Best of Breed
GCH CH Tophat That's Amore

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Cantlon's Silk Hope Serendipity

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Tophat That's Amore

1st Award of Excellence
CH Whirlwinds Dazzling Debonair

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Linshire's Rolling Stone

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Nicnak's Aftershock

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Shenel's Miss Pickford

5th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Tapyoca's Yonna At Brookview

JUDGE: Dr. Roger S Pritchard

  Yorkshire Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
  5 GCH CH Qoccle's Imua Kealoha . TR93938001 . 05232009. BREEDER: Nicoletta Pollini By Qoccle's Oliverlightsome -Qoccle's A Walk In The Garden OWNER: Teresa Bell
JAM1 7 CH Whirlwinds Dazzling Debonair . TR74099801 . 10182007. BREEDER: Suzanne Weinstein/Frank J Larrieu By CH Amata's Romancing Thief -Whirlwinds My Special Valentine OWNER: Carolyn Cole & Frank Larrieu & Suzanne Weinstein   (Frank J Larrieu, Agent)
  9 CH Sweet Luv Fabio Valentino . TR45984301 . 10302005. BREEDER: J R Stoltenberg By So-Sweet Bow Tie N'Tux -CH Sweet Luv Madam Alissa Latea OWNER: J R Stoltenberg
BOBBBE/BOB 11 GCH CH Tophat That's Amore . TR66105701 . 03202007. BREEDER: Lisa Farmer/Ann Fultz By CH Tiptop Come Fly With Me -Primo Tiptop Amore OWNER: Ann Fultz & Lisa Farmer
CH Oakgate's Obsession . TR85934201 . 04022009. BREEDER: Katherine Weems/Roberta J Rothenbach By CH Carousel's Wicked Reputation -Rothby's Rose For Oakgate OWNER: Katherine Weems
GCH CH Silkiss'D Lets Rock . TR81989903 . 12182008. BREEDER: Betsy Bozung By Trio's Rock Star -Durrer's Luck Win's The Draw OWNER: Betsy Bozung & Georgina Echols
JAM2 19
GCH CH Linshire's Rolling Stone . TR79724901 . 07292008. BREEDER: Lin Fryman/Anna Stringer By CH Destiny's Blamin' It On The Fame -CH Stringer's Strictly Bussiness OWNER: Katelin Ryan-LaVail & Peggy Gregson
GCH CH Stringer's Somethings Gotta Give . TR62620401 . 03262006. BREEDER: Anna Stringer By CH Mckim's Marking The Memory -Windtigo's Journey Of Dreams OWNER: Anna Stringer & Stephanie Barnes & Vicki Meadows
CH Guemart Reseeva Imperial . TR99954301 . 07242007. BREEDER: Jesus Guerrero Merino By Crash Bandicoot Wild Fantasy -Amidala Padme Wild Fantasy OWNER: Richard M Banks & Seth Johnston
  25 GCH CH Portraits As Good As Good As It Gets . TR97622602 . 02142010. BREEDER: Judy Marksbury/Stephanie S Barnes By GCH CH Stringer's Somethings Gotta Give -CH Annstefs "Little Black Dress" OWNER: Judy Marksbury
GCH CH Trio's Big Shot . TR79901801 . 08252008. BREEDER: Kimberly Goldfarb By CH Tyava's Sure Shot -CH Durrer's Make A Statement OWNER: Kimberly Goldfarb
CH Whirlwinds Chili Burger . TR84552501 . 10302008. BREEDER: Frank J Larrieu/Mark C Chilcutt/Rosario Pecchio By Oz's Long And Winding Road -Whirlwinds Hello Dolly OWNER: Frank J Larrieu & Loreta Serafini
JAM3 31
GCH CH Nicnak's Aftershock . TR79581401 . 09282007. BREEDER: Laurie L Hunter By Camparis Nic Nak's Keeper -Nicknak's Legacy For Kucsapal OWNER: Laurie Hunter & Dawn Bryers
GCH CH Edgewood's It's All About Benjamin . TR81835602 . 09112008. BREEDER: Cynthia J Hill By CH Galfreds Angel In Disguise -Cavendish's Yoda At Edgewood OWNER: Rita Piko & Cynthia Hill
YOUR ANGLE WILD FANTASY . DG34980820 . 060508. BREEDER: Alice Soltysova By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Ooi
CH Psyche's Super Ego . TR66099301 . 04082007. BREEDER: Lisa Bridgewater By CH Tyava's On The Target -CH Psyche's Piper's Tune OWNER: Lisa Bridgewater
  Yorkshire Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
JAM4 6 GCH CH Shenel's Miss Pickford . TR94213702 . 11202009. BREEDER: Sherida Nelson By CH Durrer's Still Cruisin -CH Rosemark's Dealightful Vamp OWNER: Sherida J Nelson
JAM5 8 GCH CH Tapyoca's Yonna At Brookview . TR87541401 . 07022008. BREEDER: Mr. Carl C. Yochum By Tapyoca's Tailgate Party -Tapyoca's www.Party.Com OWNER: Matina E. Johnson
OS 10 CH Cantlon's Silk Hope Serendipity . TR92954901 . 05212009. BREEDER: Barbara Cantlon/Tamsen Christensen/Clark Christensen By Georgin's Ez Does It At Cantlon -CH Cantlon's Silk Hope OWNER: B Cantlon & T & C Christensen & M Matthews
  12 GCH CH Sugarfoot's Synchronized Motion . TR87700801 . 02022009. BREEDER: Vicki J Edwards/Mike Edwards By CH Sugarfoots N Perfect-Sync -CH Sugarfoot's I'M Out Of Minutes OWNER: Vicki Edwards
GCH CH Durrer's Storybook Princess . TR91065401 . 03272009. BREEDER: Betty Anne Durrer By CH Rigby's Prince Charming -CH Durrer's Cover Story OWNER: Lynn Weiss & Betty Anne Durrer
  16 GCH CH Nealstar's D'Light Her With Diamonds . TR89849701 . 04282009. BREEDER: Thetis A Neal By GCH CH Stratford's Diamond Jim -CH Nealstar's D'Lightful 'N D'Lovely OWNER: Thetis Neal   (Kirsten McGregor, Agent)
GCH CH Tapyoca's Dreams Of Majic . TR27467201 . 02292004. BREEDER: Mr. Carl C. Yochum By Tapyoca's Come Party With Me -Northshire's Troublemaker OWNER: Philip & Brenda & Dawn Lennon
  20 GCH CH Gemstones Hips Don'T Lie Eng. . TR67762602 . 07062007. BREEDER: Cindy Butsic By CH Eng's Chip Off Old Doc Pepper -Westkent Devil In Disguise OWNER: Brian C Erickson