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Norwegian Elkhound Minutemen Association
Event No: 2019193303
Cape Cod Fairgrounds
1220 Nathan S. Ellis Hwy
Falmouth, MA
Web Site:
Norwegian Elkhound
Start Date: Saturday - September 14, 2019    
End Date: Saturday - September 14, 2019    
Closing Date: Wednesday - August 28, 2019
Time Zone: No Time Zone Available

Event Chair
Ann Marie  Greeley
HINGHAM, MA 02043-4827

For additional information contact:
MB-F Inc., Superintendent
PO BOX 22107
GREENSBORO, NC 27420-2107
(336) 379-9352

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Associated Events

Event Name Event Type Event Date Closing Date
South Shore Kennel Club, Inc. AB/O/JSHW Sep 14, 2019 Aug 28, 2019

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