Best of Breed
GCH CH Lomondview Clementina

Best of Opposite Sex
CH FireHeart's I'rn Bru

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
CH FireHeart's I'rn Bru

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Mcvan's Be Bop Baby

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Friendship Hill Stars And Stripes

3rd Award of Excellence
CH Charthill Top Billing

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Eroglen's Reckless Romeo

JUDGE: Dr. H. Scott Kellogg

  Scottish Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Mistyglen Sirius Black . RN13856201 . 03202007. BREEDER: Nancy Schaus/Regina Hess By CH Charthill Chrome Is Everything -CH Hiq's This Is Austin OWNER: Nancy Schaus & Regina Hess
CH Jacglen's Martin B26 Marauder . RN19050104 . 05252009. BREEDER: Jacki Herron Forkel/Richard J Forkel/Julie Hill/Danny Hill By CH Fairway's Justin Time -CH Jacglen's Angel In Disguise OWNER: Jacki&Richard Forkel Julie&Danny Hill Cheryl Schae
GCH CH Donnchadh Box Of Rox . RN19021501 . 05242009. BREEDER: Raymond Knapp/Ann Knapp By CH Caerleon Exuberance -Filisite Brash Whipping Top OWNER: Raymond & Ann Knapp
GCH CH Cadscott Maximillion . RN14972904 . 08312007. BREEDER: Willa Caddin By CH Warscot's Morgans Midas Touch -Cw's Sunflower On Hi-Acre OWNER: Charlie Utts & Becky Utts
BOBBBE/OS 15 CH FireHeart's I'rn Bru . RN13491907 . 03022007. BREEDER: Marianne Melucci/John Melucci/Kathleen Foley/Anne Foley By CH Rosecrofts Braveheart -CH MACH Fireheart's Mona Lisa UD RAE NAP OJP OF NFP SE OWNER: Dr Kathleen Meenan & Marianne Melucci
JAM3 17 CH Charthill Top Billing . RN17863104 . 12142008. BREEDER: Robin Geppert/Jim Geppert/Charla Hill/Ms. Kari Hill By CH Charthill Empire Maker -CH Charthill Quick Silver OWNER: Charla & Kari Hill
ABSN 19 GCH CH Woburn Camelot Unbridled Spirit . RN18452902 . 04212009. BREEDER: Jeffrey Silverman Presley By CH Charthill Woburn High Spirit -Camelot Seraphim Serenade OWNER: Debra & Steve Russell
GCH CH Anstamm Maryscot Hi Speed Chase . RN14518403 . 05082007. BREEDER: Mary O'Neal/Anstamm Knl By CH Anstamm Like A Rock -CH Maryscot Painted Black OWNER: Lois Bolding & Paul DeBene
JAM4 23 GCH CH Eroglen's Reckless Romeo . RN17751101 . 10042008. BREEDER: Sharon Ero/Eric R Varner By CH Arabella's Eastman Pirate -CH Eroglen's Icing On The Cake OWNER: Sharon Ero & Eric Varner
JAM2 25
GCH CH Friendship Hill Stars And Stripes . RN17511702 . 10062008. BREEDER: Patricia M Gallatin/Margaret Browne By CH Friendship Hill Dr Watson -CH Grampian's Irene Adler OWNER: Margaret Browne & Patricia M Gallatin   (Amy Rutherford, Agent)
  27 FILISITE BRASH CELEBRATION . RKF2180863 . 111007. BREEDER: Owner By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Valentina Popova
  Scottish Terriers, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
JAM1 6 GCH CH Mcvan's Be Bop Baby . RN19089501 . 06022009. BREEDER: Vandra Huber/Michael Krolewski By CH Land Rose R. Jp All Right -CH Mcvan's Fire Starter OWNER: Vandra Huber   (Rebecca Cross, Agent)
GCH CH Cumbria's Ready Jet Go . RN19723002 . 11052009. BREEDER: Pat Wooster By GCH CH Dilligad Urban Legend -CH Cumbria's Madcap Escapade OWNER: Pat Wooster & Tracy Wooster
BOB 10 GCH CH Lomondview Clementina . RN18902901 . 05132006. BREEDER: Carol Annan By Raglan Royal Connection With Brio -Lomondview Clementine OWNER: John & Daphne Eggert   (Ernesto Lara, Agent)
CH Oban's Faith In Love . RN16258301 . 02132008. BREEDER: Julie Hill/Danny Hill/Jacki H Forkel/Richard J Forkel By CH Pendragon's Knight At Oban -CH Oban's Pd Present Of Jacglen OWNER: Julie & Danny Hill & Jacki & Richard Forkel
GCH CH Mcvan's Lightning And Lace Strikes Ballyhoo . RN16267302 . 02292008. BREEDER: Vandra Huber/Michael Krolewski By CH McVan's Light My Fire -CH Beameups Mcvan Gold Digger OWNER: Angie Solomito
CH Enthused Designs' Sparkling Nite Sky . RN16969201 . 07042008. BREEDER: John Warner/Lou Ann Warner/Kelli Edell By CH Charthill Shooting Star -CH Kelwyn's Holly Daze OWNER: Lou Ann Warner & John Warner & Kelli Edell
ABSN 18 CH Eroglen's Icing On The Cake . RN10807001 . 12132005. BREEDER: Sharon Ero By Eroglen's V-Rod -Eroglen's Indelible Imprint OWNER: Sharon Ero & Eric Varner