Herding Group - 1st Place Bred by Exhibitor
GCH CH Jesstar Nirvana

Best of Breed
GCH CH Grandgables The Frat Boy

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Solange Significant

Select Dog
GCH CH Jesstar Nirvana

Select Bitch
GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Jesstar Nirvana

Best of Winners
Shetola's Diamond In The Ruff

Winners Dog
Dante's Rocket Man

Winners Bitch
Shetola's Diamond In The Ruff

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Thunderhill's Apple Bottom Jeans

2nd Award of Excellence
CH Raisin Danny's Boy

3rd Award of Excellence
CH Shelhaven Sweet Seduction

4th Award of Excellence
CH Sirron's Sheer Glamour

JUDGE: Mr. Paul F Willhauck

  Shetland Sheepdogs, Bred By Exhibitor, Dogs
1/WIN 21
Dante's Rocket Man . DN22994901 . 07072008. BREEDER: Elizabeth T Brinkley/Gloria Hansen/Judy Cooper By CH Apple Acres Expedition -Winmar Belaire Bi Grace OWNER: Elizabeth T. Brinkley
2/RWIN 27
Shadow Hill Medal Of Honor . DN31549503 . 04182011. BREEDER: Jane Hammett-Bright/Debbi McLees By CH Macdega Notorious -CH Shadow Hill Dancing With Butterflies OWNER: Erin Loria & Jane Hammett Bright
  Shetland Sheepdogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
JAM2 5 CH Raisin Danny's Boy . DN11264304 . 04172005. BREEDER: Linda Guihen/Sharon Crawford By CH Raisin's Jameson OA OAJ -CH Sunburst Designed For Raisin OWNER: Elizabeth Mullaney and Linda Guihen   (Linda Guihen, Agent)
CH Besame's Wild Thing RN . DN19927802 . 04082007. BREEDER: Terri L Cheak/Jennifer L Bowden By GCH CH Raisin's Jr High Crush -Tralee's Goodnight Gracie OWNER: Jennifer Lamb
GCH CH Lil Blessings On Wing N Prayer . DN16893103 . 01172007. BREEDER: Linda Chilson By CH Ozark Crest Undeniable -Brandina Carmyle Katahdin OWNER: Linda S Chilson
GCH CH Grandgables Lets Show Off . DN10488401 . 06062004. BREEDER: Guy Jeavons/Mark S Houston-McMillan By CH Grandgables It's Show Time -Grandgables Foxy Lady OWNER: Rose Marie Doran & Ni Yadong
  15 GCH CH Ranlyn's Clad In Tradition . DL82867701 . 03162000. BREEDER: Denise Brown By CH Daval Mind Games -Ranlyn Romance OWNER: Denise Brown
ABSN 17 GCH CH Leigh-Hi's Manhattan . DN11218701 . 04112005. BREEDER: Kristi Walker By CH Grandgables It's Show Time -Leigh-Hi's Made In New York OWNER: Patricia L. O'Dell ESQ & James S. O'Dell
BOB 19 GCH CH Grandgables The Frat Boy . DN22562502 . 04012008. BREEDER: Guy Jeavons/Mark S Houston-McMillan By CH Grandgables Boy Oh Boy -CH Grandgables Homecomin' Queen OWNER: Pamela & Andre Buckles & James Moses
GCH CH Laureate Cold Play . DN14746201 . 07092005. BREEDER: Kim Aston/Peter Culumovic By CH Macdega Notorious -Laureate Nuance OWNER: Sherrie & Cam Sparling & Becky Johnson
  25 CH Royale Crest Sunaire Silver Surfer . DN31640901 . 03082011. BREEDER: Hector Hector/Meredith Hector/Jacqueline Corwin/Kathy Ryan By CH Sunaire Living The Dream -Royale Crest On The Catwalk OWNER: J Corwin K Ryan H Hector & M Hector
GCH CH Shadow Hill's Blueprint . DN19261001 . 09072007. BREEDER: Jane Hammett Bright/Ashley Hammett By CH Shadow Hill's Double Eagle NA OAJ -CH Shadowood Ebony-N-Ivory OWNER: Jane Hammett Bright & Ashley Hammett
GCH CH Kensil's Irish Cream . DN15685701 . 10012006. BREEDER: Sylvia Calderwood/David Calderwood By CH Kensil's The Pipes Are Calling -CH Kensil's Champagne On Ice OWNER: Bella Thompson
SEL/BOBBBE/BGRP1 33 GCH CH Jesstar Nirvana . DN27741701 . 01152010. BREEDER: Jessica Starbuck By GCH CH Rosmoor Protocol -Jesstar Astoria OWNER: Rita Von Pusch & Jessica Starbuck
CH Lorain's Luck Of The Draw . DN19298801 . 04132007. BREEDER: Carol B Essrick By CH Cajun Bay Ross Roi Flintlock -Lorain's Phantom Maneuvers OWNER: Carol B Essrick
  Shetland Sheepdogs, Bred By Exhibitor, Bitches
1 18
Caprock Tara Hill Lemon Drop . DN32958801 . 02012012. BREEDER: Jennifer Harper/Bonnie Smith By CH Corteo At Paray Of Don Quixote -Dan Dee Tara Hill Peaches And Cream OWNER: Jennifer Harper & David Harper
Lorain's The Drama Queen . DN12023102 . 07302005. BREEDER: Carol Essrick By CH Ross Roi Foxbrook's Magnum CD RN HT -Lorain's Key Biscayne OWNER: Carol B Essrick
  Shetland Sheepdogs, Open, Sable and White, Bitches
Seascape Fashioniesta . DN27984201 . 04082010. BREEDER: Diane P Steele By GCH CH Edgemere Commander In Chief -Cajun Bay Uptown Fashion CD RA OWNER: Kathi Goebel & Diane P Steele   (Diane Steele, Agent)
Acadia Peace Of Mind . DN14423901 . 04272006. BREEDER: Catherine Pruss By CH Daval Nevermind -CH Acadia Its My Treat OWNER: Catherine Pruss
1/WIN/BW 34 Shetola's Diamond In The Ruff . DN18397004 . 05242007. BREEDER: Becky Gibson By CH Barwoods Wildfire -CH Barwoods Grenada OWNER: Becky Gibson
  Shetland Sheepdogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
JAM3 6
CH Shelhaven Sweet Seduction . DN18524802 . 01032007. BREEDER: Karen Henley/Robert Henley By CH Shelhaven Alaris -CH Shelhaven Temptation OWNER: Todd & Allison Foley & Karen & Robert Henley   (Allison Foley, Agent)
GCH CH Karosel Kartwheels . DN24452502 . 03282009. BREEDER: Jennifer McFarlin/Cheryl B Kessler/Robin McTaggart By CH Tara Hill Follow Your Heart -Bearcreek Pralines And Cream OWNER: Dina Planche & Kathleen Schmutz & Denise Hines   (Lois DeMers, Agent)
JAM1 12 GCH CH Thunderhill's Apple Bottom Jeans . DN20389501 . 12282007. BREEDER: Michelle Miller/Marty Miller By CH Windhover Stroke Of Midnight -CH Thunderhill's Tempting Fate OWNER: Michelle Miller & Marty Miller & Anne Power
OS 14 GCH CH Solange Significant . DN21980202 . 05292008. BREEDER: Linda Nicholas By CH Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice II -GCH CH Solange Body Language OWNER: Linda Nicholas
GCH CH Trilliant Luminescence . DN28571201 . 07142010. BREEDER: Pam Danca/Stephanie Trautman-Riley By CH Cameo Dreamchaser -Trilliant Diamonds Are Forever RN OWNER: Stephanie Trautman-Riley
JAM4 20 CH Sirron's Sheer Glamour . DN18644104 . 06092007. BREEDER: Anne Norris/Samantha Norris By CH Cindahope Trade Mark -Sirron's Crimson And Clover OWNER: Anne & Samantha Norris
GCH CH Acadia Presence Of Mind . DN23965801 . 12302008. BREEDER: Catherine Pruss By Acadia King Charles -Acadia Peace Of Mind OWNER: Catherine Pruss
SEL 28 GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser . DN03050303 . 02182003. BREEDER: Jane Hammett-Bright/Don E Bright By Shadow Hill's Polaris -CH Shadow Hill Satin Pillow OWNER: Jane Hammett & Samantha Heiser & Ashley Hammett