Best of Breed
CH Zlatapraha Brubeck

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Devineheart's Babicka At Altrincham CM

1st Award of Excellence
Rasputin Vom Lichtblick

2nd Award of Excellence
Dotendav Black Jack

JUDGE: Paolo Dondina

  Cesky Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
BOB 5 CH Zlatapraha Brubeck . RN21109301 . 08062003. BREEDER: Wendy Craig By Alchemy Milenka's Bohemian -Zlata Kvitko OWNER: Marc Joliat & Wendy Craig
Sambarbs Cedric Diggory . RN20587602 . 09072008. BREEDER: Barbara Hopler By Sambarbs Harry Potter -Tinky-Winky Vom Lichtblick OWNER: Barbara Hopler
JAM2 9 Dotendav Black Jack . RN17132301 . 01102008. BREEDER: Mr. D Parry/Mrs. D Parry By Pendevour Surprise -Grancek Eroica OWNER: Tammy Colbert and Kathy Colby
  11 Windrush Gunther Lrd Of Manr . RN06841502 . 11012004. BREEDER: Charlene Ewen/Gary Ewen By Lasino Vom Lichtblkic -Windrush Laskas Show Diva OWNER: Sydney & Neil J Cassel
JAM1 15 Rasputin Vom Lichtblick . RN12411201 . 11092003. BREEDER: Ulrike Pignon By Dainty's Quicy Spider -Isadora Von Klanovice OWNER: Charlene Ewen & Ulrike Pignon
  Cesky Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
OS 6 GCH CH Devineheart's Babicka At Altrincham CM . RN18487302 . 03292009. BREEDER: Nancy Devine/Jim Devine By Dandor Blue Arjuna -Foothills Expectation Hope OWNER: Loren Marino
  8 CH Tryska Von Klanovice . RN21532101 . 05242010. BREEDER: Carola Pospich/Michael Pospich By Fantastic-Filou Von Edith's Blumeninsel -Novinka Von Klanovice OWNER: Loren Marino
Blue Bayou Of The Porkwood Heath RA OA MXJ NF . RN10215401 . 05252001. BREEDER: G J W Merxx-Reijers By Cantabile Puccini -Nevinna Gineoch's Kvitko OWNER: Mary Wright