Best of Breed
GCH CH Dal Primo's B'Mew Just In Queso

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH T-Boldt's Halloween Hellcat

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH T-Boldt's Halloween Hellcat

1st Award of Excellence
GCH CH Newcastle's Picturesque Picasso

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Highpoint's Fifth Wheel Don'T Blink

3rd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Bullstock's Aengus Scott

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Starrdogs Kingston Horton

5th Award of Excellence
CH Evertrue's Cold Brew

JUDGE: Mr. Eric J Ringle

  Bullmastiffs, Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
  5 GCH CH Sumertym Southwind Magic Carpet Ride . WS23510001 . 08262007. BREEDER: Kathy Manuel/Nicole Jill Parker By CH Sumertym's Raynen' Southwind -CH Southwind One Of These Night OWNER: Robert & Kathy Manuel & Nicole Parker & Terri Gall   (Terri Galle, Agent)
ABSN 7 GCH CH Bandog's Brutus Of Raven . WS31133904 . 07192009. BREEDER: Sandra Ohidy/Frank Ohidy/Louise Sanders By CH Raven's Sir Oscar -CH Raven's Stella Luna OWNER: Michael & Marylin Schamroth   (Jane Alston-Myers DHG, Agent)
JAM4 9 GCH CH Starrdogs Kingston Horton . WS33664705 . 04212010. BREEDER: Kathryn A Roberts By CH Starrdogs He's A Player -CH Starrdogs Shadow Of The Wind OWNER: Kathryn Roberts & Jay Horton
JAM2 15
GCH CH Highpoint's Fifth Wheel Don'T Blink . WS27232803 . 06222008. BREEDER: Michele McGovern/Mike McGovern/Helene Netsch/Kara Gonzalez By CH Tondra's Here's The Beef -CH Highpoint's Taylor Made OWNER: Rhom Saunders & Debbie Saunders
BOB 19 GCH CH Dal Primo's B'Mew Just In Queso . WS29658002 . 11112008. BREEDER: Crystal Corner/Albert Batchelor By CH Trugrits Rudy G Of Anthracite -CH Kinanama Rhinestone Cowgirl OWNER: Emi Gonzalez
GCH CH Dal Primo Magic Moment . WS34339503 . 05062010. BREEDER: Jeff Townsend/Crystal Corner By CH Tru Grit Muscle Mayhem RN -CH Ishana's Brandy You'Re A Fine Girl OWNER: Matthew S Harwood
JAM5 23 CH Evertrue's Cold Brew . WS35271801 . 08082010. BREEDER: Marilyn J Decair/Taun Brooks By CH Wild Hearts Homebrew -CH T-Boldt's Witch's Brew At Evertrue OWNER: Marilyn J DeCair & Taun Brooks
ABSN 25 GCH CH Cabberin's Grizzly Bear . WS32218701 . 10242009. BREEDER: Carlos Alberto Rojas By CH Bullstock's Heavy Equipment -Cabberin's Becky Am Conection OWNER: Carlos A Rojas
GCH CH Big Game Acton Augustus . WS24208303 . 12012007. BREEDER: Jason Lefaive/Ivy Calvin By CH Rivers Edge Tauralan Traveler -CH Big Game's Dame Ciel Du Quebec OWNER: Dr Ricky Overly   (Stephen M Cabral, Agent)
GCH CH Bullstock's Major Hoss . WS29964901 . 07202008. BREEDER: Ian Robertson By CH Knatchbull's Saxon 5th Avenue -Bullstock's Ava Marie OWNER: Fleet Tilden
CH Beowulf D-O-G Lenyk . WS27232204 . 07312008. BREEDER: Sheri A Lenyk/Jenny Baum By CH Banstock Bruno Of The North East -CH Beowulf Tinkerbelle Rose OWNER: Scott Lenyk & Jenny Baum
GCH CH Guardman's Barb'Eric Mr. T BN RN . WS21565210 . 04092007. BREEDER: Larry Paul Occhipinti D.V.M. By Guardman's Advancing Tornado -Guardman's Gale Alert OWNER: Eric F Long & Barbara E Long & Alexis Carter
GCH CH Bo-Beck's Midnight Onyx Of Gem . WS22997701 . 07102007. BREEDER: Becky S Martin/ROBERT H MARTIN Jr. By GCH CH Valentine's Chardonet Tankard -CH Bo-Beck's Whistlen' Dixie RN OWNER: Vaughn Brashear & Robert Medley & Becky Martin
JAM1 37
GCH CH Newcastle's Picturesque Picasso . WS24650301 . 11152007. BREEDER: Donna Pendleton/Anthony Scully By CH Newcastle's Love Struck Romeo -CH Newcastle's That Would Be Me OWNER: Anthony Scully & Kathy Spencer   (Sarah Karger, Agent)
GCH CH Paradise's Woks Empire State . WS16460404 . 01312006. BREEDER: Ernie Revuelta/Kevin E Skow By CH Paradise's Bruno The Bull -Paradise's Kaiden OWNER: Robert Stephanos & Kevin Skow & Ernie Reveulta
  41 GCH CH Nix Elite Maximillian . WS24908202 . 12252007. BREEDER: Rick Blanchard/Rebecca Young By CH Bastion's Louisville Slugger RN -CH Nix Magnificent Jewel OWNER: Rita & James Gray & Richard Blanchard
JAM3 43 GCH CH Bullstock's Aengus Scott . WS29964902 . 07202008. BREEDER: Ian Robertson By CH Knatchbull's Saxon 5th Avenue -Bullstock's Ava Marie OWNER: Shantal Scott & Scott Urbshas
  45 BULLSTOCK'S ADONIS DE MOLOSSOS . CANADA2000 . 022510. BREEDER: Ian Roberston By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Valentinos Panagi
  Bullmastiffs, Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
GCH CH Lonelycreeks Sassy Pinky Tuscadero . WS23766302 . 10312007. BREEDER: Fred Ginn/Sonya Worley By CH Dox Stoneridge Bosco Blend CD RA -CH Lonelycreek's Princess Cassia OWNER: Bonnie Bird & Sonya Worley
BOBBBE/OS 8 GCH CH T-Boldt's Halloween Hellcat . WS28145306 . 10292008. BREEDER: Sherry Boldt By CH Bastion N Canas He's The One -CH T-Boldt's Sr Corvette Cutie OWNER: Sherry L Boldt
GCH CH Ortego's Chromia, More Than Meets The Eye . WS27820701 . 09142008. BREEDER: Alodia Ortego By CH Cabberin's Bullet Proof -CH Ortego's Bella Noire OWNER: Alodia Ortego & Esteban Farias
GCH CH Shady Oak She Loves Me . WS31612902 . 08252009. BREEDER: Robin Dowding/Pamela A Kochuba By CH Bastion's Music In The Glen RN -CH Shady Oak Where A Tree Grows OWNER: Jack & Arlene Dorsch
ABSN 14 CH Gallant Oaks Goldbars Inthebeginning . WS22641201 . 05222007. BREEDER: V. Valerie Vessey/Robert S Vessey By CH Goldbars I M The Motherlode -CH Gallant Oaks Gift From Above OWNER: V Valerie & Robert S Vessey
  16 CH Gallant Oaks Goldbars Good Friday . WS33611106 . 04022010. BREEDER: Monique Schoenfeld-Biggs/Michelle Harms By CH Goldbars Gallant Oaks Eureka -CH Goldbars Good London Delivery OWNER: V Valerie Vessey & Robert Vessey & Michelle Harms
GCH CH Ridgetop's Amber Light . WS34530502 . 05212010. BREEDER: Olga Whittall/Lisa Fennell By CH Lemabull Pass The Game To Antallis -CH Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita OWNER: Olga Whittall
CH Dal Primo B'Mew Amore Della Mia Vita . WS33481401 . 02122010. BREEDER: Crystal Corner By CH Danier's Major General -CH Dal Primo's Remember My Name OWNER: Crystal Corner
GCH CH Jab's Silver Shadow On Abbey Road . WS22891401 . 07122007. BREEDER: Barbara Sanders By CH Cooper Mcharley Of Woks -Talking Bout My Girl OWNER: William & Jane Ofshlag
CH Cabberin's Ellie The Belle . WS28979702 . 07122008. BREEDER: Carlos A Rojas By GCH CH Leatherneck Law N Orderokilroy -Ankara De Dogosroy OWNER: Carlos Rojas   (Holley Eldred, Agent)
CH Johonaaei Mighty Mini . WS32912402 . 12062009. BREEDER: Wanda Bloxham By CH Ruff's Admiral Pete -CH Sagehill's Firewater Of Sunkist OWNER: Wanda Bloxham