Best of Variety

Best of Opposite Sex
GCH CH Woodland West's Wallet Candy

Best Bred By in Breed/Variety
GCH CH Bridgehill's Mr. Mason's Misbehavin'

1st Award of Excellence
CH Elamos's Americo Vespuccio

2nd Award of Excellence
GCH CH Bridgehill's Mr. Mason's Misbehavin'

3rd Award of Excellence

4th Award of Excellence
GCH CH Gwencalon's Chocolate Chip

JUDGE: Mr. Jose Homem de Mello

  Beagles (over 13 in.), Best of Breed/Variety, Dogs
JAM2/BOBBBE 5 GCH CH Bridgehill's Mr. Mason's Misbehavin' . HP39790401 . 10062010. BREEDER: Gretchen Milke/Dan Milke By CH Einstein's Speed Of Light -CH Bugle's Fancy That Miss Daisy RN OWNER: Gretchen & Dan Milke
  7 GCH CH Lokavi's Hollywood Hound Take Two . HP32467104 . 12102008. BREEDER: Lori Norman/Marie Shuart By CH Lokavi's Fast Track -CH Teloca Oh You Beautiful Dahl OWNER: Karen & Kevin Gray
CH Lokavi's Classic Bellini Mpw . HP37048006 . 03252010. BREEDER: Carol Norman/Lori Norman/Phyllis Wright By GCH CH Quijote De La Plaza Grunauer -CH Mpw's Margarita V Maplewood OWNER: Lori Norman
GCH CH Ursa Minor's Don'T Stop Believin . HP35880707 . 09292009. BREEDER: Nancy B Fisk By GCH CH Ursa Minor's Full Moon Of Mpw RN -CH Akiko's Miss Moneypenny OWNER: Clifford Morris& Debra Metcalf-Morris
ABSN 15 CH The Whim's Legato . HM96962001 . 04282001. BREEDER: Sandra C Groeschel/Michael Groeschel By CH Shoreviews Will -CH Terwillegar's Saraband OWNER: Sandra Groeschel & Neil Holloran
GCH CH Belcanto Flags A'Flyin . HP27124503 . 07042007. BREEDER: Ruth Willett By CH Ha-Penny's Too Much Trouble -CH Skyline N Scentini's Chitchat OWNER: Ruth A Willett
CH Till's Voice Of Summer . HP37974901 . 06212010. BREEDER: Tricia Till/Lawrence Till By CH Ha-Penny's Too Much Trouble -CH Seventhsons Guns N Petticoats OWNER: Tricia Till and Lawrence Till
  21 GCH CH Azores Wickid Haad Hitta . HP35706510 . 06212009. BREEDER: Delene Henry-Vota/Alexandria Lomacin/Cindy Williams By GCH CH Lanbur's Curly Joe -CH Shadowbrook's Sand Dollar OWNER: Jennifer Leitao & Alex Lomacin & Delene Henry-Vota
GCH CH Everwind's A Chance Encounter In The Park . HP34708304 . 07172009. BREEDER: Mrs. Joan E. Wurst By GCH CH Windkist A Walk In The Park -CH Tungs Everwind Talia OWNER: Joan E Wurst and Jamie Lamphier
GCH CH Hey Jude Take A 6-Pak On A Dirt Road . HP30820702 . 06112008. BREEDER: Judy Smith/Bill Smith By CH Windkist K-Run Fizzing Wizbees -Hey Jude Why Can'T You Be True OWNER: Judy & Bill Smith
JAM4 27 GCH CH Gwencalon's Chocolate Chip . HP35375502 . 08122008. BREEDER: Kathleen M Friend/William C Friend By Gwencalon's Harris Tweed -CH Dreamsof Something To Talkabout OWNER: Kathleen M & William C Friend
CH Durrisdeer's Rudolpho . HP31192905 . 07102008. BREEDER: Patricia B Staub By GCH CH Lynnstone Omega -CH Durrisdeer's Ally McBeagle OWNER: Fr. Christian Haydinger
GCH CH Lokavi's Perfect Game . HP36169906 . 12012009. BREEDER: Pam Deloria/Lori Norman By GCH CH Quijote De La Plaza Grunauer -CH Lokavi's For Goodness Sake OWNER: Lynette Mauder & Ron Mauder
GCH CH Chrisette And Stone Meadow Christmas Spirit CD RA . HP29560204 . 11012007. BREEDER: Mary Cummings/Kelly Rauschmeier/Sandra E Robihaud/Sue A Nichols By GCH CH Eagle Ridge Captain America RN -Chrisette's Gab Fiest OWNER: Mary Cummings & Sue Nichols
CH Lokavis Snow On The Mountain . HP03621804 . 01292003. BREEDER: Carol Norman/Lori Norman By CH Swan Lakes Pop A Cork -CH Teloca Victoria Of Lokavi OWNER: Lisa Schisler & Stephanie Hall-Schisler
GCH CH Roirdan Magnolia Hi Performance Of D.B.G. . HP26418003 . 04252007. BREEDER: Dieter Baumann/Carol Herr By CH Lynnstone's Cracker Jack -CH Dbg's Purple Rain Of Roiroan OWNER: Lisa Schisler & Stephanie Hall & Carol Herr
  39 GCH CH Rockwoods Milo Tipster . HP07646204 . 10192003. BREEDER: Carmen M Wright/CARA ANN SMOTHERS/GENEVIEVE RIDDERHOFF By CH Copper Rose In A Heartbeat -CH George W. Lyndon Bird OWNER: Joe & Staci Hubenak & Schuylar Moore   (Schuylar Moore, Agent)
JAM1 41 CH Elamos's Americo Vespuccio . HN01079301 . 11082000. BREEDER: Enrique La Motta/Michelle Wright By CH Del Cerco Old Man -Juana Krupp De Escobar OWNER: G Ferrari & L Sostoa & M Wright & C Ottati
CH Lochnaw Speaking In Hyde Park . HP38047302 . 06052010. BREEDER: Nancy R Adams/Emily Goldstein By GCH CH Lanbur Quest For The Best -CH Merry Music Lindy Hop At Lochnaw OWNER: Emily Goldstein & Donna Goldstein
CH Hare-Raiser Mission Impossible RA OA AXJ NF . HP27065401 . 04302007. BREEDER: Jan Weiher/Don Neiffer By CH Just-Wright Home Run -CH MACH2 Echo Run Hare-Raiser OAP OJP OF OWNER: Jan Weiher & Don Neiffer
  47 GCH CH Lochnaw Something Good . HP29150205 . 01072008. BREEDER: Nancy R Adams By CH Harnett Lochnaw Aston Martin -CH Lochnaw Younger Than Springtime OWNER: Beth Blankenship   (Aaron Wilkerson, Agent)
GCH CH Bougain'E X'Plorers Chewy Shew Bekka . HP38912201 . 05152008. BREEDER: Poosak Posayachinda/A Somvorn By CH X'Plorer's Bright Side Of The Dark Lord -X'Plorers Red Is Hot OWNER: Jongkie Budiman
  51 AYERS ROCK FROM ELLY'S PACK . NHSB267576 . 121007. BREEDER: PHCM Vervoort By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: PHCM Vervoort
JAM3 53 CHECKMATE DI CASA GIORGIO . LER12904 . 092405. BREEDER: Cecilia Ottati By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Cecilia Ottati & Liz Sostoa & Gustavo Ferrari
BOBV 55 DON DIABLO SOMMERLED DE SUARIAS . FCA27726 . 053109. BREEDER: Juan Esteban Calleja Noriega By Not Available -Not Available OWNER: Juan E Calleja & Deborah Kirby & Phil Lipani
  Beagles (over 13 in.), Best of Breed/Variety, Bitches
  6 GCH CH Barren Hill's April Flower . HP18576101 . 11132005. BREEDER: Stanley E Shultz By CH Barren Hills Rough -Barren Hill's Dee Dee OWNER: Cheryl Battista-Penny & Adam Penny
GCH CH Chardon Garden Party . HP33173301 . 01172009. BREEDER: Dr. Charles A Kitchell/Donna A Kitchell By CH Chardon Thousand Grander -Chardon Strawberriesandcream OWNER: Cameron Henson & Donna Kitchell & Jan Levine
BOS 10 GCH CH Woodland West's Wallet Candy . HP36454802 . 12302009. BREEDER: Kimberly Clark/Mrs. Linda Clark By CH Jabrwoki's Le Jazz Hot -CH Willwood's Hotlips Hula Hand OWNER: Linda & Kimberly Clark & Tiffany Knox
GCH CH Langrigg Star Ofth Stage . HP37563901 . 11032008. BREEDER: Lesley Osmotherly By Clarion Clippership -Langrigg Sek The Stars OWNER: Torie Steele & Edmund J Dzuik   (Robert A Fisher, Agent)
CH Parkerplace In The Buff . HP34940001 . 07172009. BREEDER: Jessica K Parker/Andrew R Parker By GCH CH Shadynook Mcdreamy At Rk Tooker -CH Windkist Boardwalk And Park Place OWNER: David & Ann Wolf & Jessica Parker
CH Ki-Ma Vinla & Mpw's Tequila's Sunrise . HP39751302 . 10172010. BREEDER: Phyllis Wright/Kevin Brooks/Mark DesRosiers By CH Mpw's Cuervo Gold V Maplewood -CH Vinla's And Mpw's All That Jazz OWNER: Mark Desrosiers Kevin Brooks & Phyllis Wright
GCH CH Belward N' Sureluv's Bring It On . HP36304306 . 12022009. BREEDER: Mary Ann Meli/Walter Lewis By CH Roirdan's Take It To The Limit -CH Lokavi's Belward On The Ball OWNER: Helen Hemby & Mary Ann Meli & Lori Norman
CH Tortuga's Enchanted Kiss . HP30292501 . 05232008. BREEDER: Tracey Hargis/Larry N Hargis By CH Ha-Penny's Too Much Trouble -CH Hidaways Chardon Promise OWNER: Tracey & Larry Hargis