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1st Place   Golden Retriever   CH Rush Hill's River Road Payoff
2nd Place   Irish Setter   CH Kulana Gabriella
3rd Place   Irish Water Spaniel   CH Finnibone's Cool The Engines
4th Place   English Springer Spaniel   CH Wynmoor Champagne Supernova

1st Place   Basset Hound   CH Splash's The Professor
2nd Place   Beagle (over 13 in.)   CH Torquay Midnight Confession
3rd Place   Afghan Hound   CH Polo's The Aviator
4th Place   Greyhound   CH Grandcru Clos Erasmus

1st Place   Boxer   CH R And G's Mystical Dancer
2nd Place   Akita   Blackngold Witchy Woman
3rd Place   St. Bernard   CH Tinkberbells Solid Gold
4th Place   Black Russian Terrier   That's No Volga

1st Place   American Staffordshire Terrier   CH Castle Rock's Sbigstaff Mad About You
2nd Place   Irish Terrier   CH Fleet St. Fenway Fan
3rd Place   Border Terrier   CH Meadowlake Simply Sinful
4th Place   Sealyham Terrier   CH Rosemont's High Society

1st Place   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   CH Full Of Malarkey Miles Of Aisles
2nd Place   Silky Terrier   Tawny Mist Myan Mystic
3rd Place   Affenpinscher   CH Ferlin's It's All About Me
4th Place   Miniature Pinscher   CH Marlex Mister Chips

1st Place   Standard Poodle   CH Unique Jewel Of The Crown
2nd Place   Tibetan Terrier   CH Ri Lee Ashlyn Diamond Heirloom
3rd Place   Finnish Spitz   CH Suomi's It Takes Two To Tango
4th Place   Bichon Frise   CH Bodacious In Enemy Territory

1st Place   German Shepherd Dog   CH Kaleef's Katarina V Kenlyn
2nd Place   Bouvier des Flandres   CH Quiche's Demetrius
3rd Place   Old English Sheepdog   CH Love'N Stuff Mak'N A Difference
4th Place   Puli   CH Lajosmegyi Singin' In The Rain