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Results Found for Washington

* Debra Ferguson-Jones Click here for Group/Breed Detail Dates
Judge's Number: 95483 Judge Type: Conformation , Junior Showmanship
Address: PO BOX 146
RENTON, WA 98057-0146
Home Telephone: (425) 228-9750
Fax Telephone: (428) 228-7232
CEL Telephone: (206) 612-2381
Work Telephone: (425) 228-9750
Initial Breed: Poodles
Breed/Group/Class Status
American Hairless Terriers Prov/Permit
American Staffordshire Terriers Prov/Permit
Australian Terriers Prov/Permit
Bedlington Terriers Prov/Permit
Border Terriers Prov/Permit
Glen of Imaal Terriers Prov/Permit
Lakeland Terriers Prov/Permit
Manchester Terriers (Standard) Approved
Norfolk Terriers Prov/Permit
Parson Russell Terriers Prov/Permit
Rat Terriers Prov/Permit
Staffordshire Bull Terriers Prov/Permit
Welsh Terriers Prov/Permit
Manchester Terriers Approved
Toy Group Approved
Non-Sporting Group Prov/Permit
American Eskimo Dogs Approved
Bichons Frises Approved
Boston Terriers Approved
Bulldogs Approved
Chinese Shar-Pei Approved
Chow Chows Approved
Coton de Tulear Approved
Dalmatians Approved
Finnish Spitz Approved
French Bulldogs Approved
Keeshonden Prov/Permit
Lhasa Apsos Approved
Lowchen Approved
Norwegian Lundehunds Approved
Poodles Approved
Schipperkes Approved
Shiba Inu Prov/Permit
Tibetan Spaniels Approved
Tibetan Terriers Prov/Permit
Xoloitzcuintli Approved
Best In Show Approved
Conformation - Misc Breeds Approved
Junior Showmanship - All Breeds Approved   -   May, 15 2019