Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show
GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli

Hound Group - 1st Place Bred by Exhibitor
GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli

Best of Breed
GCH CH Mijkelh Sikanni Of Procyon

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Pizzazzz Debonair JC

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Mahali Arriva Sandpiper

5th Award of Excellence
CH Silhouette Shame Shame Shame JC

JUDGE: Dr. John A Reeve-Newson

  Afghan Hounds, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Suncrest Sharp Dressed Man . HP27076711 . 07202007. BREEDER: Jerry Hastings/Alice Hastings/Leeann Carson By CH Suncrest Marginal Legal Advice -CH Lazaan Lavendar Clover OWNER: Jerry and Alice Hastings
GCH CH Suhden Nicholi Nigella . HP20933110 . 03172006. BREEDER: Susan Buell King/Chuck Milne By CH Lyrix Hall Of Flame -CH Arcana Suhden's Ms America OWNER: Delores J Blehm & S King & K Ray   (Tara Richardson, Agent)
GCH CH Llacue's Aloof Albaniz . HP24199006 . 10222006. BREEDER: Jesus Llano/Michael Cuevas/Linda Filippone/Joe Filippone By CH Llacue's Extreme Machine -CH Llacue's Asturias Chaman Megan OWNER: Linda & Joe Filippone &Jesus Llano &Michael Cuevas
GCH CH Winsong-Blu Hill's Mr Fantastic . HP16718404 . 05122005. BREEDER: Nikki Gardner/Jody Gardner By CH Kasban Winsong Heavenly Truth -CH Kasban Dark Angel Of Winsong JC OWNER: Darla & Larry Miller & Kateland Koch
GCH CH Richlyn's Mean Joe Greene Of Salix . HP34101701 . 02022009. BREEDER: Richard Maloney/Marian Maloney/Peter Belmont Jr. By CH Elmo's Men Are From Mars -CH Elmo's Suncrest Ssblue OWNER: Marla & Bill Lutrick & Richard Maloney
GCH CH Agha Djari's True Lies . HP25607801 . 01302006. BREEDER: Stefan Boieck/Nelly Ahrend By CH Shekinah Stiletto -CH Agha Djari's I'Ll Take You Higher OWNER: Roland Rodriguez
GCH CH Kuhl Breeze Benediction . HP15956103 . 04242005. BREEDER: Saramay Dennison/Deborah Ridley/Demia Divis By CH Goldmine's Blue On Blue -CH Kuhl Breeze Arms Of An Angel OWNER: Deborah Ridley & DeMia Divis & Sara May Dennison
GCH CH Abaca Shacone Native Spirit . HP19070601 . 08112005. BREEDER: Abbe R Shaw/Terry D Chacon/Pamela Patterson/Lonnie Patterson By CH Pamelons Sterling -CH Sha-Cone Abaca Adelaide OWNER: Abbe R Shaw & Terry D Chacon
GCH DC Kuhl Breeze Blood N Swash SC . HP22092709 . 05112006. BREEDER: Terry Dennison/Rose Cotter-Lyford By Criston Capricorn -CH Kuhl Breeze Arms Of An Angel OWNER: David A Hendrix & Deborah Ridley & DeMia Divis
GCH CH Polo's The Matador . HP38550001 . 05142006. BREEDER: Lorianne Amadeo By Gengala Super Trooper -CH Polo's I Did It Myway OWNER: Joleigh Sartiano & Lorraine Amadeo & Samanth Gray   (Gary Sheetz, Agent)
JAM1 27
GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet . HP31946101 . 06162008. BREEDER: Jay T Hafford/James P Blanchard By CH Thaon's Starpower -CH Thaon's Travertine OWNER: J T Hafford & J P Blanchard & D Rogers & J Rogers   (Mark Bettis, Agent)
JAM3/BOBBBE/BGRP1/BBBE 29 GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli . HP13611101 . 06302004. BREEDER: Jay T Hafford/James P Blanchard By CH Thaon's Wannadance -CH Thaon's Cybil OWNER: J Hafford & J Blanchard & A Sterner & D Rogers
CH Ruzka Azari's First Man Of Victory . HP32218801 . 09152008. BREEDER: Darla Hichborn/Bob Hichborn/Karen Irazabal By GCH CH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory -CH Ruzka's A Midsummer Night's Breeze OWNER: Darla & Bob Hichborn & Karen Irazabal
JAM2 33 GCH CH Pizzazzz Debonair JC . HP11885401 . 07232004. BREEDER: Julie Messersmith/James L Coudriet By CH Pahlavi Move It On Over JC -CH Pizzazzz Peppermint Twizt SC AX OAJ OWNER: Julie Messersmith & Karen Wagner
GCH CH Sterling's Cridhe Treun . HP22918204 . 04212006. BREEDER: Colleen Mcdowell/SAMMIE MCDOWELL/Stevie Mcdowell By Gengala Super Trooper -Sterling's Desert Mirage OWNER: Richard E & Deborah Allan
BOB 37 GCH CH Mijkelh Sikanni Of Procyon . HP23754801 . 04062006. BREEDER: Lynn C & Fred H Haywood/Sherril Wallack By CH Mijkelh Thats It Thats Tron -Procyon's Rhapsody V Spectrum OWNER: Sherril Wallack   (William Alexander, Agent)
GCH CH Xandali Dream Maker . HP25591302 . 01172007. BREEDER: Michael Liss/Lex Robertson/Floyd Gale Jr./Anthony A Saia By CH Elan Sebring The Matrix -CH Beachbrook's Sparkling Diamond OWNER: Michael Liss
GCH CH Har-Lou's Gorgeous Jorge . HP09433903 . 12292003. BREEDER: LOUANN WISHER/DEBRA SCHELLHORN/D GOLDEN/J TRAVIS By CH Tifarah Arcana Shawnlu's Ace -CH Landwehr Har-Lou Spark-A-Lot SC OWNER: L Wisher & D Schellhorn & D Golden & L Hedstrom
JAM4 43
GCH CH Mahali Arriva Sandpiper . HP29042502 . 01042008. BREEDER: David Cooley/James Prosapio/Anthony Tido/Lynne Schanzle By CH Sura's Hollywood Nights JC -CH Mahali Ann T. Up OWNER: Joan Baukus & David Cooley   (Lisa Bettis, Agent)
Agha Djari's Unplugged Version . 564664 . 060406. BREEDER: Stefan Boieck By Xenos Comment -Khafka's Hot-Spice OWNER: Stefan Boieck & Rossi Bauss & C Tell-Collinge
CH Fashionista Of Damos . HP25789401 . 02282007. BREEDER: Rosa E De Miranda/Rosaura Zavala Ortega By CH Andros Th'art Of Performance -CH Crystal Palace Zavala Miranda OWNER: Juan Miranda & Rosa E de Miranda
  Afghan Hounds, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
  6 GCH CH Le Nobel's Lady In Red JC . HP17369702 . 07212005. BREEDER: Brian Lenobel/Janet N Lenobel By CH Genesis' Red Cloud -CH Le Nobel Treat'r Like A Lady OWNER: Brian & Janet Lenobel
  8 GCH CH Kween Kleopatra Of Shining Mtn . HP37183701 . 12122009. BREEDER: Laura Wood By CH Gwich' In Marco Polo -Hammid's Shaherazad Shamalan OWNER: Larry Herman & Maria Herman
OS 10 GCH CH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica . HP27582009 . 09122007. BREEDER: Mary Offerman/Terri Vanderzee/Stormhill Knl By CH Raffica's Lady Killer -CH Mahrani Spit-N-Image Stormhill JC OWNER: Garret & Sue Games Sandra Frei & Terri Vanderzee
GCH CH Kasban Witches Britches . HP24291202 . 10222006. BREEDER: Laura Part Mauldin By CH Kasban American Idol -CH Kasban Bewitching Breeze OWNER: Jerry and Alice Hastings
GCH CH Komar's Wild Violette Skye . HP35892704 . 11132009. BREEDER: Marion P Roby By Komar's Jokers'R Wild JC -Komar's Krims'N Skye JC OWNER: Beth Anne Hall
ABSN 16 CH Triomphe Nodoubt . HP15595801 . 03222005. BREEDER: Colleen Feldman/James P Uihlein/Susan G Uihlein By CH NFX Night To Remember CD RN -CH Triomphe Itsalways Something OWNER: Colleen Feldman
CH Chelsie Brum Abdalla . HP39646101 . 05172007. BREEDER: Toni Brum da Silveira By Absorba's Mr. Bojangle -Miss Divine Brum Abdalla OWNER: Marla & Michael Capozzi & Elizabeth Treharne & Lui
GCH CH Hosanna Love Unfailing . HP37717702 . 06172010. BREEDER: Lynda R Farley By CH Paschar Emil -CH Hosanna Everlasting Love OWNER: Lynda R Farley   (Jana Klein, Agent)
GCH CH Yazakhan's Tinkerbell . HP28685502 . 07262007. BREEDER: Hanna Savolainen By Tahtisateen Simiran -Yazakhan's Mystic Byzance OWNER: V & P Machen & P Skanes
CH T'Mojo Official Result . HP29642805 . 02012008. BREEDER: Kimla J Smith/Amanda Blackaby By CH Mahar's Zihronot -CH Cindaw's Earth Angel Of Elmo OWNER: Kimla J Smith
JAM5 26
CH Silhouette Shame Shame Shame JC . HP10170701 . 03192004. BREEDER: Elizabeth Berman/Robert Berman By CH Silhouette's Artistry -Silhouette's Devil In Disguise OWNER: Elizabeth & Robert Berman & Joel D Fisher DVM
GCH CH Jakar Majic Park Avenue JC . HP23197206 . 08272006. BREEDER: Lisa Bettis/Cindy Chandler/Amy Donnell By CH Kjavu Madison Avenue -CH Majic It Is What It Is OWNER: Susan P Weatherhead   (Dave A Slattum, Agent)