2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Hiroshi Kamisato

  Tibetan Terriers, Open, Dogs
1/WIN/BW 29
Tripitaka Cruze Control . NP29504803 . 12252009. BREEDER: Sean & Cathy Lydon By Tripitaka Black Cadillac -Tripitaka Gold Blend OWNER: Sean & Cathy Lydon
  Tibetan Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
JAM1 5
GCH CH Kimik's Sir Gawain . NP28667601 . 11092010. BREEDER: Mikki DeMers/Helen G Tomb-Taylor/Kay Hales/Lois DeMers By CH Kimik's All I Ask Of You -CH Kimik's A Toast To Celebrate OWNER: Kimberly & Christina Rose-Bolak & Dina Planche   (Lois DeMers, Agent)
CH Kimik's Who Dunnit . NP30147401 . 09062011. BREEDER: Mikki DeMers/Dina Planche/Lois DeMers By CH Cedar Creek It Feels Good To Be Me -CH Kimik's It's Tough To Be A Bug OWNER: Dina Planche & Mikki & Lois DeMers   (Lois DeMers, Agent)
SEL 9 CH Trisong's Civil Disobedience . NP24340702 . 10212009. BREEDER: Dr. Susan Schultz By CH Ivyglenn Trisong Ja'Maica Myday -CH Ivyglenn Trisong Rock 'Da House RN OWNER: Diana Ramsdell & Susan Schultz   (Carol Rice PHA, Agent)
GCH CH Skyid Sunday Morning Magic . NP13636603 . 04302006. BREEDER: Sharon Hurd/Linda Watson By CH Kha-Ling's Winter Spirit -CH Teasia's Suzette Puppenschnoogle OWNER: Sharon Hurd & L Watson
CH Barbari's Paid In Cash . NP30251404 . 10132011. BREEDER: Barbara Burrow By CH To-Jo's Profit Paid In Gold -Kokopelli's One In A Million OWNER: Barbara Burrow   (Paige McCarver, Agent)
  17 GCH CH Moonrize Doubleshot Espresso RN . NP07989603 . 10172004. BREEDER: Charles Travella/Delene Travella By CH Barnstorm's In The Black PFT -CH Kha-Ling's Dirty Dancing OWNER: Joyce & Willam Killinger
ABSN 19 GCH CH Teasia Loree Star Spangle Banner . NP30012701 . 07012011. BREEDER: Sharon Williams/Joan L Trimpey By Ushas' Double Jeopardy -CH Loree's Electrifying Moment OWNER: Kenneth Ridall & Margaret Mond & Linda Watson   (Brian Livingston, Agent)
GCH CH Regalia's Panchen Whiter Shade Of Pale . NP22734604 . 02242009. BREEDER: Gerald Chaix By CH Shadowood's Soul Bossa Nova -Regalia Royal Treasure OWNER: Gerald Chaix
OS 23
GCH CH Barnstorm's Grissom T. T. C.S.I. . NP12772401 . 02032006. BREEDER: Patricia Bernardo By CH Barnstorm's Strikes It Rich -CH Barnstorm's Connect The Dots OWNER: Patricia Bernardo & Mary Lafler & Lynn Meyer   (Lynn R Meyer, Agent)
GCH CH Cedar C Barnstrom L&D Edition . NP10725704 . 08122005. BREEDER: Donna L Ogden By CH Sunclipse Becuz Chix Dig It -CH Sunclipse Wrapped In Red OWNER: Patricia Bernardo & Mary Lou Laffler & Donna Ogden   (Lynn R Meyer, Agent)
JAM2 27
GCH CH Samaya Light My Fire Zachariah . NP26885801 . 08212010. BREEDER: Sandra Godin/Robin Mae Downey By CH Salishan Max A Million -CH Salishan Lady Zippy D OWNER: Sandra Godin & Robin Mae Downey
CH Atisha's Blanc De Noir . NP12091401 . 10012005. BREEDER: Sheryl Ruthledge Schultis/Sasha Schultis By Sun Kosi Un Amour-De-Jules -CH Atisha's Firebird In Paradise OWNER: Sheryl Rutledge Schultisi
JAM3 33
CH Aurora's Welcome To The Jungle . NP22340601 . 02282009. BREEDER: Deborah Haynam/Doug Haynam By CH Floresta's Heart Of Gold -CH Shadowood Kaya Of Aurora OWNER: Deborah & Doug Haynamn   (Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent)
  Tibetan Terriers, Puppy 6 - 9 Mos., Bitches
1/WIN 6
Cedar Creek You Had Me From Hello . NP31914905 . 05032012. BREEDER: Donna L Ogden By CH Sunclipse Becuz Chix Dig It -CH Cedar C Almost An Angel OWNER: Eileen Clancy & Adria Martino
  Tibetan Terriers, Open, Bitches
1/RWIN 10
Tripitaka Kinda Kute . NP33051201 . 12252009. BREEDER: Sean & Cathy Lydon By CH Atisha's Legendary Firebird -Tripitaka Viva La Diva OWNER: Sean & Cathy Lydon
  Tibetan Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
CH Moonrise Over Raleigh For Snowshoe . NP29958801 . 08142011. BREEDER: Charles Travella/Delene Travella/Joyce Killinger By GCH CH Moonrize Doubleshot Espresso RN -CH Moonrise Desert Flower OWNER: Joyce Killinger
BOBBBE/BOB 12 GCH CH Starlight's Lady In Waiting . NP22411801 . 01252009. BREEDER: Cassandra Basgall/Christine Friemel By CH Starlight's Boondoggle -CH Ashante's Angelic Starlight OWNER: Christine Friemel & Cassandra Basgall   (Curtiss G Smith, Agent)
SEL 14 CH Kha-Ling's Ooh Your Gold . NP30161402 . 08252011. BREEDER: Lisa Payne Hethcox/Scott Hethcox By CH Kha-Ling's Winter Spirit -CH Kha-Ling's Summer Dream OWNER: Lisa and Scott Hethcox
JAM4 16
GCH CH Salishan's My Special Angel . NP19161002 . 03022008. BREEDER: Mr. Gary R Carr/Susan M Carr By CH Excalibur's Sticks N Stones CD -CH Salishan's I'm No Angel OWNER: Robert Hennings & Susan & Gary Carr