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Results Found for Missouri

Mr. James A Moses Click here for Group/Breed Detail Dates
Judge's Number: 93094 Judge Type: Conformation
Address: 2446 HIGHWAY Z
WENTZVILLE, MO 63385-5412
CEL Telephone: (770) 329-4768
Initial Breed: German Shepherd Dogs
Breed/Group/Class Status
Brittanys Approved
Retrievers (Labrador) Approved
Setters (Irish) Prov/Permit
Spaniels (Cocker) Approved
Afghan Hounds Approved
Irish Wolfhounds Prov/Permit
Working Group Approved
Terrier Group Prov/Permit
Airedale Terriers Approved
American Hairless Terriers Prov/Permit
American Staffordshire Terriers Approved
Australian Terriers Prov/Permit
Bedlington Terriers Approved
Border Terriers Approved
Bull Terriers Prov/Permit
Cairn Terriers Prov/Permit
Cesky Terriers Prov/Permit
Dandie Dinmont Terriers Prov/Permit
Fox Terriers (Smooth) Approved
Fox Terriers (Wire) Approved
Glen of Imaal Terriers Prov/Permit
Irish Terriers Prov/Permit
Kerry Blue Terriers Prov/Permit
Lakeland Terriers Approved
Manchester Terriers (Standard) Approved
Miniature Bull Terriers Prov/Permit
Miniature Schnauzers Approved
Norfolk Terriers Approved
Norwich Terriers Approved
Parson Russell Terriers Approved
Rat Terriers Approved
Russell Terriers Prov/Permit
Scottish Terriers Approved
Sealyham Terriers Approved
Skye Terriers Prov/Permit
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Prov/Permit
Staffordshire Bull Terriers Approved
Welsh Terriers Approved
West Highland White Terriers Approved
Manchester Terriers Approved
Toy Group Approved
Non-Sporting Group Approved
Herding Group Approved
Best In Show Approved
Conformation - Misc Breeds Approved