Alphabetical List of Clubs

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Pacific Coast Boston Terrier Club
Pacific Coast Bulldog Club, Inc.
Pacific Coast Pekingese Club
Pacific Crest Keeshond Club
Pacific Northwest Boxer Club
Pacific Northwest Chinese Crested Club
Pacific Northwest Chow Chow Club
Pacific Northwest Collie Club, Inc.
Pacific Northwest French Bulldog Club
Pacific Northwest Gordon Setter Club
Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers
Pacific Northwest Miniature Pinscher Club
Pacific Northwest Portuguese Water Dog Club
Pacific Northwest Shetland Sheepdog Club, Inc.
Pacific Northwest Sussex Spaniel Club
Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon
Pacific Rim Maltese Club of Portland, Inc.
Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.
Paducah Kennel Club, Inc.
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.
Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association
Palmetto Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Palo Verde Golden Retriever Club
Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers, Inc.
Panhandle Collie Club of West Virginia
Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas, Inc.
Panorama Poodle Club of Mt. Spokane
Papago Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Phoenix
Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc.
Papillon Association of Puget Sound
Papillon Club of America, Inc.
Papillon Club of Columbia River
Papillon Club of Hawaii
Papillon Club of Iowa
Papillon Club of Northern California
Papillon Club of Southern California
Papillon Club of Tulsa
Park Shore Kennel Club, Inc.
Parson Russell Terrier Association of America
Pasadena Boston Terrier Club
Pasco Florida Kennel Club
Patriot Papillon Club
Patriot Pug Dog Club
Paul Revere Miniature Schnauzer Club
Paumanauk Gordon Setter Club, Inc.
Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club
Peak to Peak Working Dog Association of Colorado
Pekingese Association of New York
Pekingese Club of America
Pekingese Club of Central California
Pekingese Club of Georgia
Pekingese Club of New Jersey
Pekingese Club of Texas
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve
Peninsula Beagle Club
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.
Pennsylvania Brittany Club
Penobscot Valley Kennel Club
Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association
Perry County Beagle Club
Peruvian Inca Orchid Club of the Untied States
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America
Pharaoh Hound Club of America
Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club
Phoenix Arizona Beagle Club
Phoenix Bulldog Club
Piedmont Border Collie Association
Piedmont Collie Club
Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc.
Piedmont North Carolina Bulldog Club
Pikes Peak Boxer Club
Pikes Peak German Shepherd Dog Club
Pilgrim Basset Hound Club
Pilgrim Doberman Pinscher Club
Pine Tree State Doberman Pinscher Club
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Plainfield Kennel Club
Platte Valley Kennel Club of Fremont, Nebraska
Plott Association of America
Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado
Pocatello Kennel Club, Inc.
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.
Pointer Associates of New England
Pointer Club of Southern California
Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana
Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia
Pomeranian Club of Greater Baltimore
Pomeranian Club of Greater Des Moines
Pomeranian Club of Greater Houston
Pomeranian Club of Hawaii
Pomeranian Club of Michigan
Ponce Kennel Club
Pontchartrain Chihuahua Fanciers
Pontiac Kennel Club, Inc.
Poodle Club of Alabama, Inc.
Poodle Club of America, Inc.
Poodle Club of Central California
Poodle Club of Central Indiana
Poodle Club of Hawaii
Poodle Club of Las Vegas
Poodle Club of Massachusetts
Poodle Club of Mohawk Valley 'FKA' Hudson Valley Poodle Club
Poodle Club of Oklahoma City, Inc.
Poodle Club of San Antonio
Poodle Club of Southeast Michigan
Poodle Club of Southern California
Poodle Club of Tulsa, Inc.
Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley
Portland Kennel Club, Inc.
Portland Miniature Schnauzer Club
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Inc.
Portuguese Water Dog Club of Greater Chicagoland
Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California
Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities
Potomac Afghan Hound Club
Potomac Basset Hound Club
Potomac Boxer Club
Potomac Cairn Terrier Club
Potomac Hound Club
Potomac Irish Setter Club
Potomac Skye Terrier Club
Potomac Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
Potomac Valley Belgian Sheepdog Club
Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Potomac Valley Borzoi Club
Potomac Valley Doberman Pinscher Club of Northern VA
Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club
Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club
Potomac Valley Samoyed Club
Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club, Inc.
Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club, Inc.
Potomac Valley Tibetan Spaniel Club
Prairieland Samoyed Club
Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club of Central Illinois
Prescott Arizona Kennel Club
Progressive Dog Club
Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County, Inc.
Providence County Kennel Club, Inc.
Puerto Rico Labrador Retriever Club
Pug Club of South Florida
Pug Dog Club Greater San Antonio, Inc.
Pug Dog Club of America, Inc.
Pug Dog Club of Greater New York, Inc.
Pug Dog Club of Maryland
Puget Sound Borzoi Club
Puget Sound Dalmatian Club
Puget Sound Doberman Pinscher Club
Puget Sound English Setter Club
Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association
Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association
Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association
Puget Sound Pomeranian Club, Inc.
Puget Sound Poodle Club, Inc.
Puget Sound Pug Dog Club
Puget Sound Shih Tzu Fanciers
Puget Sound Siberian Husky Club
Puget Sound Toy Fox Terrier Club
Puget Sound Vizsla Club
Puli Club of America, Inc.
Putnam Kennel Club, Inc.
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.
Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America

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