2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

Best of Breed
GCH CH Starlight's Sugar Daddy

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Castile's Envy Of Springwood

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Starfire's Vini Vidi Vici

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Starfire's Vini Vidi Vici

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Expression It Is What It Is

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Castile's Endless Love

4th Award of Excellence
CH Firefly Poms Paper Doll

5th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Cj-Peep I'M Justincredible

JUDGE: Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart

  Pomeranians, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Jan-Shars Elementary My Dear Watson . TR69586502 . 07062007. BREEDER: Sharon L Hanson By CH Jan-Shars N Sync -Jan-Shars You Ought To Be In Pictures OWNER: Howard Sklar & Sharon Hanson
GCH CH Winsum's Northern Magic Of Lenette . TR97282702 . 07162010. BREEDER: K Griffith By Firebrook's Magic Merlin -CH Kitty Karr Of Lenette OWNER: Clint & Marsha Taylor
GCH CH Starfire's Vini Vidi Vici . TR93047101 . 07302009. BREEDER: Jose A Cabrera/Fabian Arienti By Great Rivers Impressive -CH Starfire's Hot T Molly OWNER: Fabian Arienti & Jose Cabrera
GCH CH Foxworth Formula One . TR96266801 . 04052008. BREEDER: Pamela Dodsworth/Larry Fox By CH Foxworth Fast Lane -CH Foxworth Face The Music OWNER: Joan Behrend Pamela Dodsworth
CH Tnt's You'Re Fired! . TR97475001 . 05112010. BREEDER: THERESA ESQUIBEL/Ms. Christine Marie Crane By GCH CH Dee Little Who's The Boss -CH Dee Little Wild Child OWNER: Michele Lyons and Theresa Esquibel   (Perry Payson, Agent)
JAM3 17 GCH CH Castile's Endless Love . TR57275602 . 10022006. BREEDER: Geno Sisneros By CH Glen Iris Evian D'Castile -CH Glen Iris Duchess Of Castile OWNER: Geno Sisneros Corey Gatewood & Dewayne Ward
GCH CH Little Cherubs Daily News . TR79993501 . 09292008. BREEDER: Darlene L Davis/Donald C Wickham/Sharon Wheeler By CH Lt Cherubs Breaking News -Lt Cherubs Chantilly Lace OWNER: Darlene L Davis
JAM2 23 GCH CH Expression It Is What It Is . TR91569701 . 07072009. BREEDER: Paula Clark By Underwood's Taja Mirage -Shazettes Shy Violet OWNER: Paula Clark & Jerrie Feria
CH Sundown's Keegan Xavier . TP06949901 . 07302000. BREEDER: Camilla Knight By CH Sundown's Little Casino -CH Janesa's Southern Sundown OWNER: Camilla Knight
GCH CH Her-She's What Women Want . TR72071301 . 11172007. BREEDER: Ann M Berryman By CH Heartland's Knight N Day -Her-She's Cocoa Kisses OWNER: Ann M Berryman
GCH CH Bar-Net Rocky Road Of Samron . TR97088801 . 04282010. BREEDER: Norma L Smart By CH Bar-Net P-Nut Samron Of Oakridge -Ariel Of Lenette OWNER: Lavonne Beard Pat Barnett & Norma Smart   (Jana Klein, Agent)
GCH CH Wilhoite N Rodi's Golden Boy . TR70946902 . 12212007. BREEDER: Michelle Wilhoite By CH Rodi's Black Gold -CH Moss Meadow Precious Loki OWNER: Michelle Wilhoite
BOB 33 GCH CH Starlight's Sugar Daddy . TR99831101 . 01272010. BREEDER: Suradej Ekviriyakit By CH Starlight's Dream Comes True -Sunterra Sparkle Plenty OWNER: Douglas Stratton
CH Foxworth Fast Forward . TR99240701 . 02152010. BREEDER: Pamela R Dodsworth/Larry Fox By GCH CH Foxworth Fair Play -Achilles Nothing To Peru'Ve OWNER: Pamela R Dodsworth & Larry E Fox
Jan-Shars Taking A Siesta . TR91316802 . 08032009. BREEDER: Sharon L Hanson By Tinker Toy Petit Poms -Jan-Shars Revenge Is Sweet OWNER: Angel Nales
GCH CH Dee Little Who's The Boss . TR78576203 . 07272008. BREEDER: Ms. Christine Marie Crane/Christine D Heartz By CH Chriscendo Call To Arms -CH Chriscendo Come Closer OWNER: Christine Crane & Cindy Crane
COOPER . NG53125938 . 031510. BREEDER: Li Jiabi By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Li Jiabi
DEORE'S VIVA LA VIDA . PO08000606 . 041708. BREEDER: Owner By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Jung Ah-Young
CH Marbil's Turned Outlaw . TR84543201 . 11102008. BREEDER: Mari Iffland/Donna S Riehm By CH Stolanne's It's My Turn -Marbil's The Town Flirt OWNER: Cindy Golden & Mari Iffland
CH Geebears Helloooo Babyy . TS01378201 . 08272010. BREEDER: Gina Williams/Andy Williams By GCH CH Dreamweavers Rockin Robin -Geebears Royal Menace OWNER: Gina Andy & AJ Williams
  Pomeranians, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Sofine Lemony Snicket Of Lilliput . TR54725001 . 09072006. BREEDER: Mary E Latimer By CH Damascusroad Dream Buster -CH Sofine's Legally Blonde OWNER: Nannette & Ron Walker
CH Bobii's Just The Woman In Me . TR71673601 . 12022007. BREEDER: Bobii Earle By CH Bobii's I B Vanilla Ice -Bobii's Lalique Of GR Elms OWNER: Bobii Earle
CH Winsum's Poms L'Tuff Stuff . TR78111201 . 07192008. BREEDER: CLINT TAYLOR/MARSHA TAYLOR By CH Magic Moments Of Lenette -CH Linetrees Brooke O Cottontop OWNER: Clint & Marsha Taylor
CH Winsum's L'Unique Tiger . TR93427001 . 02012010. BREEDER: CLINT TAYLOR/MARSHA TAYLOR By CH Pomhaven's Unodomani -CH Win-Sum's L'Attitude OWNER: Clint & Marsha Taylor
  14 GCH CH Grame's Berrylicious Ichiban Pumkin Pie . TR69743901 . 09092007. BREEDER: Karen D Wegg/Stephen Z Wegg By CH Randy's Frankenberrie -Grame's Calico Rose OWNER: Karen D Wegg & Stephen Z Wegg
GCH CH Northmoor Wind Dancer . TR38876001 . 05222005. BREEDER: Lisa M Goodman By Nan's Echo In The Wind -CH Kacee's Gone With The Wind OWNER: Lisa Goodman   (Lisa Goodman, Agent)
CH Cnr's For The Love Of Chocolate . TR97084101 . 01162010. BREEDER: Carol Silverberg/Rebecca Silverberg/Amanda Seitzer By CH Finch's Rockin Your World -CH Mathews Sassy's Magic Potion OWNER: Carol silverberg
JAM4 24 CH Firefly Poms Paper Doll . TR86490703 . 04092009. BREEDER: Shelli Tradup By CH Linetrees Nathan Of Pom Acres -CH Pom Acres Tiger Lily OWNER: Ms Shelli & Don Tradup
CH Foxworth Follow Me Boys . TS03458401 . 07282010. BREEDER: Pamela R Dodsworth/Larry E Fox By CH Foxworth Five Card Stud -FOXWORTH FOLLOW MY LEAD OWNER: Pamela R Dodsworth & Larry E Fox
OS 30 GCH CH Castile's Envy Of Springwood . TR60846802 . 01112007. BREEDER: Becky Jackson/Geno Sisneros By CH Mt Crest At Springwood -CH Castle's Song Of Springwood OWNER: Geno Sisneros
JAM5 32 GCH CH Cj-Peep I'M Justincredible . TR92824903 . 10232009. BREEDER: Julia Smith/Susan Landry By Canton Classic Star -Cj-Peep Magic Spell OWNER: Julia Smith & Susan Landry
ABSN 34 CH Dlt's Kayden - Hope Of Tomorrow . TR70274201 . 10192007. BREEDER: Cathy M Driggers/Mark A Driggers By Labeau Oscar Night At Sunset -Labeau Ihop OWNER: Cathy M & Mark A Driggers & Pat Doria & John