2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Mrs. Wendy G Willhauck

  Brittanys, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
BOB 5 GCH CH Dual Lanes Cam JH . SR51514006 . 08112008. BREEDER: Louise M Brown/Herbert Harrison/Donna Harrison By CH Dualan Marsport Supercharger -CH Zaxchilcote Dixieland Bigoak OWNER: Christopher & Leslie Robinson & Katherine Sullivan   (David M Harper, Agent)
JAM5 7 GCH CH Copley Paper Dragon . SR46710510 . 12052007. BREEDER: Haley Glick/Robin Tomasi By CH Dualan Marsport Supercharger -CH Blayre's One Moment In Time OWNER: Ellen Ewart   (Kellie L Miller, Agent)
GCH CH Credit Where Credit Is Due . SR57774901 . 06192009. BREEDER: Jessie Schulz/Shirley Chilcote/Beverly K Scaggs By CH Millette's Downtown Brown JH -CH Zax Chilcote's Divine Credit OWNER: Jessie Schulz & Shirley Chilcote
JAM3 11 GCH CH Chilcote's Talk About Me . SR15206010 . 03032004. BREEDER: Deborah F Benz By CH Chilcote's Credit To Ceasar JH -Chilcote's Rhea Sunshine OWNER: Shirley Chilcote & Mary Jessica Schulz
SEL 15
GCH CH Mich's Mt Ready Aim Fire . SR43946809 . 07102007. BREEDER: Michelle Chaney/Arlene McCabe By CH Castle's Tangerine Dream JH -CH Mich's Mt Dori Ready Set Go OWNER: Tom & Lori & Kristina Rickard & John Davies
CH Mirages Rising Star JH . SR67993901 . 06062011. BREEDER: Sandra Moruzzi/William Moruzzi By GCH CH RJ's Sierra Edition MH -CH Rj's Symply Divine RN JH OA OAJ OWNER: Deb & Rocco Russo
GCH CH Mirage's This Kid Rocks JH . SR56761309 . 06082009. BREEDER: Sandra Moruzzi/William Moruzzi By CH Triumphant Logan Razin Kane RN JH -CH Rj's Symply Divine RN JH OA OAJ OWNER: Sandra & William Moruzzi
  21 GCH CH Credit Zax Genetic Takeover . SR39177506 . 12192006. BREEDER: Jessie Schulz By Chilcotes Zax Designer Genes -CH Chilcote Abigail Takes Over OWNER: Beverly Scaggs & Jessie Schulz & Shirley Chilcote
GCH CH Brookewood's Just Too Hot CDX MX MXB MXJ MJB XF . SR50576105 . 06032008. BREEDER: Ms. Cynthia A Miller/Jeffrey Currier/Russell Walborn/Gina Currier By GCH DC NAGDC AFC Triumphant's To Hot To Handle JH -CH Brookewood's Just An Illusion OWNER: E Susan Drazek & Cynthia A Miller
GCH CH Farout Fields Let Me At'Em JH . SR58168303 . 08282009. BREEDER: Jacqueline C Arnold By DC AFC Blueridge Major Adventure -GCH CH Farout Fields Tequila Sunrise JH OWNER: Jackie Arnold
GCH CH Trio's Mr. Rocktober . SR45624901 . 08302007. BREEDER: Karen Livingston/Clint Livingston By CH Magic Sirly You Jest JH -CH Trio's Daytime Drama BN OWNER: Carolee Douglas & Clint & Karen Livingston   (Clint Livingston, Agent)
JAM2 29
GCH CH Gourley's Dfl 99 Carat Diamond . SR36969504 . 09032006. BREEDER: Aurelia Dundee-Farinas/Christine Gourley By CH Millette's Fire When Ready -CH Gourley's Maximum Bet JH OWNER: George Stern & Christine Gourley   (Lauren House, Agent)
CH Elysium's Mythical Phoenix JH . SR61195708 . 02052010. BREEDER: Nancy Clendenen By CH Dualan Marsport Supercharger -CH Faison's Mexican Moonshine OWNER: Landon Jordan & Justin Wagner   (Brian Livingston, Agent)
  Brittanys, Amateur Owner Handler, Bitches
1/WIN 26
Farout Fields Fall Madley For Zeek JH . SR56835904 . 06212009. BREEDER: Jacqueline C Arnold/Rodger Rowles By CH Farout Fields One In A Zillion JH -CH Moonbabe Follow The Farout Fields JH OWNER: Thomas Lavelle & Brianna Harker & Jackie Arnold
  Brittanys, Open, Bitches
1/RWIN 24
Moonbabe Nike . SR67350802 . 04212011. BREEDER: Dimi Morse By Moonbabe Surprise Windfall JH -Moonbabe Holiday Vacation JH OWNER: Jackie Arnold
Ammo's Arms Deal . SR44927801 . 09092007. BREEDER: Sandra Leavens/Gary Leavens By CH Millette's Let The Games Begin -DC Ammo's Gone With The Wind JH OWNER: Joyce Roberts & Vic Williams   (Lara H Spears, Agent)
Greyrock-Hope's Rev It Up . SR61423401 . 03142010. BREEDER: Ken Grohbrugge/Judy Grohbrugge By GCH CH Tonan-Hope's R U Kiddin' Me -CH Greyrock's It Is What It Is OWNER: Elizabeth A Shellechamer
  Brittanys, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Chilcote'sPenny ForYourThoughts . SR39177503 . 12192006. BREEDER: Jessie Schulz By Chilcotes Zax Designer Genes -CH Chilcote Abigail Takes Over OWNER: Elizabeth Seelbach & Mary Jessica Schulz
JAM4 8
GCH CH Millette's Sweet Memories NAP NJP . SR56126907 . 03012009. BREEDER: Michelle Millette/Cathy Dugan/Beverly Millette By CH Castle's How Sweet It Is -CH Millette's Marilyn Merlot OWNER: Wendy Archinal   (Jennifer Kreiger, Agent)
GCH CH Dogwood Hollow A Little Bit Of Heaven . SR62073803 . 03172010. BREEDER: Geri O Clements/Gary Clements/Cheryl Mika By CH Jordean Believe It Or Not -CH Dogwood Hollow Little Surfer Girl OWNER: Timothy & Kathryn Durno & Geri Clements & C Mika
GCH CH Triumphant Absolute Liberty Of Kinship AX AXJ OF . SR51822902 . 07042008. BREEDER: Linda R McCartney-Roy/Linda Sawyer By GCH DC Triumphant's Absolut' On Ice -CH Encore's Absolutely Triumphant OWNER: Kimberly Hatton
CH Farout Fields Pure Gold Nugget JH CA . SR52442104 . 10182008. BREEDER: Jacqueline C Arnold/Rodger Rowles By Farout Fields Zeus's Prophecy JH -Farout Fields Wiggy Bridget OWNER: Leo & Sherry Foster & Jackie Arnold
GCH CH Farout Fields Fleur De Lis . SR58168307 . 08282009. BREEDER: Jacqueline C Arnold By DC AFC Blueridge Major Adventure -GCH CH Farout Fields Tequila Sunrise JH OWNER: Linda Pruitt & William Pruitt & Billie Eliz Green   (Mary-Lynn Jensen, Agent)
OS 18 GCH CH Shamrock Rivals Bolt Out Of The Blue . SR49354803 . 04282008. BREEDER: Beth Rosener/Valerie Dombrowski/Brittany E Rosener By CH Mustangs Leading Man At Treasure JH -CH Klearly Rivals Red Sky At Nite JH OWNER: BrigGen Mike &Julie Lee & Brittany & Olivi Rosener   (Phillip E Booth, Agent)
SEL 20 GCH CH Big Oaks Delta Sunkist By Credit . SR62572104 . 05072010. BREEDER: Louise M Brown/Shirley Chilcote/Jessie Schulz By CH Zax Bigoaks Spirit Of Chilcote JH -CH Chilcote Delta Queen Of Big Oaks JH OWNER: Louise M Brown
  22 GCH CH Kountrytyme Mtn. Of Fire-N-Ice . SR36685801 . 06192006. BREEDER: Carol Loutzenhiser/Harold Wehrli/Candra Loutzenhiser By CH Castle One In A Millennium JH -Smc Tootsie Pop OWNER: Rose Leale