Whether it's running, jumping, scooting or tripping, there's an AKC activity just for you and your dog! Your dog has soooo much energy and let's face it, probably drives you crazy sometimes; getting involved in a dog activity is a great way to blow off a little steam! Plus the two of you can spend more time together. Hey, nothin' wrong with that! AKC S.T.A.R. PUPPY®  – An exciting new program designed to get dog owners and their rambunctious puppies (under 1 year) off to a good start. Find an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy training class in your area and enroll. All puppies that complete the requirements of the 6–week–long course are designated an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy and can receive a medal and a certificate. Your little fella is going to make you so proud. Let's just hope he's not like the dog from the movie Marley and Me. Learn More
AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN®  – The CGC is a 10–step test of your dog's basic manners (yes, your dog can have good manners) and obedience commands and is a wonderful way to get on the road to doing more fun and exciting dog sports. The CGC also is a prerequisite for many therapy dog certification programs, search and rescue dog services and acceptance in public places like dog parks and public buildings. Hey, and you might get a break on home insurance. Cha–Ching. Learn More
AGILITY – Adrenaline junkie? Then you're gonna love agility. It's an obstacle course where your pooch will barrel through tunnels, fly over jumps, scale catwalks (just don't call them that!) and wind their way through weave poles. It's fun for dogs and even more fun for owners and spectators. AKC RALLY®  – Easy and competitive—the perfect combo. If your dog can handle some basic obedience skills, then you're good to go. Dogs and handlers make their way through a rally course. Each station has a sign with a different obedience exercise. You can even be the dog whisperer—or shouter—because handlers can talk to their dogs, and give them props by clapping their hands and patting their leg. OBEDIENCE - We're all a little show–offy, aren't we? Dogs want to get in the act too. Dogs walk in sync with their owners in the heeling exercises. They also demonstrate such awesome skills as Stay, Coming when Called and Allowing a Stranger to Examine Them (hello!). Let the dogs strut their stuff, and they'll be totally welcome in your home and the neighborhood too! COURSING ABILITY TEST (CAT) - This is a great event for dogs that love to play chase. In the Coursing Ability Test dogs chase a lure through a field, much like a rabbit would run. The lure itself is a generally a white bag tied to a rope pulley system. Traditionally a sighthound event, all dogs are now able to compete in this fast paced test of speed and dexterity. Bring your All American out and see what they can do! BE A SPECTATOR - If you're not ready for show time yet, you can still enjoy these activities by attending an event and watching the action. You'll learn a lot plus you can cheer on the dog of your choice! It's easy to find an event in your area through the Event search engine found on this website.