2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

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JUDGE: Hiroshi Kamisato

  Miniature American Shepherds, Misc Open, Dogs
  365 Mcfinley's 1/2 Pint Tankard Of Timeless CM RN HT . DN31468601 . 04192006. BREEDER: Deborah Dulaney/Karen Keller By Drinnons Buck -Bravehearts Ms Blue Eyes Of Taycin OWNER: Deborah Dulaney/Diane McGee/Karen Keller
  371 Taycins Always A Gentleman CM . DN31402401 . 04242008. BREEDER: Jeanine Perron/Karen Keller By Taycins Radiant Red Rogue -Taycins Queen Of The Desert OWNER: Jeanie McAdams & Jeanine Perron
2 373 Abingtons Skys D Limit . DN34145401 . 02152012. BREEDER: Patti Cutler By Bold Legends My Classic Beau of Abington -Skyview Abington's Dutchess Of Cambridge OWNER: PATTI CUTLER
1/WIN/MBOB 375 Dynasty's Instant Replay . DN33602002 . 06112010. BREEDER: Kim Johnson/Fran Winthers By Radiant Mar-A-Lago Ready For Take Off -Warrior Princess 3rd Dynasty OWNER: Kimberly Johnson   (David Stout, Agent)
I Can Climb At Timeless . DN26771205 . 11302008. BREEDER: Karen Keller By Windhills Talk's Cheap -Taycins Ms Congeniality OWNER: Karen Keller
3 379
Linderlands Mar-A-Lago Admiral . DN34161901 . 12122010. BREEDER: Judy Linder/Tanja LeDutke By Radiant Mar-A-Lago Ready For Take Off -Mar-A-Lago's Peccadillo OWNER: Judy Linder
  381 Alstars A Stormy Knight . DN33519801 . 03142011. BREEDER: Connie Orwig By Alstars Storm Chaser -Alstars Midnight Melody OWNER: Cynthia Duggan
  383 Linderland N Triple R's Black Ice . DN34068001 . 01192011. BREEDER: Judy Linderland By Bajawinds Misbehavin At Linderland -Linder's Mica OWNER: Mary Rutkowski
4 385
Altas Stylin In My Jaguar . DN33611001 . 06202011. BREEDER: Valerie Nilsson By Coat Tails Range Ryder Of Alta -Ruff House Porsche OWNER: Valerie Nilsson
ABSN 387 Love That Taycin Texan . DN31459301 . 11082010. BREEDER: Jeanie McAdams By Taycins Always A Gentleman CM -Pockets Love That Red OWNER: Jeanie McAdams
ABSN 389 Love That Taycin Gentleman . DN31467701 . 11082010. BREEDER: Jeanie McAdams By Taycins Always A Gentleman CM -Pockets Love That Red OWNER: Jeanie McAdams
Timeless 2x2 California Blue . DN33034602 . 08232011. BREEDER: Karen Keller By Timeless Rolling Rapid With Energie -Timeless Ginger Snap OWNER: Linda DuBois & Karen Keller
Nw Aloha Cody Bear . DN31376502 . 07062010. BREEDER: Virginia Verville By Pockets Beautiful Barkley -Coat Tails Cherokee OWNER: Virginia Verville
ABSN 397
Passions Gottabe Darkfever Jerica . DN31404102 . 06272009. BREEDER: Steven Luzzandder/Ben Preston By Gottabes Comet In Action -Passions Gottabe The Charmed One OWNER: Lori McClelland
Linderlands Casanova . DN34020501 . 08312009. BREEDER: Judy Linder By Linderlands Chauncey -Linderlands Lil Topaz OWNER: Melinda Peters & Judy Linder
  Miniature American Shepherds, Misc Puppy 9 - 12 Mos., Dogs
1 369 Love That American Red White And Blue . DN33351401 . 02202012. BREEDER: Jeanie McAdams/Karen Keller By Love That Taycin Texan -Timeless Love That Classic Look OWNER: Jeanie McAdams
2 395
Gordonview Four On The Floor . DN32620301 . 12302011. BREEDER: Lorri Gordon By Boot Tops Sizzle N Redhot Chili Pepper -Lone Pine's Rhythm And Rhyme OWNER: Ann M Berryman
  Miniature American Shepherds, Misc Open, Bitches
ABSN 366 Mercyme Ima Silly Girl . DN34617801 . 02232009. BREEDER: Patricia Bergen By Starrylane's Im Tn Bound -Vb Blazin Hot Godiva Girl OWNER: Pam Bender Dan Bender
1/WIN/MBOBBE/MBOS 368 Timeless Trilogy CM . DN33722801 . 08212007. BREEDER: Karen Keller By Taycins Indiscrete Affair -Taycins Night Life With Radiants OWNER: Karen Keller
4 370 Timeless Zero Gravity CM . DN33711601 . 07272009. BREEDER: Karen Keller By Windhills Talk's Cheap -Taycins Night Life With Radiants OWNER: Debra Shambaugh/Karen Keller
2 372 Triple R's Aqua Azul . DN34596801 . 06272010. BREEDER: Mary Rutkowski By A King's Castle's Urijah Faber Of Triple R -Forbidden N Triple R's River Dance OWNER: Mary & John Rutkowski
  374 Teacup Treasures Mercedes . DN34250701 . 04162007. BREEDER: Kim Gardner By Boldheart Kingdoms Treasures -Teacup Treasures Teddybear Of Timeless OWNER: Kim Gardner
3 380
Painted Meadow Red Hot Vegas . DN33720501 . 11072010. BREEDER: Linda K Agan By Painted Meadow Blue -Mockingbirds Fancy Dancie Treasure OWNER: Linda K Agan
ABSN 382
Gottabe's I'M A Fool For You . DN31405801 . 05232010. BREEDER: Lori Mcclelland By Gottabes Spot The Winner -Gottabe's On To My Destiny OWNER: Lori McClelland
  384 Abingtons Mercyme Vera Wang . DN34252601 . 09012011. BREEDER: Patti Cutler/Pam Bender By Mercyme Dressed For Success -Mayes Mercyme Lil Bonnie OWNER: PATTI CUTLER
  Miniature American Shepherds, Misc Puppy 9 - 12 Mos., Bitches
2 376 Sizzln Hot Hard To Resist Of Applewood . DN33721102 . 01212012. BREEDER: Juliene Laughy By Taycins Black Bear Of Thistle Creek -Chandrea's Sizzln Hot Reba OWNER: Ellen Friedman-Smith
1 378
Great Companions Fancy Pants CM . DN33721902 . 01012012. BREEDER: LINDA DUBOIS By Brassy Acres Blue Eyed Dreamer -Great Companions Taylor Made OWNER: Linda DuBois