2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL — Breed Results

JUDGE: Andrey Klishas

  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
GCH CH Living Water's Coda Bear RN . WS21412407 . 03152007. BREEDER: Dolores Stanhoff By CH Derby's Bluemamba Of Matagorda -Grand River Summit OWNER: Stacey Gwin
GCH CH Painted Mtn Oliver Twist Of Fate . WS27115301 . 07112008. BREEDER: Lisa K Simonsen By GCH CH Land's End Gotta Get It -CH Painted Mtn's Inside Affair OWNER: Katie & Randy Markley   (Arthur F Savors, Agent)
JAM3 9 GCH CH Derby's X Marks The Spot . WS27423003 . 05042008. BREEDER: Kristin Kleeman/Clifford Harpole By CH Red Fern's Beau Derby CD RAE -CH Derby's Simply Bewitching OWNER: Alan McFadden & Debra Echols
  11 GCH CH Fireside's Pick Me Out A Winner CD BN . WS35969505 . 11222010. BREEDER: Laura Bullock By CH Rippling Waters Havelock Key CDX NAP AJP -Sawmill's She's A Sure Shot! OWNER: Melissa H & J Brett Jarriel
BOB 15 GCH CH Derby's Toast With Gusto . WS33806303 . 03052010. BREEDER: Robyn Toth/Ken Toth/Kristin Kleeman By CH Derby's Academy Award -CH Derby's Toast To Belline OWNER: Sue Copeland   (Scott A Sommer, Agent)
GCH CH Cornerstone's Cool Hand Luke . WS22639704 . 05052007. BREEDER: Ann Rita Rimler/Pamela E Cosner By CH Rippling Waters Justus THD -CH Trout Creek's Dunluce O'Cornerstone OWNER: Joanne Schottinger & Pamela Cosner
JAM1 19 GCH CH Nox's George Bailey's Irish Creme . WS29826208 . 03162009. BREEDER: Colleen Robson/Todd Robson By GCH CH Shadetree's Xango -CH Nox's Precious Cuba Libre OWNER: Nancy Kechner & Julie Comer & Colleen Robson
ABSN 21 GCH CH Matterhorn's Oscar The Grouch . WS33826101 . 04032010. BREEDER: Laurie Carmody By GCH CH Korona Rossii Yaroslav RN -CH Whispering Palm's Heaven Can Wait CD RN PT OWNER: David Moskowitz
  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, 12 - 18 Mos., Bitches
1/JAM4/WIN 26
Carlson's Magnificent Aurora Borealis . WS38071102 . 06242011. BREEDER: Robert Carlson/Kathleen Carlson/Paula Botkin By Herkules Lord Of The Ring V.D. Dorfquelle -CH Bluemist's Ella Fitzgerlad OWNER: Robert Carlson & Kathleen Carlson   (Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Agent)
  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Amateur Owner Handler, Bitches
1/RWIN 8
Adanvto Nakoma's Reign . WS38203601 . 08112011. BREEDER: Stacey Gwin/Greggory Gwin By GCH CH Living Water's Coda Bear RN -GCH CH Halfmoon's Dreamin' Meeko OWNER: Stacey & Madeline Gwin
  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Open, Bitches
1 14
Minglewood's Battle Of Evermore . WS23369306 . 08282007. BREEDER: Susan Tucker By GCH CH Fallen Oak Arapahoe Bruno -CH Rippling Waters Kenna OWNER: Suzanne Sparrow and Susan Tucker
  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Halfmoon's Dreamin' Meeko . WS26284601 . 05112008. BREEDER: Vicki Combs/Marlys J Eichhoefer By CH Suma-Shadetree Your Hired! -CH Halfmoon's Texas Orator OWNER: Stacey Gwin & Greggory Gwin
SEL 12
GCH CH Sawmill's Nymph Of Riverwalk . WS22158401 . 03192007. BREEDER: Stephen Fletcher/Judy Brown-Fletcher By CH Rippling Waters Havelock Key CDX NAP AJP -CH Riverwalks Lunar Diademe OWNER: Laura Bullock & Judy Brown Fletcher & Denise Glass
GCH CH Halfmoon's Prairie Rose . WS24697601 . 01062008. BREEDER: Marlys J Eichhoefer By CH Suma-Shadetree Your Hired! -CH Suddanly Halfmoon I Love Lucy CD RN OWNER: Dr. Jeff Ellington Lydia Ellington
JAM2 18 GCH CH Land's End Penzance Of Kismet . WS33054203 . 01262010. BREEDER: Winifred Sienkewicz/Chloe Sienkewicz By GCH CH Shadetree's Xango -CH Land's End Still Got It OWNER: Carol Neuman
CH Geveden Live Oak's Sweet Basil . WS36368612 . 01022011. BREEDER: Molly W McNally/Lacey McNally By CH Geveden Bodacious Gator Grip -CH Platte Rivers Geveden Chili Pepper OWNER: Paula & Spencer Botkin
OS 24 GCH CH Wildest Dream Midnight In Havana . WS36882701 . 01132011. BREEDER: Tina Bailey/John C Bailey By CH Klaus Of Trout Creek -GCH CH Wildest Dream Intangible OWNER: Robert Mezzanotte & Sarah Trenholm & J & T Bailey
CH Bluemist's Ella Fitzgerlad . WS29200307 . 02012009. BREEDER: Judy E Grindstaff-Reece By CH Moon Valley's Major Impact -CH She's Blue Mist's Class Act OWNER: Robert Carlson & Kathleen Carlson & Paula Botkin   (Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Agent)
CH Quiet Valleys Pistol Packin' Mama . WS32914801 . 01182010. BREEDER: Patricia A Cole By CH Quiet Valley Suddanly Long Highway -CH Cabros Quatro Sd Barley Mow OWNER: Patricia Cole
  32 GCH CH ShadeTree's Quench My Soul CD RE PT . WS32492211 . 12182009. BREEDER: Mrs. Catherine O Cooper/Lisa Mayo By CH Suma-Shadetree Your Hired! -CH Lone Star's Lisa OWNER: Catherine Cooper & Tracy Brainard & Darlene Ward