2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Mr. Kent H Delaney

  Boston Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Sabe's Maxwell Smart . NP23110102 . 05302009. BREEDER: Sharon Saberton By CH Tuff Stuffs Gentleman George -Sabe's Tricks Or Treat OWNER: Nancy J. Paget & Thomas A. Paget
GCH CH Gilja's Lonestar Great Balls O'Fire . NP27039801 . 06132010. BREEDER: Jane F Cole/Gilbert W Cole By CH Renea's Beetle Bailey -CH Cibolo-Lonestar Express News OWNER: Jane F & Gilbert W Cole
  9 GCH CH Distinguised O'Leary Of Zipper . NP21103102 . 10152008. BREEDER: Connie Erbele/Lee Erbele By Hartman's Zipper -A Distinguished Lucky Spirit OWNER: Connie Erbele Brianne Henderson Sally Hartman
GCH CH Linde N Jc's The Legend Rolls On . NP17466001 . 08222007. BREEDER: Linda Guidry/Carolyn Aly By Jc's Mini Cooper Pedal To The Medal -CH Jc's Keeping Up Appearances OWNER: Carolyn Aly & Linda Guidry
CH Deja-Vu I'M The Prince . NP24666302 . 10212009. BREEDER: Doreen Brunning/Camie Brunning By CH Klassic Irish Prince -CH Sunwood Striking Diamond Luster OWNER: Doreen & Camie Brunning
CH Heartbeats I Could Just Eat Him Up . NP26588401 . 07212010. BREEDER: Victoria Wilt By GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On -CH Hearts Beats Anchor's Caramel Kiss OWNER: Victoria Wilt & Ken Roux
GCH CH Fiveforks' Geometry Matters At Kayas . NP25956902 . 04072010. BREEDER: Judith Queitzsch/Ronda C Whitson By GCH CH Allews Bit-A-Swet Proud To Party -CH Fiveforks' Opal's Quite A Trick OWNER: Adrienne Hullender & Ruth Rauherz
  21 GCH CH Kennedy's Poetic Justice For Brickhouse . NP23467704 . 04192009. BREEDER: Vicki Kennedy/Sarah R Kennedy By CH Nipmuc's Mystic Shakespeare In Love -Garnet Rock Rain On Me For Kennedy OWNER: Kelly Feickert & Sarah Kennedy & Margaret Noble   (Dave A Slattum, Agent)
  23 GCH CH Kanis Come Fly With Me . NP24898005 . 10052009. BREEDER: Kathleen Brewer By CH Staleys American Flyer -CH Kanis Heart To Heart OWNER: Robin Gates & Kathleen Brewer
GCH CH Tpp's Lil Norteno Smokin' Brodie'S . NP23737001 . 04252009. BREEDER: Kimber Lettier By CH Buddington's Rock And Roll -CH Tpp's Bella Donno Di Dio OWNER: Marshan Fish & Kevin Norton
GCH CH Flatroads Marty Mac Likes To Party . NP25283403 . 11232009. BREEDER: Kimber Lettier By Buddington's Sean Matthew -CH Tpp's Bella Donno Di Dio OWNER: Debra Ewart   (Tina Starr, Agent)
CH Pic-A-Dillie's Bo-K Bodacious . NP21368902 . 05252008. BREEDER: Marion J Berger/Barry Berger By CH Bo-K's Only You -CH Pic A Dillie Cosmic Sweetheart OWNER: Marion J & Barry Berger
  31 GCH CH Mauldin's Carolina Moon-Shine . NP26637902 . 07202010. BREEDER: Elaine Mauldin/Darrell Mauldin By GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On -GCH CH Shine's Tequila Sunrise OWNER: Elaine & Darrell Mauldin
GCH CH Loredo's Golden Ticket . NP17690101 . 05292007. BREEDER: Loretta K Dolan By CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray -CH Loredo's Sweet Sun Angel OWNER: Loretta K Dolan & Wendy Gardino   (Anibal Faria, Agent)
GCH CH Kc' S Midnight Rambler . NP18793501 . 01102008. BREEDER: Karen Bogenholm By CH Kc's Son Of A Gun For Jeane -CH Kc's Centerfold OWNER: Amanda Rochefort   (Andy Linton, Agent)
GCH CH Krak-Mont's Duke Of Waxhaw . NP13545204 . 06192006. BREEDER: Elizabeth Montgomery By CH Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Cowboy -Krak-Mont's Stars N Stripes OWNER: Deborah Rivest
GCH CH Kennedy's Runaway Train At Ivylane . NP27748701 . 09192010. BREEDER: Vicki Kennedy/Sarah R Kennedy By CH Nipmuc's Mystic Shakespeare In Love -Garnet Rock Rain On Me For Kennedy OWNER: Tina Starr & Sarah Kennedy
  41 GCH CH Renea's Best Buddy . NP20535601 . 07302008. BREEDER: Byron W Elder By CH P&R's Best Buddy Of Taylwagon -CH Renea's Rhiannon OWNER: Byron W Elder
GCH CH Sunchaser Paint Your Wagon . NP15976601 . 02082007. BREEDER: Valeria C Dragonswan By CH Wagon Ho's Mr Beans -Sunchaser I Do Eclaire OWNER: Sherry Colliatie
  45 CH Katbird's Time To Shine . NP25252401 . 01102010. BREEDER: Kathryn T Graves By CH Katbird's Outa This World -CH Katbird's She's The One OWNER: Kathryn T Graves
JAM1 47 GCH CH Ken's Welcome Back Horshack . NP26961801 . 03212010. BREEDER: Ken Roux By CH Bo-Ty's Just Bustin' Loose -Ken's Fruit Loops OWNER: Jennifer & Chad Duffy   (Jackie Breazeale, Agent)
GCH CH M&S-Gchickadeebigelowvmargrave . NP10810801 . 08222005. BREEDER: Mary M MacCollum/Beverly Bulson/Karen A Billings By CH Featherstone Menotomy Sargnt -Chickadee La Isla Bonita OWNER: Virginia McEvoy O'Connell & Karen Billings
GCH CH Katbird's Brilliant Constellation . NP11168504 . 09262005. BREEDER: Kathryn T Graves By CH Katbird's Outa This World -CH Katbird's Dance Til Dawn OWNER: Kathryn T Graves
GCH CH Margrave Menotomy Johnnie Walker Taska . NP22975205 . 05042009. BREEDER: Nan Taska/Mary M MacCollum By GCH CH Margrave Courvoisier Vsop Exclusif -GCH CH Chickadee Gracie V Margrave OWNER: Mary M Maccollum & Virginia O'Connell & Nantask
GCH CH Gumbo-Kean's Cosmic Stargazer . NP17990201 . 10032007. BREEDER: Cecelia M Crouchet/Jami R Mangum/A Robert Mangum By CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray -Kean's Autumn Splendor OWNER: Jennifer Mosing & Jami & A Robert Mangum   (Brian Livingston, Agent)
GCH CH Windermeres Mystify . NP21235301 . 05232008. BREEDER: Joseph Covill By CH Ivy Rose Mick -Windermeres Jewl OWNER: Joe Covill
CH Naughty Nortenos N' It To Win It Blackjack . NP25020405 . 12112009. BREEDER: Mrs. Marshan Derby Fish/Mr. Kevin Bobby Norton By CH Sunwoods Lamburgini -Naughty Nortenos Dolce Donno Di Dio OWNER: Marshan Fish & Kevin Norton
CH Kayas A Dance With Tom Jones RA NJP . NP24739001 . 10192009. BREEDER: Elizabeth Johnson/Adrienne Hullender By CH Hobets Formal Edition Of Kayas -Kayas's Dance Across The Rio Grande BN RE AX AXJ OF OWNER: Elizabeth Johnson & Adrienne Hullender
GCH CH Oui R Strikin It Rich At Circle J . NP27964604 . 09012010. BREEDER: S Maxine Uzoff By CH Oui's Royal Majesty Prince Charming -Oui's Essence Of Gold OWNER: Cindy Jones & Robert Jones   (Barbara Beissel, Agent)
  67 GCH CH Kennedy's Wild Traveling Man . NP24628802 . 06202009. BREEDER: Sarah R Kennedy/Renee Buzzell/Lynne Anderson/Vicki Kennedy By CH Kennedy N Wild Gps Enabled For Nipmuc -Nipmuc Kennedy's Just A Wild Legend OWNER: Marie Stahmer & Lauren Fisher & Sarah Kennedy
GCH CH Ken's Rude Awakening . NP25922401 . 12122009. BREEDER: Ken Roux By GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On -CH Jed's Star Of Forward Look OWNER: Ken Roux
JAM3 71 CH Ridgeview's So Hot I'M Mr Fahrenheit . NP27883001 . 09292010. BREEDER: Melanie Kiger/Peggy Coffman By GCH CH Annalee Told Ya So -CH Kigers Somebody To Love At Ridgeview OWNER: Peggy L Coffman
GCH CH Davane Remember Me . NP12466102 . 11112005. BREEDER: Joyce M Davis/Thomas J Davis By CH Davane-Dunhoff Top Billing -Davane-Dunhoff Bite Me OWNER: Susan J Fithian & Joyce M Davis & Thomas J Davis
  75 GCH CH Kasinos Domino Effect . NP12156502 . 12122005. BREEDER: Shirley F Sanders By CH Elbo's Taking A Chance On Me -CH El-Bo's Mix-N-Match OWNER: Randall S Pasbrig & Shirley Sanders   (Randall S Pasbrig, Agent)
BOB 77 GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On . NP21539301 . 10282008. BREEDER: Christine Graham/Barbara Rooney By CH Kens Fruit Of The Loom -CH Grahams Sister Sara Mae OWNER: Ken Roux   (Bill McFadden, Agent)
GCH CH Dexter Howard . NP20187701 . 05262008. BREEDER: Lynda N Thomas/Michael B Thomas By Little Rascal Jedidiah -Mike's Little Lucy OWNER: Jerri Howard
GCH CH Double D's Rise Up -N- Shine . NP21687501 . 08092008. BREEDER: James T Disosway/Elaine c Disosway By CH Krak-Mont's Precious Metal -Shibarb'sbelle Ofbroadway OWNER: James T & Elaine C Disosway
GCH CH Classic's To Be Or Not To Be . NP14144504 . 09012006. BREEDER: Carole Ann Mohr-Rio By CH Bar-N's Prince Philip -Bar-N's Onie Classic Girl OWNER: Ellen Kennedy & Maryann Gallagher & Carole Ann Rio   (Christian P Berg, Agent)
GCH CH Davane Trader Mountain Man . NP21638204 . 10092008. BREEDER: Linda Trader/Joyce M Davis By CH Davane Peja Who's Your Daddy -Davane-Trader's Bodacious OWNER: Arthur Peterson & L Trader & J Davis
  Boston Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
  6 GCH CH Mackendrick Hott ' Trot At Lnstr . NP25574110 . 01152010. BREEDER: Susan Milton-Lloyd By CH Oui Will We Will Rock U At Lonestar -Not Droppin The Ball Sagensand OWNER: Marcia McCracken
  8 GCH CH Sunwood Cosmic Wind To Victory . NP13194001 . 05242006. BREEDER: Jill Ritchey By CH Sunwood Regal Heir -Sunwoods Elegant By Design OWNER: Doreen Brunning & Dustin Brunning
GCH CH Caj's Miss Mabel-Black Label . NP21816201 . 11222008. BREEDER: Joann Spivey By Charue's Andrew's Carbon Copy -CH Caj's Ray's Dealt An Amazing Ace CD RE AX MXJ OWNER: Faye Schlemme
GCH CH Martini's Hey Sugah! . NP26368401 . 06022010. BREEDER: Linda G Martin By CH Martini's Designated Driver -CH Martini's Slightly Dirty OWNER: Linda G Martin
JAM2 14 GCH CH Hi-Society's My Sierra At Tara Oaks . NP28298002 . 01252011. BREEDER: Sandra Chrisman/Cynthia Davis By CH Hca Cosmos Key To M'Heart -Hi-Society's She's My Kind Of Girl OWNER: Stella L Jowers & Susan Trivelpiece
GCH CH Victory Cosmic Cyber Skye . NP25933301 . 03272010. BREEDER: Kathryn V Hulstein/Savanna Hartwig By CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray -CH Sunwoods Toast To Victory OWNER: Kathryn V Hulstein & Savanna Hartwig
BOBBBE/OS 18 GCH CH Gunther's Gussied Up Edna . NP25922502 . 03092010. BREEDER: Brook W Berth By GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On -CH Gunther's Purty Gertie RN OWNER: Brook W Berth
CH Gunther's Pageant Queen Geraldine . NP21403803 . 10222008. BREEDER: Brook Berth By CH Donnybrooks' Aramis -CH Gunther's Purty Gertie RN OWNER: Brook W Berth
  22 GCH CH Shine's Tequila Sunrise . NP19429101 . 02052008. BREEDER: E G Waddell By CH Krak-Mont's Precious Metal -Shine's Magic Dawn OWNER: Elaine & Darrell Mauldin
  24 GCH CH Bewitching Hepzibah . NP12376101 . 12302005. BREEDER: Teresa M Arnett By CH Mister Bewitched Abner -Bewitching Louise OWNER: Teresa M Arnett
  26 GCH CH Glory B Pic-A-Dillie . NP11373501 . 10012005. BREEDER: Gloria Shaver By CH Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Cowboy -Glory B's Angel In My Pocket OWNER: Cathy Schneble   (Jessy Justin Sutton, Agent)
CH Merrygold's Charming Chelbe Of C And C . NP18372502 . 11132007. BREEDER: Joyce J Fletcher/Stacey Baker By CH Klassic Irish Prince -CH C And C's Isn'T She Bella OWNER: Joyce J Fletcher
ABSN 30 GCH CH Davane-Trader Amazing . NP21638203 . 10092008. BREEDER: Linda Trader/Joyce M Davis By CH Davane Peja Who's Your Daddy -Davane-Trader's Bodacious OWNER: Linda Trader
GCH CH Lick-Ya-N-Heart-N-Soul I Luv Troubl . NP14631902 . 07082006. BREEDER: Marie Stolitca By CH Weywood's Head Turner -Lick-Ya Weywood April's Fool OWNER: Mary Ann Staehle and Susan Staehle
GCH CH Saffyre's Midnight Champagne Toast . NP21875803 . 01012009. BREEDER: Jennifer Duffy/Chad Duffy By CH Wyatt's Westbound Highwayman -GCH CH Dbl-G's Mona Lisa By Ivanhoe OWNER: Chad & Jennifer Duffy
  36 GCH CH Caramuru No More Lonely People At Brickhouse . NP23442801 . 07142009. BREEDER: Fernanda Barlow/Vicki Kennedy/Sarah R Kennedy By CH Kennedy's Wild Romeo At Chatojo -CH Kennedy's Wild Night At The Roxy OWNER: Kelly Feickert & Fernanda Barlow
CH Taylwagons Jassabell Of Lyndanns . NP24689201 . 07142009. BREEDER: Linda M Taylor/Dot Leverett By CH Lyn-D-Anns Tuff Jazzy Beau -Taylwagons Fancy Britches OWNER: Linda M Taylor & Dot Leverett
JAM4 40 GCH CH Kc's Just Out Of Reach . NP25910102 . 01182010. BREEDER: Karen Bogenholm/Judy King By CH Kc's Repeater -Kc's Simply Fabulous OWNER: Karen Bogenholm & Judy King
GCH CH Davane-Dunhoff Glamorous . NP17593201 . 04142007. BREEDER: Joyce M Davis/Thomas J Davis By CH Davane Peja Who's Your Daddy -CH Ri-Val's Wy Not Shy Anne OWNER: Joyce M Davis
CH Honilee's Twinkie Defense . NP23558204 . 05092009. BREEDER: Gail E Brewer By CH Renea's Repeter Of Kc -Honilee's Ima Vixon OWNER: Gail E Brewer
  46 GCH CH El-Bo'S-N-Kasinos Picture Perfect . NP27061202 . 04242010. BREEDER: Shirley Sanders/Bob Candland/Eleanor Candland By GCH CH Kasinos Domino Effect -CH El-Bo's Pride 'N' Joy OWNER: Judith M Pasbrig & Shirley Sanders   (Judith M Pasbrig, Agent)
JAM5 48
GCH CH Chaseland's Wellona Weltona . NP23421901 . 10272008. BREEDER: Colleen Brossard/Chad Howard By GCH CH Keynote's Knockout Kid -Chaseland's Dita Von Tease OWNER: Chad Howard/ colleen brossard
GCH CH Dbl-G's Mona Lisa By Ivanhoe . NP14357401 . 09152006. BREEDER: Sheryl Garduno/Eddie G Garduno By CH Cibolo's Ivanhoe Of Lynnleigh -CH G WIZ G WILLIKRZ BY VICTORIA OWNER: Chad & Jennifer Duffy   (Kari Smith, Agent)
CH Bullet's Danicrest Shaken Not Stirred . NP27859602 . 08302010. BREEDER: Danielle Butler/Dr. Jacqueline Royce By GCH CH Haberl's Ain'T Got No Problem -CH Danicrest's Bullet Pink Martini Of S.C. OWNER: Dr Jacqueline Royce & Danielle Butler
GCH CH Brio's It's A Wonderful Life . NP18477001 . 12162007. BREEDER: Kim Rutherford/Whitney Rutherford/Sharon Kang/Archie O Gunter By CH Pequoag's Time Keeper For T-Bo -CH Motif's Simply Elegant Of Brio OWNER: Stacie Kinnaird Kim & Whitney Rutherford & S Kang   (Schuylar Moore, Agent)