Herding Group - 4th Place Bred by Exhibitor
GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser

Best of Breed
GCH CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Cameo I Have A Dream

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Grandgables The Frat Boy

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Leeason Rock My Soul

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Stargazer Super Nova

5th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Mistybrook Milagros Gq

JUDGE: Mr. Donald M Booxbaum

  Shetland Sheepdogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Adalia's Stellar Debut . DN04310102 . 04172003. BREEDER: Jill E Hamilton By CH Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up -CH Adalia Little Town Flirt OWNER: Tanner Clark
JAM3 7
GCH CH Leeason Rock My Soul . DN16013701 . 09192006. BREEDER: Emily E Anderson/Dee Kraft By CH Krystalyn's Crowd Pleaser -Leeason's Soft Rock Cafe OWNER: Emily E Anderson & Dee Kraft   (Linda Guihen, Agent)
GCH CH Degrach Hall Of Famer . DN23433901 . 11222008. BREEDER: Patricia Wagner/Isabel Wilson By CH Shield Crest Colorado -Degrach Dory The Adorable OWNER: Patricia Wagner & Isabel Wilson   (Sheila J Monks, Agent)
BOB 11 GCH CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer . DN03957701 . 07012003. BREEDER: Lenore E Patrick/Kathleen Dziegel By CH Halstor Cindahope Trueheart -CH Eden Lakesides's Advantage OWNER: Karen Hannah & K Dziegal & L Patrick & M Bulens   (Paul Hannah, Agent)
  15 GCH CH Karmuns Peacekeeper . DN14725901 . 05142006. BREEDER: Karen Munster By CH Karmuns Justice Is Served -Karmuns One Wish OWNER: Frances Kresich & Karen Munster   (Karen Munster, Agent)
CH Coldwater Slam Dunk . DN18407001 . 05112007. BREEDER: Kay Cook By CH Earles Aberdale Tophat N Tales MX MXJ -Vinita Evening Edition OWNER: Kay Cook
  19 GCH CH Lanstarr Squire Talfryn O'Boyle . DN23345402 . 12082008. BREEDER: Eileen H Lanser By GCH CH Dan Dee One From The Heart -Lanstarr Issie Bella OWNER: Mark Boyle & Eileen Lanser   (Zana Friend, Agent)
  21 GCH CH Triumph Lanstarr Rock-N-Roll Rebel . DN18794901 . 06222007. BREEDER: Eileen Lanser/Nadine J Iroff By CH Carmylie After The Storm -CH Triumph Lanstarr Angel Among Us OWNER: Nadine Iroff & Eileen Lanser
CH Jandale Mind If I Stay NA NAJ . DN24490001 . 03262009. BREEDER: Janet Barber/Dale Barber By CH Jandale Back To The City MX MXJ -Daval Sophisticated Mind OWNER: Janet and Dale Barber
GCH CH Bearcreek Ivanlee Cornerstone . DN14990401 . 06252006. BREEDER: Cheryl B Kessler By CH Sumersong Secret Weapon -Bearcreek Joie De Vie OWNER: Pamela Korcek & Michael Korcek   (Pamela Korcek, Agent)
GCH CH Rosmoor Protocol . DN16216102 . 07212006. BREEDER: Jennie Hynes/Rose Tomlin By CH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm -CH Rosmoor Rapture II OWNER: Alexis Parisek & Jenny Hynes & Rose Tomlin
  29 CH Ivanlee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq . DN14971104 . 04302006. BREEDER: Michael Korcek/Pamela Korcek By CH Charbar's Masquerade NAJ -Ivanlee Let There Be Light OWNER: Corina Olsen & Pamela Korcek & Michael Korcek
GCH CH Ireland's Aviator . DN21261105 . 04132008. BREEDER: Cay Ireland/Bruce Ireland/Dianne S Hawes By CH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm -CH Wistwin Ireland's Blue Willow OWNER: Cay & Bruce Ireland
JAM4 33 GCH CH Stargazer Super Nova . DN23760602 . 01042009. BREEDER: Melissa E Strong/Karen L Coombs By CH Macdega Notorious -Arenray's Akeelah OWNER: Melissa E Strong & Candi McHaney
GCH CH Arenray's Rialto . DN10081802 . 02042005. BREEDER: Karin L Parker/Karen L Coombs/Pamela R Hammon By CH Hill View's Patriot Games -Arenray's Riverun Windancer OWNER: Deanne T Snedeker   (Pamela Korcek, Agent)
  37 GCH CH Sunburst One Cool Dude . DN19059901 . 08092007. BREEDER: Sharon Crawford By CH Sunburst Oasis Hey Dude -CH Sunburst Mercy Me OWNER: A Dunford & L Reed & Karen & Kevin Alderman
JAM2 39 GCH CH Grandgables The Frat Boy . DN22562502 . 04012008. BREEDER: Guy Jeavons/Mark S Houston-McMillan By CH Grandgables Boy Oh Boy -CH Grandgables Homecomin' Queen OWNER: Pamela & Andre Buckles & James Moses   (Sarah Karger, Agent)
  41 GCH CH Deja Blue Double Your Fun . DN20013202 . 12062007. BREEDER: Judith P Qurik/Christine Kanaval/Sheila J Monks By CH Apple Acres Expedition -CH Shield Crest Double Take OWNER: Dawn Phillips & Bill Phillips   (Pat Albro, Agent)
JAM1 43 GCH CH Cameo I Have A Dream . DN22710604 . 08152008. BREEDER: Stephanie Riley/Marilyn Marlow By CH Aynsworth Silver Moonlight -CH Cameo Wildest Dreams OWNER: Robert & William & Marla Scott & Marilyn Marlow
GCH CH Jesstar Nirvana . DN27741701 . 01152010. BREEDER: Jessica Starbuck By GCH CH Rosmoor Protocol -Jesstar Astoria OWNER: Rita Von Pusch & Jessica Starbuck
JAM5 47 GCH CH Mistybrook Milagros Gq . DN18010702 . 02092007. BREEDER: Renee Guillierie/Jan Williams By CH Braeleen Let Freedom Ring -Mistybrooks Cover Girl OWNER: Rita Von Pusch & Renee Guillierie & Jan Williams
ABSN 49 GCH CH Starlites Cast In Red . DL75113401 . 06201998. BREEDER: Christy Calkins/Linda S Kunicki By Mainevent Cheap And Chic -CH Starlites Going In Style OWNER: Linda Kunicki & Christy Calkins
  Shetland Sheepdogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Wynstone's Belle Amie . DL91586701 . 06232002. BREEDER: Karen Hase By CH Silversong's Modern Art -CH Oakdale Apple Acres Kokomo OWNER: Elizabeth T. Brinkley & Gloria Baughman
BOBBBE/OS/BGRP4 8 GCH CH Shadow Hill's Star Chaser . DN03050303 . 02182003. BREEDER: Jane Hammett-Bright/Don E Bright By Shadow Hill's Polaris -CH Shadow Hill Satin Pillow OWNER: JHammett Bright & Samantha Heiser & Ashley Hammett
CH Shadow Hill Wabeek Flyin Free . DL90663502 . 02032002. BREEDER: Jane Hammelt/Don Bright By Shadow Hill's The Lion King -CH Shadow Hill Fly Like An Eagle OWNER: Mary E Couzens & Jane Hammett   (Jane Hammett, Agent)
ABSN 12 CH Summerlove Charades . DN26045905 . 09292009. BREEDER: April Dunford/Diane Miles/Lorrie Reed By GCH CH Sunburst One Cool Dude -Summerloves Mardi Gras Of Milestone OWNER: April Dunforrd & Lorrie Reed
  14 GCH CH Milestones Cool Summer Wind . DN26056802 . 09192009. BREEDER: Diane Miles/April Dunford By GCH CH Sunburst One Cool Dude -Milestones Summer Vacation OWNER: Diane Miles & April Dunford   (Judy Stachowski, Agent)
GCH CH Karosel Kartwheels . DN24452502 . 03282009. BREEDER: Jennifer McFarlin/Cheryl Kessler/Robin McTaggart By CH Tara Hill Follow Your Heart -Bearcreek Pralines And Cream OWNER: Dina Planche & Kathleen Schmutz & Denise Hines   (Lois DeMers, Agent)
GCH CH Cadance Live And Learn HT . DN09670201 . 12302004. BREEDER: Sharon S Freeman By CH Sunnybrook's Cutting Edge -Linden 'Tis Tyme OWNER: Cathy E Smith