2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Hiroshi Kamisato

  Chow Chows, 12 - 18 Mos., Dogs
1/WIN/BW 29
Woodland's Maximum Velocity . NP30561004 . 09292011. BREEDER: Myrna Wacker/Donald Wacker By CH Rio's Little Red Corvette RN -GCH CH Woodland's Winner Takes All OWNER: Irene Bryan
  Chow Chows, Bred By Exhibitor, Dogs
2 27
Thunderbolt's Ace's High . NP21859801 . 10232008. BREEDER: Rhonda L Prince/Douglas Dibble By CH Shanghai's Memorandum -Poling's Charming Bit Of Honey OWNER: Rhonda Prince & Douglas Dibble
1 33 Kelin's Fian Legend . NP32971401 . 06082012. BREEDER: Owners By GCH CH Kelin's There Can Be Only One -Man Kou Gabriella De Acadia OWNER: Jose Odalys & Kelly Hayes
  Chow Chows, Open, Rough Coat, AOAC, Dogs
1/RWIN 31
DAXIONG OF AN NA KENNEL . NG05885512 . 082609. BREEDER: Yang Ling By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Yang Ling
  Chow Chows, Open, Smooth Coat, Dogs
1 17
COMMITMENT'S STYLE IN PLAY . 1117200 . 112511. BREEDER: Anna-Lena Karlson By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Monica Oosterman
  Chow Chows, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
BOBBBE/BOB 5 GCH CH Dreamland's Wanna Be A Billionaire . NP27488701 . 10102010. BREEDER: Linda Brantley/Michael Brantley By GCH CH Dreamland's American Revolution -CH Dreamland Net Asset OWNER: Robert &Linda L Banghart Linda & Michael Brantley
ABSN 7 GCH CH Sitze-Gou's Glazz Paragon . NP12687801 . 02042006. BREEDER: Bill Buell By CH Chinarose A Ladies Man -Sitze-Gou's Glazz Debutante OWNER: Bill Buell
GCH CH Padow's Twilight Embrey In A New Moon At Asans . NP24675601 . 10102009. BREEDER: Kurt Williams By CH Paradise I'M No Angel -Padows Govenor Of Alaska OWNER: Anita Sanders & Kurt Williams
JAM1 11 CH United's Rock'N Your World Von Aj . NP29804901 . 04112011. BREEDER: Jo Santi Siswoyo/Ekarat Sangkunakup By United's Rock It Man -United's I Love Money OWNER: Mr Ekarat Sangkunakup   (Nancy Ingalls, Agent)
GCH CH E-Lin Traveling Man . NP16990307 . 06112007. BREEDER: Linda Albert By CH Pazzazz Emperor Of E-Lin -E-Lin All About Amanda OWNER: Victor Fernandez & Linda Albert
JAM2 19 GCH CH Jenuine Absolut Gold . NP20473903 . 05122008. BREEDER: Mary C Maza/Rachael C Maza By CH Xlnt's Absolut Original -CH Mara's Little Miss Savannah OWNER: Susan Clarke
SEL 21 CH Milin's Emerson Tappin' On The Bay . NP28924005 . 03022011. BREEDER: Michael Fontana/Linda Fontana By GCH CH Fu San Zhati Kluppets Of Milin -Spindrift Dolce Of Milin OWNER: Pam & Robert Fehr
JAM3 23
CH Fu San Doc Holiday . NP23827401 . 08202009. BREEDER: Daniel Shook/Mary Ellen Shook By Desert Dawn Stetsons Lone Star -CH Fu San Jenuine Mesmerizin Maia OWNER: Dan & Mary Ellen Shook & Pam Schmied
  35 GCH CH Kelin's Highland Mystic . NP28250903 . 08182010. BREEDER: Odalys Hayes/Holley McKay/Carin Prelesnik By CH Kelin's The Legend Continues -Chowmania Box Office Fairytail OWNER: Odalys Hayes & Jose Hayes
  Chow Chows, 12 - 18 Mos., Bitches
1/RWIN 16
Cervan's Little Lulu . NP29471201 . 07202011. BREEDER: William C Cervan/Barbara C Cervan By CH Cervan's Smoothwytoyour Heart -CH Cervan's Jailhouse Rock OWNER: Rhonda Prince & Douglas Dibble
  Chow Chows, Bred By Exhibitor, Bitches
Spindrift Ms Follow My Lead . NP30986902 . 06142011. BREEDER: Pamela I Schmied By Desert Dawn Oughta Be N' Outlaw -CH Fu San Oriental Treasure OWNER: Pamela I Schmied
1/WIN 18
Legrand's Belle Epoque At Carnevale . NP31401602 . 04102012. BREEDER: G Lynette White/William B Davis By GCH CH Legrand's New Year's Celebration -GCH CH Rio's Isis At Legrand OWNER: Breonte S Guy & G Lynette White
  Chow Chows, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
OS 6 GCH CH Dreamland's Haute Couture . NP29002805 . 03212011. BREEDER: Linda Brantley/Michael Brantley By CH Dreamland's Live The Dream -CH Dreamland Net Asset OWNER: Kathy Sylvia Doug Stewart Linda/Michael Brantley   (Michael Brantley PHA, Agent)
GCH CH Sitze-Gou's Xochitl . NP22389101 . 03112009. BREEDER: Bill Buell By GCH CH Sitze-Gou's Glazz Paragon -Royal's Fergulicious OWNER: Steve Lawson
SEL 10
GCH CH Angelotti 's Monkey Business . NP24313601 . 01172009. BREEDER: Irene C Bryan By CH Winsong's The Kinsman -CH Nan-Tan & Xishan's Angelica OWNER: Irene C Bryan
GCH CH United's Never Say Never . NP29207801 . 09302010. BREEDER: Ekarat Sangkinakup By United's Man Of The Match -United's Moments Of Glory OWNER: Lowell A Starr