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Mrs. Abigail (Abby) S. Patrizio Click here for Group/Breed Detail Dates
Judge's Number: 97059 Judge Type: Conformation , Junior Showmanship
Address: 60 PRATT RD
CLINTON, CT 06413-2621
Home Telephone: (860) 669-2720
Fax Telephone: (860) 669-7374
CEL Telephone: (860) 227-1140
Initial Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs
Breed/Group/Class Status
Akitas Prov/Permit
Alaskan Malamutes Approved
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Prov/Permit
Bernese Mountain Dogs Approved
Black Russian Terriers Prov/Permit
Bullmastiffs Prov/Permit
Chinooks Approved
Doberman Pinschers Approved
Giant Schnauzers Prov/Permit
Great Danes Approved
Great Pyrenees Prov/Permit
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Approved
Kuvaszok Prov/Permit
Leonbergers Approved
Neapolitan Mastiffs Prov/Permit
Newfoundlands Approved
Portuguese Water Dogs Approved
Rottweilers Prov/Permit
St. Bernards Approved
Samoyeds Prov/Permit
Siberian Huskies Prov/Permit
Junior Showmanship - All Breeds Approved   -   Mar, 16 2015