish Terrier
Ellie May PAL202078 2007-07-07 Hiroko Williams 08135 Rat Terrier
Candella Can'T Stop The Music TR74132903 2008-01-07 Karen Wlodarski 08137 Papillon
Silktree In The Making TR48682201 2006-02-01 Robin Hutson 08138 Yorkshire Terrier
Coco Elmore PAL201448 2005-08-01 Dana Elmore 08139 Pomeranian
Lfb's Kelso Of St. Asaph RN17699902 2008-07-28 Lynne F Berry 08140 Scottish Terrier
Flying Ace Of The Skies RN14688702 2007-08-25 Vanessa B Andrews 08141 Norwich Terrier
Mico Marron TR98557501 2009-01-31 Kathleen E Brown 08142 Chihuahua
Energizer's Amazing Grace RN13877201 2007-04-08 Ginger Robertson 08143 Cesky Terrier
Teatime's Indian Outlaw TR86938101 2008-07-23 Diane H Tedder 08144 Yorkshire Terrier
Kharln's Hallelujah Victory TR74434701 2008-04-02 Jerry L Tate 08145 Havanese
Arcadian-Dynamite Red Beryl RN16459802 2008-03-10 Melanie Bryson 08146 Norwich Terrier
Kadell's Cuevo Gold W HP20292504 2006-01-25 Ross Whitney 08147 Dachshund
Fairchilds Cornhusker Piper RN08051203 2005-04-07 Betty Fairchild 08148 Scottish Terrier
Pinelake's Happy, Fearless Explorer RN24514702 2012-08-10 Joan S Krantz 08149 Norwich Terrier
Indian Hill Melou's Josie NP12588304 2006-02-21 Melissa Torgerson 08150 Lhasa Apso
Casablanca's Get Back Jojo NP25397901 2009-05-04 Melissa Snell 08151 Coton de Tulear