2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Mrs. Sharon A Dok

  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, 12 - 18 Mos., Dogs
1 23
Joie De Vie's "The Peoples Champion" . HP42406601 . 10202011. BREEDER: Rosanne S Lubin/Michael E Lubin By CH Joie De Vie's Vous Et Nul Autre -Joie De Vie's Pucker-Up OWNER: Rosanne and Michael Lubin   (Carol Herr, Agent)
  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Open, Dogs
4 15
Charlen Noel's Coffay . HP30678001 . 06202008. BREEDER: Charles Ingher By Donat Graf Vom Schwerin -CH Charlen's Eve Dallas OWNER: Jacqueline Noel & Helen Ingher
3 17
Jodell's Good Time Charlie D Mcde . HP41604703 . 10212011. BREEDER: Delberta Gogulski By CH Jodells Ricochet -CH Jodell Cynderela OWNER: Delberta Gogulski & Sally McNamara
1/WIN/BW 25 ICECREAM V TUM-TUMS VRIENDJES . NHSB287067 . 020712. BREEDER: Gwen Huikeshovn By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Bensri Sittibavornsakul
2/RWIN 31 Lord Mc Rudge . HP43278401 . 07102010. BREEDER: Rogerio Baeta By Deja Vu Mc Rudge -Emengarda Mc Rudge OWNER: Rogerio Baeta
  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
SEL 5 GCH CH Always Blue Caboose . HP36993304 . 03132010. BREEDER: Tiffany Cannon/Bill Cannon By CH Afterglow Ebeneezer -CH Jus Wish Upon A Star OWNER: Jo Anne & Robert Hacker   (Susie Olivera, Agent)
JAM3 7 GCH CH Jus The Lone Star . HP32422601 . 10152008. BREEDER: Julie Shannon By CH Dehra Amazona Vidal -CH Jus Too Hot To Handle Aka Flame OWNER: Julie Shannon & Debra Tyler
JAM2 9
GCH CH Celestial Cj's All's Well That Ends Well . HP33839503 . 11182008. BREEDER: Jeanne Hurty/Charles Hurty/Pamela Helmer/Joseph Helmer By Willowbrae As You Like It -CH Celestial Cj's Jolly Fairchild OWNER: J & C Hurly & L & M Florian & P Helmer   (Greg O Strong, Agent)
ABSN 11 CH Foothill's Myths And Legends . HP40467701 . 05172011. BREEDER: Patricia Stevens/Julie M Hosoda By CH A Breed Apart's The Boy Who Lived "Harry" -Julieta-Lulu Elve Bohemica OWNER: Patricia Stevens
BOB 19 GCH CH Monkhams Famous Grouse . HP12038801 . 02272004. BREEDER: Jenna Skerritt/Linda Skerritt By Willowbrae As You Like It -Jamars Saffi Of Monkhams OWNER: J Neuschaefer/D Bruce/J Lacey-Black/L & J Skerritt
GCH CH Celestial Cj's Ringmaster At Talus . HP39092104 . 11172010. BREEDER: Cindy L Wilt/Philip R Wilt/Jeanne Hurty By GCH CH Jus The Lone Star -GCH CH Celestial Cj's Seneca OWNER: Cindy & Philip Wilt
GCH CH Mirepoix's Son Of A Duck . HP38782902 . 08112010. BREEDER: Jan M Zigich/Ross Litman By GCH CH Soletrader Donald Duck -CH Mirepoix's Precocious Paddy OWNER: Frances Daum & R Stillwaggon & J Zigich & R Litman   (Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent)
JAM1 29 CH Centerstage Marquee . HP13005801 . 09172004. BREEDER: Patti Nizborski By CH Sidekick's Hunka Burnin' Love -CH Centerstage Honey Bunny OWNER: Patty Nizborski
  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Puppy 9 - 12 Mos., Bitches
Suton Crepu Visage Collage De L'Amour . HP42815306 . 02142012. BREEDER: Susannah Cooper/Sandra Bustin/Diana Sadler By CH Crepu Visage Jolly Mon Sing -CH Gemshorn You Were Made For Me OWNER: Minta Williquette & Susannah Cooper
  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Open, Bitches
1/WIN 16 Centerstage Rising Star . HP41395501 . 08212011. BREEDER: Mrs. Diana Louise Immordino/Ms. Patti M Nizborski - Whitlock By Centerstage Curtain Call -CH Centerstage Gypsy Girl OWNER: Diana Immordino
  Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
OS 6
GCH CH Soletrader Maggie May . HP29669601 . 06292007. BREEDER: G Robertson/P Sparks By Soletrader Dunc 'N' Disordely -Afterglow Penelope Pitstop OWNER: Donna & Don Moore   (Janice Hayes, Agent)
SEL 10
GCH CH Jaren's Ready Set Don'T Go At R-N-B . HP33166808 . 01222009. BREEDER: Karen Prott-Clugston By CH Chien Blanc I'm A Travelin'man -CH Jaren's Our Girl Friday OWNER: Rodney Jones & Bryan Helvey & Karen Prott-Clugston   (Jody Paquette, Agent)
GCH CH Celestial's Extreme Makeover . HP39564603 . 09092010. BREEDER: Pamela Helmer/Jeanne Hurty By GCH CH Celestial Cj's Hearts On Fire -CH Charlen's Ricochet OWNER: Pamela Helmer & Patti Ritter