Best of Breed
GCH CH Bandog Bayou's The Warrior

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Dub'L-J Devine Springular Sensation

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Dub'L-J Devine Springular Sensation

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Hilsman Bandog Holy Moses !

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH A'Vigdors Caudataire Du Roi Tuunrat's El Che

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Floresta's Simply Victorious

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Robobull Fabelhaft Amidreaming

5th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Bella Ridge Shady Harbor's You'Re Breakin My Heart

JUDGE: Mrs. Patricia (Pat) Hastings

  French Bulldogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
  5 GCH CH Chitawee's Jest In Case . NP23197502 . 06142009. BREEDER: Kathy Clayton By CH Chitawee's He's Closer Than You Think! -Chitawee's Just Fancy That!! OWNER: Kathy Clayton
GCH CH Messiah's Robobull Cnd Hot Butta Rum . NP25436601 . 10102009. BREEDER: Karin Stephens/James Dalton By Fabelhaft Robobull Rum Ball -Messiah's Fabelhaft Disco Inferno OWNER: Terri Marks DVM
GCH CH Messiahs Fabelhaft Burn Baby Burn . NP18845608 . 09242007. BREEDER: Karin Stephens/James Dalton By CH Fabelhaft Robobull Somelikithot -CH Fabelhaft Messiah Snapdragon OWNER: Terri Marks DVM
GCH CH Coco Vialatte Robobull Hot Flash . NP27149202 . 11122009. BREEDER: Kazumi Yamanaka By CH Fabelhaft Robobull Pyro -Angelina Of Princess Merumo JP OWNER: Kazumi Yamanaka   (Perry Payson, Agent)
GCH CH Floresta Ramnes Riddle Me This RN . NP18881803 . 01192008. BREEDER: Jean Burns D.V.M. By CH Kobi's Maurice -Floresta's Glamour Girl OWNER: Tammy McGill & Jean Burns   (Juliet Clendenon, Agent)
GCH CH Rb's Champagne Wishes . NP16700201 . 03162007. BREEDER: William Schaefer By CH Rb's Standing Ovation -Rb's J'Adore Lexa OWNER: Lisa Doczi Cohen & James Haskel Cohen
  19 GCH CH Morgan Manor Billie The Kid . NP13056804 . 04242006. BREEDER: Dana Harlow/Beverly Abbott By CH Morgan Manor Razzle Dazzle -CH Morgan Manor Candy Bar OWNER: Raebecca Smalley
GCH CH Amour's Invictus . NP24363701 . 10172009. BREEDER: Chad Blackwell/Rachel Blackwell By CH Miradon High Octane -Miradon Pussycat Doll OWNER: Wanda Walthall   (Tina Starr, Agent)
CH Couture's Cary Grant In Platinum . NP24061801 . 06252009. BREEDER: Theresa Wilson/Marilynn Fisher By CH Petit Motif's Pickpocket -Karendon's Uptown Girl OWNER: Theresa Wilson & Marilynn Fisher
JAM4 25 GCH CH Robobull Fabelhaft Amidreaming . NP26865105 . 04062010. BREEDER: Shelley St. John/James Dalton/Perry Payson By GCH CH Shore Lookin' Good -Robobull Fabelhaft Fantheflame OWNER: Marissa & Kyle Gittelman & S St John & J Dalton
  27 GCH CH Bridgecreeks Brooks . NP23827702 . 05282009. BREEDER: Anita Pearce By CH Bridgecreeks Dream Hunter -Bridgecreeks Dreamweaver Querida OWNER: SHARON M WOODS & JOHN WOODS
GCH CH Idefix De La Parure . NP26970801 . 12262009. BREEDER: DIMITRY VAN RAAMSDONK/BLATTER CHANTAL VAN RAAMSDONK By Fantasme De La Parure -A'Vigdors Laronnesse De L'Armour OWNER: Patricia Hearst Shaw
JAM1 31 GCH CH Hilsman Bandog Holy Moses ! . NP24520601 . 08112009. BREEDER: Roxanne Hilsman/Ryan Applegate/Gray Hilsman M.D. By Bandog's Feel The Magic -Hilsman's Butterbean OWNER: Patricia Hearst Shaw & Roxanne Hisman
GCH CH Starlight's Living The Dream . NP27372001 . 06062010. BREEDER: Debra Rochlin By GCH CH Highwood's Big Shot -CH Twin Lakes Miracle At Starlight OWNER: Debra P Rochlin
CH Fiesta's Mister Denero D'Hedgebrook . NP18591901 . 10292007. BREEDER: Gayle Lopez/Kelly Wilcox/Joyce Haas By Hedgebrook Life Of The Party -Hedgebrook Nite Moves Lth OWNER: Gayle Lopez & Joyce Haas & Kelly Wilcox
GCH CH Byrum's A Kiss Is Just A Kiss . NP26845801 . 07202010. BREEDER: Barbara Byrum/John Byrum By CH Byrum's Pirate-Jack Sparrow -CH Byrum's Petit Chou Of Daystar OWNER: Barbara & John Byrum
GCH CH Lucida's Innocent Man Of Kobi . NP16927202 . 04202007. BREEDER: Katherine Jerozal By CH Kobi's Victor -CH Stellar's Keepin The Faith OWNER: Anita Lewis & Lois Milligan   (Jason Starr, Agent)
GCH CH Lebull's New Hope Wooly Bully . NP17730902 . 08062007. BREEDER: Sylvia Campbell By CH Lebull's Fargo -CH Arista Coco Chanel Bt OWNER: Alexandra Geremia   (Wood Wornall, Agent)
CH Jaymist Come Sail Away . NP26859604 . 08152010. BREEDER: Karen Brott/Lauren Sobol/Venita Prater/Emily Steranka By CH Annalee Blanco Tornado -Annalee Stevie Nicks De Chambord OWNER: Lauren & Robert Sobol   (Peggy L Coffman, Agent)
CH Aton Bull De Anaxor . NP27611901 . 11062009. BREEDER: Nicolas Vignale By Fuego De La Parure -Alitehia Anoxar Dalla Nora OWNER: Roxana Vasil & Nicolas Vignale
CH Desertmagic Swede Cactus . NM92421501 . 09162001. BREEDER: Ruth Spindler By CH Kenle's Wrighteous Aaron -CH Desert Magic Sasparilli Lily OWNER: Ruth Spindler
GCH CH Lionheart's Thumbs Up! . NP20134601 . 06092008. BREEDER: Jana M Miklos By CH Lionheart's Tom Thumb -CH Lionheart's Bohemian Beauty OWNER: Rick Ly & Jana & Mulan Miklos & Mary K Klein   (Judy L King, Agent)
GCH CH Motif's Hemingways Whiskey . NP26525602 . 06212010. BREEDER: Rosalyn Track By CH Petit Motif's All Aboard -Roz's Nikki OWNER: Christina Smith & Sean Foley & Skyler Marschka
GCH CH Altitude You Had Me From Hello . NP22904804 . 11262008. BREEDER: Kathy Mcalister/Ed Brady By Bandog Bayou Cafe Du Monde -CH Epic's Esther Sea OWNER: Sara Patchen
ABSN 57 CH Krislyn's All Fired Up . NP25204801 . 01262010. BREEDER: Virginia L Cowger/Kristen Schafer By CH Bonnair's Piedromaniac -Krislyn Chase The Dream OWNER: Virginia L Cowger
BOB 59 GCH CH Bandog Bayou's The Warrior . NP20476101 . 03242008. BREEDER: Vickie Lang/Patricia A Sosa/Luis F Sosa By Bandog's Feel The Magic -CH Bandog Bayou's Creme Brulee OWNER: Nancy J Shaw   (Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent)
GCH CH Lefox Born To Boogie . NP24424203 . 06062009. BREEDER: Colette V Secher By CH Lebull's Fargo -Lefox You Better Believe It OWNER: Jackie Drucker & Colette V Secher
GCH CH Holladay's Cream Enduro . NP13826404 . 06152006. BREEDER: Karen Adams By CH Holladay's Restless Heart -CH Holladay Nora's Way OWNER: Kimberly Thomas
CH Petit Motif's Famous Shaymus . NP07853807 . 09022004. BREEDER: Helene D Neer/Judi McKissick By CH Petit Choux Indian Giver -CH Petit Choux Ms D'Meanor OWNER: Helene Neer & Judi McKissick
GCH CH 2 Stars Rolling Thunder . NP22913601 . 05042009. BREEDER: Michelle Lewis/Wesley Lewis By GCH CH Soloventures Matinee Idol -2stars Vindemiola Dulce Porcia Gratias OWNER: Michelle & Wesley Lewis
JAM2 69
GCH CH A'Vigdors Caudataire Du Roi Tuunrat's El Che . NP23589801 . 03192009. BREEDER: Revaz Khomasuridze By Daulokke's Fenneton Le Duc -A'Vigdors Bentley OWNER: Marcelo Cicuta & Maria Leguizamon
GCH CH Alpine's Mighty Manfred The Wonder Dog . NP22369703 . 02242009. BREEDER: Dr. Christine L Bruning By CH Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter -Alpine's Rock Me Gently OWNER: Christine Bruning & Hannah Gaither
GCH CH Rockydell Here Stu You . NP24791303 . 09142009. BREEDER: Penny Wyatt/Elena Siegman By CH Mcbeths Shakedown Street -Rockydell Stole My Heart OWNER: Penny Wyatt
CH Romanceabull Cuppa Mojo . NP05625401 . 10212003. BREEDER: Jessie M Erwin By CH Shann's Cuppa Joe -Shann's American Blessing OWNER: Jessie M Erwin & Pamela S & Charles R Bale
CH Blessabull This H.O.T. Bud's For You . NP18879801 . 11252007. BREEDER: Charles R Bale/Pamela S Bale By CH House Of Tucks Buddie -Blessabull Sweet Mojo Maven OWNER: Pamela S Bale & Charles R Bale
GCH CH Daystar's Sudden Impact . NP24251502 . 09102009. BREEDER: Darrell Tash By CH Blazenstar Just Between Friends -CH Daystar's Jessica OWNER: Harper Lily & Morozova Svetlana
GCH CH Bella Ridge Imperiale Shadyharbor Mafia Campcovo . NP25384003 . 12162009. BREEDER: Dr. David Neidig/Jill Neidig/Juanita Imperiale/Vincent Imperiale/Lorene Schettino/Lorraine Schettino/Vincent Schettino By CH Shady Harbor's Capo Dei Capi -CH Imperiale Bella Ridge's Kiss Me Kate OWNER: Billy Covalucci & Jill Neidig & Lorene Schettino
CH Jaguar's Vulcan Dell'Akiris . NP20878601 . 01072008. BREEDER: Luca Carbone/Anthony Dinardo By CH Jaguar's Chewbaca Jamel -CH Jaguar's Crystal Lalique Jamel OWNER: Luca Carbone & Jose Gladissa
HUBLOG DE LA PARURE . LOSH104024 . 010408. BREEDER: D Raamsondt By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Vincenzo Vomero
  French Bulldogs, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Lionheart's Lulabelle At Amse . NP25001602 . 11132009. BREEDER: Milan Miklos/Jana M Miklos By GCH CH Lionheart's Thumbs Up! -Lionheart's Chocolatte Bon Bon OWNER: Dr Scott Holmes & Adam Bundy & Yana Miklos
JAM3 10 GCH CH Floresta's Simply Victorious . NP19420005 . 03072008. BREEDER: Jean Burns D.V.M. By CH Kobi's Victor -Fabelhaft Floresta's Fiero OWNER: Robin Meletti & Jean Burns
CH Crusader's Rumor Has It . NP23808702 . 07012009. BREEDER: Susan Neidlinger/Karen E Cram By CH Shady Harbor's Capo Dei Capi -Karendon's Paris Rumor OWNER: Susan Neidlinger
CH Robobull Goldshield Justadream . NP26865102 . 04062010. BREEDER: Shelley St. John/James Dalton/Perry Payson By GCH CH Shore Lookin' Good -Robobull Fabelhaft Fantheflame OWNER: Perry D Payson & Shelly St John
CH Annies Kicha Ann . NP27208001 . 03212010. BREEDER: Anna Willis/Sheree Bonnette By Sb's French Dream Spanky -Bets Katie OWNER: Anna Willis
  18 GCH CH One Up Lay Your Money Down . NP22143502 . 09032008. BREEDER: D'Lana Brillhart By Sands Hugo Boss -CH Desert Magic Hot Toddy OWNER: Sharon Woods
CH Gotham It Ain'T Easy Bein' Green In Hollywood . NP27682203 . 10012010. BREEDER: Kristy Hodolitz/Jodi Longmire/Victoria Oelerich By CH Shann's Goodtime In Hollywood -Jodi's Gone Wild In Gothm City OWNER: Kristy Hodolitz Victoria Oelerich Casey Fletcher
GCH CH Azar's Abbey Rose Of Brightwater . NP23143104 . 03222009. BREEDER: Anita Lewis By GCH CH Lucida's Innocent Man Of Kobi -Azar's Tommy Girl OWNER: Sharon Barnett & Kathryn Roberts
GCH CH Evergreen's Cause For Applause . NP21612001 . 10202008. BREEDER: Jane Flowers/Stanley D Flowers By CH Evergreen Just Jack Lefox -Katandy's Harmony Evergreen OWNER: Cheryl Lent & Jane Flowers & Sherry Magera   (Jamie B Donelson-Bernardin, Agent)
BOBBBE/OS 26 GCH CH Dub'L-J Devine Springular Sensation . NP25339701 . 09032009. BREEDER: Jeff Schulze/Pamela G Rubinstein/Suzy Fox/Jeff Armstrong By GCH CH Devine's LA Confidential -CH Dub'L-J's Cosmopolitan OWNER: J Schulze & J Armstrong & M McDonald & M Devine
  28 CH Dub'L-J Solow Noire Magie O'Crosstrack BN TD . NP24876001 . 08152009. BREEDER: Linda Cain/Jeff Schulze/Suzy Fox/Jeff Armstrong By CH Floresta's Another Legend At Kobi -CH Dub'L-J-Solow Stuck On You OWNER: J Schulze & J Armstrong & T Morrison & S Fox
GCH CH Cora Von Ortino . NP24344601 . 05092009. BREEDER: Ludmila Mende By Daulokke's Chef Zaranoff -Glory De La Parure OWNER: R Asper & S Jarvenpaa
GCH CH Zon Mirekl Mydivadoll . NP23862601 . 02212009. BREEDER: O. Zabroda By Zon Mirekl Original -Zon Mirekl Roket Bomb OWNER: Olga Frey
ABSN 36 GCH CH Copen's Jackpot! Amuse-Bouche . NP21386003 . 10222008. BREEDER: Michele Copen/Ken Copen By CH Jackpot! Sirius Stargate Pettybull -Jackpot Copen's Little Athena OWNER: Michele & Ken Copen
CH Haloridge's Keepsake . NP20568401 . 07082008. BREEDER: Nicholle Hoke/Lesa Manoskey By CH Haloridge I'Ve Got It Covered THD -Polyxena De Principaute OWNER: Nicholle Hoke
  40 Udsai De El Mencey Loco . NP30159101 . 03132010. BREEDER: Alfonso Ferrer By Sylas De El Mencey Loco -Isadora De El Mencey Loco OWNER: Erwin F Kuechel Vazquez
CH Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor . NP23693101 . 05262009. BREEDER: Pat Berry By CH Robb Isle Stocks N Bonds -CH Petite Cherie Fleur Du Lejardin OWNER: Dr William Stoyka & Anne McIntyre & Pat Berry
JAM5 44 GCH CH Bella Ridge Shady Harbor's You'Re Breakin My Heart . NP27113501 . 07042010. BREEDER: Dr. Sarah B Lagan/Marjorie W Lagan/Jill Neidig/Lorene Schettino/Lorraine Schettino/Vincent Schettino Jr. By CH Shady Harbor's Capo Dei Capi -Bella Ridge's Anna Nicole OWNER: Dr Sarah & Marjorie Lagan & L & L Schettino