Event Information

Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
Friday, June 15, 2007
Held at Middlesex County 4-H Fairgrounds- , Middlesex County 4-H Fairgrounds , South Chelmsford Street
Westford, MA
Web Site:http://www.lrcgb.org
Entries Close: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Event Status: Approved
Judging Panel Status: Approved
For additional information contact:
Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., Superintendent
PO BOX 6898
READING, PA 19610-0898
(610) 376-1880

Competition Types Offered

Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
Friday, June 15, 2007 -
Held at Middlesex County 4-H Fairgrounds-
Westford, MA

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(168 Ent - 68d - 100b)
Breed Winners
Best of Breed or Variety CH Erinhill's Guinness Stout (D),  C Curtis/G Mccarthy
Best of Opposite Sex CH Allegheny's Gem Of Caer Bren JH (B),  C Senfield
Best of Winners Wilcare's Singing In The Rain (D),  S Willumsen/W Burchard
Winners Dog Wilcare's Singing In The Rain  S Willumsen/W Burchard
Reserve Winner Dog Swentina's Prestige Essens  R Vali
Winners Bitch Chablais Delorme Ziggy  J Blais/M Charest
Reserve Winner Bitch Nightwind Positive Vibration  M Elder
Intersex Mrs. L Vaughn
Dogs Mrs. L Vaughn (55d 5 pts)
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Chablais Favel  J Blais/M Charest
2 Home Brew's Deep Run Pale Ale  L Jasenak
3 Rockycreek Bittersweet Drambuie  S Brownell/K Mines
4 Shar-Jam Phineas  M Taylor
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard Of Oz  J Quigley-Smith/L Weiss
2 Lobuff Hollyridge Grey Goose  S Burton/E Burton
3 Karimwood We Can Dream  A Robertson
4 Twin Cedars Missippi Backwoods  D Arnold/S Willumsen
12 - 18 Mos. Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Gaetacreek's Don Diego  G Mingoia-Gaeta/F Gaeta
2 Nightwind We're Jammin'  M Elder
3 Hyspire Western Wishes For Cedarwood RN  N Brandow
Novice Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Chucklebrook Theodore At Snowbrook  J Edsall/A Edsall
Bred By Exhibitor Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Wilcare's Singing In The Rain  S Willumsen/W Burchard BW, W
2 Gaetacreek's Grand Slam  S Davis/G Gaeta
3 Chablais Brookhill Joss  M Stirrett
4 Sasco Gibraltar CD RN  K Maloney
American Bred Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Maritime Play It Off The Wall  J Jussaume
2 Meadowmere's Coastal Cutter  M Mitchell
3 Gaetacreek Power Stroke Diesel  N Kakkar
4 Willcare's Walk On Water  S Willumsen
Open BLK Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Swentina's Prestige Essens  R Vali RW
2 Rosemoor Erinhill's Gallagher  C Curtis
3 Camelot's Jelly Bean Bandit  B Hawkins/C Adams
4 Snowden Hill's Charlie  L O'CONNELL
Excused Mrs. L Vaughn
Majestx Clyde At Allegheny  C Senfield
Open CHOC Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Hedgelawn's Doc Holiday  T Flaherty/T Flaherty
2 Cedarbay's Make My Day  M Rousseau
3 Majestxwilcare Call Me Mr Tibbs  L Engel/D Gainer/S Willumsen
4 Wood Duck's Captain Morgan  J Charest
Open YEL Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Majestx Satisfaction  L Engel/S Willumsen
2 Allegheny's Goldenrod  V Ridabock
3 Pinehaven Wassookeag Filson  S Robichaud/D Robichaud
4 Startop's Blind Justice  J Harmon
Bitches Mr. M Lanctot (83b 4 pts)
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mr. M Lanctot
1 Majestx Erinhill's Alotti Biscotti  C Curtis
2 Chablais Violette  J Blais/M Charest
3 Krystals Kiss At Hudson River  A Savino
4 Ridgeview Farm Kravenmore V.Brookstone  S Ketcham/J Ketcham/L Thomas
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mr. M Lanctot
1 Saltmeadow I Ate The Canary  W Parish
2 Saltmeadow Flight Of The Phoenix  M Rousseau
3 Nycoma Way Sweet Serenity  H Johnson
4 Lobuff's There's No Place Like Home  L Holstein/L Weiss/J Quigley-Smith
12 - 18 Mos. Mr. M Lanctot
1 Hillsdale Spring Fever  K Collins
2 Gaetacreek's Rantin'-N-Ravin'  G Gaeta/F Gaeta/C Westerveld
3 Hollyridge Lobuff Tupence  L Weiss/J Quigley-Smith/F Somoza
4 Smokey Msp Muddymarsh Noreasta  M Jeanmaire/T Jeanmaire
Novice Mr. M Lanctot
1 Tonmar's Follow The Blue Trail  A Emilio
2 Graycroft's Tera At Beech Hill  M Wood/A Clark
3 Twin Cedars' Deliriously Willcare  S Willumsen
4 Wilcare Freida At Cedarwood  N Brandow/S Willumsen
Bred By Exhibitor Mr. M Lanctot
1 Erinhill's Special Occasion  C Curtis
2 Nycoma Way Tanzy Simply Bella  M Baccarie/J Baccarie/H Johnson-Lamarche
3 Allegheny's Kyanite  C Senfield
4 Wilmark's Little Bit Of Luck  T Wilson
American Bred Mr. M Lanctot
1 Nightwind Positive Vibration  M Elder RW
2 Tonmar's Glamour Girl  A Emilio
3 Mirabelle's Wood Duck's Dilemma  J Charest/D Loud
4 Muirwoods Monkey Business  L Muirhead/M Czerwinski
Open BLK Mr. M Lanctot
1 Provinces Rave Revue  E Robillard/R Robillard
2 Ocean Spray Becki  S Maclean/P Maclean
3 Chablais Kamikaze Swentina  T Turcotte
4 Chablais Serena  J Blais/M Charest
Open CHOC Mr. M Lanctot
1 Chablais Delorme Ziggy  J Blais/M Charest W
2 Beachbrooks Day Dream Believer  R Cataldo/M McGroarty/E Magnani
3 Violet Of Killingworth  D Ginsberg/L Taylor
Open YEL Mr. M Lanctot
1 Shar-Jam's Tapestry  S Celentano/J Celentano
2 Snowden Hill Mango Crazy RN JH  R Anderson/J Leitao/G Owren
3 Irongate's Storm  J Kent
4 Camelots Beehaven Ain'T Easy  C Harvey/I Jackson
Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs Mrs. L Vaughn
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11 Mrs. L Vaughn
1 CH Tormentil Labradale Primetime  L Chaput Brennan/R Brennan
2 CH Saltmeadow Knight School  D Keller
Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches Mr. M Lanctot
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9 Mr. M Lanctot
1 CH Lobuff's Turtle Dove  J Quigley-Smith/L Weiss
2 Riverdance Maybelline  B Volle
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11 Mr. M Lanctot
1 CH Allegheny's Gem Of Caer Bren JH  C Senfield OS
2 Broadway-Necessities-Mslogan CD RN JH  M Walls
3 CH Seal Cove's Mudluscious  R Solomon
Non-Reg Veteran VET11 Mr. M Lanctot
1 Kazorp's Another Color  W Mcnaughton
2 Gypsy Bog's Matanuska Bay CD JH  K Kase/A Shope
Non-Reg, Hunting, Dogs Mrs. L Vaughn
Non-Reg, Hunting Mrs. L Vaughn
1 Gypsy Bog's Brazos Deluge CD SH  K Kase/K Pruitt
Non-Reg, Hunting, Bitches Mr. M Lanctot
Non-Reg, Hunting Mr. M Lanctot
1 Graycroft's Shared Horizon JH  K Cheney/A Clark
2 Luna's Rising Star JH  D Robichaud/S Robichaud
Best of Breed/Variety Competition Mrs. L Vaughn
CH Erinhill's Guinness Stout (D),  C Curtis/G Mccarthy BOB

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