German Shepherd Dog Club of America

9500 Rainbow Acres
Dittmer, MO 63023
Web Site:
Territory:  For Territory Information contact Club Relations

Breed Competition Type
Affiliation Level
German Shepherd Dog Agility Member
All AKC-Recognized Breeds Coursing Ability Test Member
All AKC-Recognized Breeds Fast CAT Member
All AKC-Recognized Breeds Farm Dog Certification Member
HRD Event Breed Herding Member
German Shepherd Dog Obedience Member
German Shepherd Dog Parent Specialty Member
German Shepherd Dog AKC Rally® Member
German Shepherd Dog Scent Work Member
German Shepherd Dog Tracking Dog Urban Member
German Shepherd Dog Tracking Member
German Shepherd Dog Tracking Excellent Member
German Shepherd Dog Variable Surface Tracking Member

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Contact Information

Gail Stiefferman

Meeting Information
Meeting Locations: Purina Events Center, Founders Room, 300 Checkerboard Dr., Gray Summit, Missouri 63039
Meeting Dates: Annual Membership Meeting, October 8, 2020


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