Eukanuba World Challenge Winner

Judged By: Sr. Luis Miguel v. Pinto Teixeria (Portugal)

Eukanuba World Challenge Qualifiers

For the sixth year, the exciting Eukanuba World Challenge competition will feature dogs representing more than 40 countries from the far reaches of the globe competing for world-wide bragging rights!

The Eukanuba World Challenge offers top dogs from around the world the unique opportunity to participate in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Florida. All eligible dogs may compete to win the $50,000 for Best in Show.

Dogs also compete for the title of Eukanuba World Challenge Champion, with a $10,000 prize; additional prizes are $3,000 for the Runner-Up and $2,000 for the First Runner-Up.

If one of your breeds is listed as a competitor and you are also attending, we welcome the opportunity to have one of our local breeders play "host" to one of their fellow enthusiasts. You could help one of these International Guests by being "A Eukanuba Breed Smart Partner". They might need assistance in finding a grooming space, the need for a grooming table, since many won't be able to travel with one, or just a chance to show the rest of the world how great the American Breeder/Exhibitors really are. Please contact me at: and I will make the connection for the breed you're interested in hosting.

The participating countries have been divided into four sections, and three dogs from each section will advance to the final. The sections will be judged by a panel of distinguished international judges.

Section I
Judged by:  Mr. Christian Stefanescu (Romania)
Australia Dalmatian
Austria Afghan Hound
Canada Pekingese
Czech Republic Tosa Inu
Finland Lhasa Apso
Italy Italian Greyhound
Japan Siberian Husky
Malta (European Qualifier) Wire Fox Terrier
Russia Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Switzerland Tibetan Spaniel
Thailand Bulldog
Section II
Judged by:  Mr. Guy Spagnolo (Australia)
Denmark Standard Poodle
Hungary Old English Sheepdog
Malaysia Siberian Husky
Mexico Basset Hound
Philippines Beagle
Poland Irish Setter
South Korea Akita
Spain Pomeranian
United Kingdom (Eukanuba Ch. Stakes) Bichon Frise
United Kingdom (Crufts Winner) Lhasa Apso
Section III
Judged by:  Mrs. Keke Kahn (USA)
Argentina Doberman Pinscher
Brazil Doberman Pinscher
France Coton de Tulear
Germany Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Netherlands Akita
New Zealand Miniature Poodle
Puerto Rico French Bulldog
South Africa Maltese
Sweden Wire Fox Terrier
Thailand (FCI Asia Winner) Yorkshire Terrier
United Kingdom (FCI Europe Winner) Lhasa Apso
Section IV
Judged by:  Mr. Ramon Valenzuela Podesta (Chile)
Belgium Pug
Bulgaria (European Qualifier) Bullmastiff
Ireland Bichon Frise
Mexico (FCI Americas Winner) Afghan Hound
Norway Kerry Blue Terrier
Portugal Bracco Italiano
Sweden (2012 WDS Winner) Saluki
Taiwan Toy Poodle
USA Standard Poodle
Eukanuba Breeder Stakes Winner To be determined at event.