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Mid-Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club of Central Maryland
Event No: 2019605302
York Interstate Fairgrounds
Rt 74 Carlisle Ave.
York, PA
Italian Greyhound
Start Date: Sunday - March 17, 2019    
End Date: Sunday - March 17, 2019    
Closing Date: Wednesday - February 27, 2019
Time Zone: No Time Zone Available

Event Chair
Marsha  Pugh
PO BOX 787
HUGHESVILLE, MD 20637-0787

For additional information contact:
Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., Superintendent
PO BOX 6898
READING, PA 19610-0898
(610) 376-1880

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Associated Events

Event Name Event Type Event Date Closing Date
Delaware County Kennel Club, Inc. AB/JSHW Mar 17, 2019 Feb 27, 2019

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