Toy Group - 3rd Place Bred by Exhibitor
GCH CH Bayard Let Me Play Among The Stars

Best of Variety
GCH CH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Belleza Tribal Chant

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Bayard Let Me Play Among The Stars

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Roseland Eli

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Bayard Let Me Play Among The Stars

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Taradona Flash Harry

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Krispin On The Fly

5th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Show Me's Stop And Stare Harmony

JUDGE: David A Ojalvo

  Chihuahuas (Long Coat), Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Victory Mask Of Zorro . TR92337801 . 12052009. BREEDER: Savanna Hartwig/Kathryn V Hulstein By CH Dorhers N Lamars Just Like That-L -CH Rococo Twinkle Toes OWNER: Kathryn V & Savanna Hulstein
GCH CH Ouachitah Touch The Gold . TR31671801 . 10022004. BREEDER: Linda George By CH Dartan Still On Fire -CH Bliss Ouachitah Caresse OWNER: Linda George
GCH CH Ittybitty Flashing Sprit . TR76937801 . 03092008. BREEDER: Donna Lou Ahner/Sandra L Moyer By Ittybitty Happy Hamster -Ittybity Sparkling Jewel OWNER: Donna Lou Ahner
GCH CH Pj's Lil Fernando . TR89356901 . 04122009. BREEDER: Phylis J Bechert/Jessy Bechert By GCH CH Pj's Lil Mighty Mite -Parrish's Bodacious B.B. OWNER: Phylis J & Jessy Bechert
JAM1 15
GCH CH Roseland Eli . TR73590302 . 02142008. BREEDER: Harold F Pawley/Patsy M Pawley By CH Wissfire Willum -Wissfire Ruby At Roseland OWNER: Tina Bregman   (Ernesto Lara, Agent)
CH Shar's Music Man . TR95458101 . 11152009. BREEDER: Sharon Massad By CH Stonehill Thunder Rolls -Shar's Cam Leading Lady OWNER: Sharon Massad
JAM2/BOBBBE/BGRP3 19 GCH CH Bayard Let Me Play Among The Stars . TR79870401 . 09142008. BREEDER: Kenneth M Saenz/Erika Lanasa By GCH CH Krispin On The Fly -CH Believe Who's Your Daddy OWNER: Ken Saenz & Bill Miller
CH Antigua Goodfellow . TR60813001 . 01112007. BREEDER: Brooke Priddy/Melissa Priddy By CH Samajoto's Simply Andy -La Vida's Juanita OWNER: Melissa & Brooke Priddy
  23 CH Cavahua's Liberty Bell's Patriot . TR88132801 . 07102009. BREEDER: Rita Bush By CH Bk's Shar's Curious George -Cavahua's Liberty Bell D Mattie OWNER: Rita Bush
CH Jems The Dapper Don . TR64849002 . 05232007. BREEDER: Jessica Simon By CH Temple's Citizen Kane -Bella's Glory Forever OWNER: Jessica R Simon
CH Harmoney-N-Marshoaks Friends In Low Places . TR98739302 . 04222010. BREEDER: Candy Wright/Barbara Harper By CH Dazzles Marshoak-N-Sylentwood Stealin Home -Marshoak-N-Harmoneys Let Her Rip OWNER: Candy Wright & Barbara Harper
GCH CH Dazzles Nifty N Nice . TR93971803 . 10162009. BREEDER: Donna J Jensen By CH Dazzles Texas Slugger -CH Dazzles All That Jazz OWNER: Donna Jensen & Colin Brown
JAM3 31
GCH CH Taradona Flash Harry . TS02167201 . 11242007. BREEDER: Pam Tranter By Sanmarco Dubbel Baili -Taradona Songbird OWNER: Darwin Delaney/Tamra Jackson/Beverly Gall/Steven G
GCH CH Tuxedo's Hari-Oh's Platinum And Diamonds . TR79190901 . 06102008. BREEDER: Meryl Parreira/Carol Dana By GCH CH Bell's Hari-Oh Of Talisman -CH Conlin's Champagne And Diamonds OWNER: Carol J Dana & Meryl Parreira
GCH CH Envi & Casasal Let It Ride . TR93991901 . 12072009. BREEDER: Vicky Bisard-Whipple/Sherie Salas By CH Charming Chi Tell Me Something Good -CH Dartan's Song Of Praise Of Envi OWNER: Sherie Salas and Vicky Bisard
GCH CH Lucky Star Tres Beau Promise Of A Lifetime . TR86202901 . 03132009. BREEDER: Tera Arnold By Ws Legend O'Burgundy Lc -Heaven's Mysterious Ways OWNER: Valerie J Brown
GCH CH Guardian Thistle's Brig O'Doon . TR78533302 . 07262008. BREEDER: Alison Fackelman/Ken Stowell By CH Cuervo Of Guardian Thistle -Jancan's Soledad Of Guardian Thistle OWNER: Ken Stowell & Alison Fackelman
JAM5 43 GCH CH Show Me's Stop And Stare Harmony . TR86823702 . 03082009. BREEDER: Mary E. Hahn By GCH CH Panache Lady's Man -Mar-Rich's Celebrity-L Of Rojo OWNER: Rita Harshbarger
MATRIART L G HOMUS . 0900710BZ . 030509. BREEDER: Owner By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Ana Paola Diniz
BOBV 47 GCH CH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce . TR60619801 . 10102006. BREEDER: Barbara Fischer By CH Yankee Pride Sir Royce Royal -Saxon Mystic Sand Silver Bluff OWNER: Barbara Fischer & Sandy Weigand   (Carol Rice PHA, Agent)
JAM4 49
GCH CH Krispin On The Fly . TR61651501 . 01232007. BREEDER: Dail P Corl By CH Nauset I Believe I Can Fly -B-Z-B's Tanya OWNER: Jen & Rick Krieger & Jessica Thibault   (Richard L Krieger PHA, Agent)
  Chihuahuas (Long Coat), Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
  6 CH Cloudnine's Gypsy Love L . TR45493101 . 11192005. BREEDER: Sharon Hatcher By CH Bliss Hoosier Bubba Love -CH Dulcitos Wandering Gyspy OWNER: Sharon Hatcher
GCH CH Fandango Follow Me Boys . TR91108601 . 07302009. BREEDER: Karen L Hamling By Fandango Piece-Of-The-Rock -Show Me's Over The Top OWNER: Karen Hamling   (Perry Payson, Agent)
  10 GCH CH Blanch-O N' D'Baras Venefica . TR97021901 . 02102010. BREEDER: Debbie Mullusky Caponetto/John Caponetto/Barbara D Conley By CH Blanchos Capo Da Tutti Capi -Blanch-O's Firestarter OWNER: Barbara Conley & John & Debbie Caponetto
ABSN 12 CH Antigua Taran Tula . TR79576502 . 06302008. BREEDER: Melissa Priddy/Brooke Priddy/Kayla Priddy By CH Antigua Feeling Like Tonto -Antigua Mercy Me OWNER: Melissa Priddy & Brooke Priddy & Kayla Priddy
CH Swire's Sparkling Black Gold . TR83570201 . 09172008. BREEDER: Rita J Swire By CH Fandos-Z Cream Of Wheatland -CH El Toro Ginger Snap Krackle Pop OWNER: Rita J Swire
BOS 16 GCH CH Belleza Tribal Chant . TR85499901 . 10282008. BREEDER: Richard D Bellon/Rio Lara Bellon By CH Belleza Pow-Wow Romeo -CH Belleza Mi Evangelica OWNER: Jessica R Simon
GCH CH Temple N Webb's Casablanca . TR59323202 . 08092006. BREEDER: Amber M Webb/Roger D Webb Jr. By CH Temple's Citizen Kane -Temple's The April Fools OWNER: Erin Peters & Karen K Temple
CH Dorhers Don Carlos Sparkle Plenty . TR68576802 . 09222007. BREEDER: Dorothy Herren/Rosanna Don Carlos By CH Hurd's Prom Knight -CH Lamars Jada Jing Of Dorhers OWNER: Rosanna Don Carlos & Dorothy Herren
GCH CH Dei's Healing Angel Surielle . TR80336601 . 09022008. BREEDER: Josie Martinez Ornum By Envi's Micco Of Dei -Hi-C Angeni Of Dei OWNER: Josie Martinez Ornum
CH Silver Bluff Mini Cooper Convertible . TR76368302 . 05072008. BREEDER: Barbara Fischer By GCH CH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce -CH Silver Bluff Pumpkinpatch OWNER: Barbara Fischer
GCH CH Flo-Davi Star Spangled Glory . TR77799102 . 07022008. BREEDER: Florence L Davis/David M Davis By CH Cr's El Chipotle -CH Flo-Davi Water Colors OWNER: Florence L & David M Davis & Kirsten Potts   (Lois DeMers, Agent)