2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman

  Schipperkes, Bred By Exhibitor, Dogs
Didebs Dirty Down Under . NP32704602 . 05202012. BREEDER: Debra Dellamonica/Ryan Dillman/Keith Venezia/Debbie Studwell By GCH CH Didebs Le Jonny Be Good -Didebs The Devine Ms M OWNER: Ryan Dillman & Keith Venezia & Debbie Dellamonica
1/WIN/BW 23 Tumbleweed's Can'T Get Enuff . NP31700802 . 05172012. BREEDER: June A Moore By CH Tumbleweed's Stand My Ground -CH Ramar Phoenix Rising At Tumbleweed OWNER: June Moore
  Schipperkes, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
JAM1 5 GCH CH Roane Hill Robin Hood Olochryan . NP10163301 . 06062005. BREEDER: Roane Govich/Karen J Testa By CH Dream On Roane Hill's Li'l Nut -Lochryn's Whatever Lola Wants OWNER: Roane Govich & Art Tucker
GCH CH Bonchien Cedric The Entertainer . NP20984001 . 06052008. BREEDER: Kristen Henry By CH Kurakuma Menthas Robbie -CH Bonchien Safari Fun N The Sun OWNER: Kristen Henry   (Kellie L Miller, Agent)
GCH CH Starship's I'M A Believer . NM94213701 . 09222002. BREEDER: Suzanne Ryder Baker/Theresa P Hahn By CH Dotsu's Further More Trouble -CH Dotsu's What's Not To Love OWNER: Beverly H Brimacomb DVM & Theresa Hahn
CH Justice's Wild Knight . NP13303401 . 04182006. BREEDER: Olga J Joanow/April L Lessig By CH Kurakuma's Sky Rocket -Banjo's Life Of The Party OWNER: Olga Joanow & April L Lessig & Sharon Furr
BOB/GRP3 15 GCH CH Dante Fire When Ready . NM92089304 . 08212001. BREEDER: Amy Gossman/Gene Johnson By GCH CH Dante's All Fired Up -CH Dante's Whatever Lola Wants OWNER: A Gossman & M Jameson & P Allison S Middlebrooks   (Erin J Roberts, Agent)
CH Schipwreck Follow The Rainbow . NP23578703 . 06302009. BREEDER: SueAlice Hamilton/Diane Harris/Richard Hamilton By CH Sea-Breez's Follow The Sun -CH Sheradin Holiday Spirit OWNER: SueAlice Hamilton & Diane Harris &Richard hamilton
JAM3 21 GCH CH Tumbleweed Walkin' Streets O'Gold . NP19654101 . 03242008. BREEDER: Trellis Lucas/June A Moore By CH Crosswind's True North -CH Tumbleweed's Don't Stop Dancin OWNER: Trellis Lucas & June Moore
GCH CH De Lamer Sea Ya At The Top . NP20230801 . 02032008. BREEDER: Krista Nuovo By CH De Lamer Overboard -CH De Lamer It's No Seacret OWNER: Rose Ellen Stone & JoAnn Giovinetti & Krista Nuovo
JAM2 29 GCH CH Tumbleweed's Burn The Ships . NP04434807 . 08292003. BREEDER: Coleen McCarthy By CH Dotsu's In Command Of It All CDX -CH Riptide's Tsunami OWNER: Michele A Kasten
  Schipperkes, Puppy 6 - 9 Mos., Bitches
1/WIN 16
Tumbleweed's Victoria's Stairway To Heaven . NP31605803 . 05152012. BREEDER: June A Moore By CH Dotsu's In Command Of It All CDX -CH Fullmoon Nauti At Nite Daradan OWNER: Michele A. Kasten
  Schipperkes, Open, Bitches
1/RWIN 6
Lochryan's Talk Of The Town . NP02563202 . 02022003. BREEDER: Karen J Testa/Kathy J Higgins By CH Lochryan's Jonathan Q Higgens -Lochryan's Scarlet O'Hara Dr OWNER: Roane Govich & Art Tucker
  Schipperkes, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
SEL 8 GCH CH Grandcru's Rose De Provence . NP07863401 . 11122004. BREEDER: Esther G Comish By CH Grand Cru's Cote De Nuit -CH Grand Cru's Faux Paw OWNER: Esther G Comish & Don E Nielsen
CH Sunrise's Tropical Sea-Breez . NP14656102 . 08082006. BREEDER: Sharon A Furr/April L Lessig/SueAlice Hamilton/Beverly Shaw By CH Sea-Breez Dawn's Early Light CD -CH Sheradin's Sweet Dream OWNER: S Furr & A Lessig & O Joanow & S Hamilton
CH Schipwreck Looking Thru The Rainbow . NP23578701 . 06302009. BREEDER: SueAlice Hamilton/Diane Harris/Richard Hamilton By CH Sea-Breez's Follow The Sun -CH Sheradin Holiday Spirit OWNER: SueAlice Hamilton & Miss April Lessig&Diane Harris
OS 14 CH Deloran's Crystal Ice . NP26393905 . 05292010. BREEDER: Krista Nuovo/E Marlene Layng/Ursula Hutton By CH Mardecks Whiz Kid De Turenne -GCH CH De Lamer Black Ice OWNER: Ursula Hutton
CH Crosswind's Wild Risk . NP14920401 . 06122006. BREEDER: Kathleen M Davis By CH Dotsu's Expert Opinion -Crosswind's Indigo Sky OWNER: Kathleen M Davis