Report Date: 04/10/2021

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
CH Lonelycreek's Turbo Charged "5"

Name:CH Lonelycreek's Turbo Charged "5"
AKC #:WS642236/02 07-20 Breed/Variety:Bullmastiff
Birth Date:03/01/2019 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Fawn Brindle Black Mask
Breeder(s):Clara Solley/Natalie Bryant

CH Lonelycreek's Turbo Charged "5"
WS642236/02 07-20
Fawn Brindle Black Mask
AKC DNA #V943996
GCH CH B' Mew Southern Son
WS478400/01 12-18
Red Black Mask
OFA24F OFEL24 AKC DNA #V901672
GCHG CH Dal Primo's B'Mew Just In Queso
WS296580/02 07-11
OFA29G OFEL29 AKC DNA #V588738
CH Trugrits Rudy G Of Anthracite
WR069731/02 11-03
Fawn Black Mask
OFA48F AKC DNA #V278179
CH Tru-Grit-Jaeger
WF707929 05-88
CH Anthracite's Mighty Aphrodite
WP926333/06 10-02
Fawn Black Mask
CH Kinanama Rhinestone Cowgirl
WS173911/01 06-08 (Canada)
AKC DNA #V505781
CH Anthracite's Mighty Machine
WR069731/03 01-06
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V409859
CH Kinanama's Legend In Time
WS080540/01 (Canada)
Red Black Mask
GCH CH Shining Star I'Ll Think About That Tomorrow
WS322678/03 11-14
Red Black Mask
CH Bluechips Keeper Of Darkwoods
WS100082/01 11-07
Fawn Black Mask
OFA31G OFEL31 AKC DNA #V393958
CH Dox Gnrlicenhower Ofoakridge
WP984216/09 08-02
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
OFA53G OFEL53 AKC DNA #V372047
CH Cana Dox Wild Jazzy Ginger
WR021592/01 12-04
Red Black Mask
CH Melkev's Fancy Don'T Let Me Down
WS178685/01 03-10
Red Black Mask
CH Leatherneck Red Storm Rising
WP972972/04 07-02
Red Black Mask
OFA24G AKC DNA #V289875
Melkev's Designer Label
WS080451/10 09-06
Red Black Mask
CH Lonely Creek's Good Golly Miss Molly
WS519455/02 07-19
Fawn Brindle Black Mask
Ridgetop'N Marconian Rambo
WS427859/04 01-15
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
OFA30F AKC DNA #V786843
GCHS CH Ridgetop's From Russia With Love
WS345305/03 11-11
Red Black Mask
CH Lemabull Pass The Game To Antallis
WS332913/01 10-10 (Latvia)
AKC DNA #V600543
CH Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita
WS269795/01 10-10 (Canada)
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V587971
Marconian Lucky's Charm
WS339678/03 04-13
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
Leatherneck Northern Exposure
WS234713/03 08-10
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V597995
Marconian Catch The Spirit
WS173924/07 08-09
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Here Comes The Sun
WS439601/01 07-15
Red Black Mask
CH Fall Brook's Boomer Sooner
WS265164/10 07-11
Red Black Mask
OFA46G AKC DNA #V682226
CH Blackjack Double Down On Bobeck
WS075249/03 08-05
Fawn Black Mask
OFA32G AKC DNA #V478438
CH Lawson's Tara's Miss Scarlet
WS065097/09 09-08
Red Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Destiny Of Justice
WS360379/02 08-13
Fawn Black Mask
CH Canayda's Street Justice
WS069327/02 12-04 (Canada)
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V354667
Lonelycreeks Mira Isabelle
WS180026/02 12-08
Fawn Black Mask

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